Need helo

  • I like this person so much. But they dont feel the same way. They only see me as a friend a friend with benefits. The only time i can see him is every other year. He's not from here. What to do? My feeling are still there and trying to get them involved.

  • meant not to get them involved.

  • what to do when someone does not reciprocate your feelings, it's time to let go and move on.

    you no longer want to get them involved, sounds like it was a group lol. who is "them" and "they"

    the term he or she is one person. when you use the word "them" or "they" that is more than one person you have feelings for?

    are you a swinger?

    be very clear with your words, or you could get into trouble LOL

  • I think you need to ask yourself what value this person is adding to your life on a daily basis. Does he make you feel special? Does he bring a smile to your face when you wake up in the morning? If he just makes you sad, then is this the way you want to continue feeling? What is the fantasy about this guy that makes you want to hold on? Unrequited love highlights the rejection factor much more than what a specific person is able to provide to you. Instead of how does he make me feel, it’s what can I do to make him want to be with me. I’m not sure of the entire background and what factors are involved, but you need to know that this is not about you and who you are; it’s about him and what he is able to provide to you which may be something he can’t provide to anyone else either. Be kind to yourself.

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