What does its mean when capricorn women totaly ignore someone

  • i am gemini i meet a girl she was married before and have a kid too, but i fall in love with her on some dating site and she behave some time she also like me we talk mostly on yahoo one day my one other friend make a profile and start chating with her she think its me and one day she ask me is that you i said yes because i don't want she know that i talk about her with some of my friend but she think its not me so she ask me again then i tell her the truth that it was a mistake and my one friend know about her and that's not me she was so angry before she was very kind with me but that time she stop talking, i said her many time sorry and one day she don't answar me but she add me her friends list again, and that day i was so busy i can't chat with her, but i was peace full she is back, but when at the night i log on there i was shoked she remove her profiel from that site and i have her email and i am writing her daily, but don't know why she is not talking to me, i don't know what to do that was just a very good start but i am feeling that i loose her but i still can't believe may be she is try to find out how i am honest with her, i love her so much and i say her just last time give me a chance i will be care full and will never do some thing unplesant, i respect her too, so some other cap women can tell me that she is realy gone for forever or what, i can't believe on this, i am missing her so so much, and i am feeling my all life is disturb, with out her i am nothing, plzz help

  • Capricorn women really care about appearances. Your Capricorn undoubtedly has excellent manners and is ladylike. They also care very much about honesty and loyalty (more so than pizazz and charm). If you have apologized and tried to communicate with her, you've done all you can. Give her time, and she may respond. But if she doesn't, you'll know you've done everything you could (and remember, try to always be honest in future relationships!). Good luck, and best wishes!

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