Taurus Woman needs help with Scorpio Boyfriend

  • I'm a Taurus, birthday 5/11/64, he's a Scorpio, birthday 11/15/64, we met on 7/17/10 and he has been driving me crazy ever since. When we are together, we are like two peas in a pod, but when we are apart, he's secretive, doesn't answer his phone, rarely text, but wants to be exclusive. Normally, I would drop someone like him like a hot potatoe, but the attraction is too great for me to let go. I haven't been attractive to someone in five years like this......i'm in trouble after only three weeks and need to know how to either handle this scorpio man or let him go.

  • as a scorpio myself .. i can assure you that he is in the situation to make it work.. if your feeling that hes not there when your apart most likely it is your own insecuity that makes you doubt his desire.. but also he is most likely busy with life at those times you feel like hes ignoring you.. always keep truth number one.. all else will come second.. have faith in him to be a man whos capable of communicating to you that if he didnt want to be with you .. hed say so..

  • Would really like to know my POSSIBLE most compatible and situations with my personal life (or lack thereof). I am not having an easy time with finding a new relationship in a totally new part of the country I moved to--north to south location. ME: 10/31/59 birthdate - born in New York City around 5:25 PM. Scorpio SUN, Scorpio MOON...Taurus Ascendant.

  • Thanks LIVE2loveLOVE2live. Yes, I do believe it can be my own insecurities (baggage that I need to let go). When we are together it is so great. and from what I'm reading about Scorpio's, if you don't want someone in your space, he/she is not going to be there. I do enjoy him very much and he tells me he feels the same. I'll go with the flow and wont be the aggressive Taurus that I can be for attention.

  • Hey Sungrl. I'm a native NYker and moved to south 4 years ago. Southerner's are so different, but you will learn to just be easy. It'll come. It has taken me four years to meet this southern charming who is knocking me off my feet.

  • my feeling here scorpio male help!!!!!! .. this man is married.

    drop this one like a hot potato, and run. it's all going to be crazy drama if you continue with him.


  • Thanks for commenting MsSunny, but he's not married. I've been an overnight guest a few times. I believe you on the drama part because there's been drama already. Why do you say so?

  • MsSunny. He's not married, but I believe there could be someone else.

  • he definitely has another around him.. maybe even 2 others. eewww... he is sleeping around, and hopefully you will keep yourself safe from contacting anything, like STD.

  • Thanks MsSunny. Somehow I my gut instinct told me that, but its always nice to hear it.

  • Correction....Somehow my ......

  • I really wanted this to work.

  • aaww sweetie, I understand your concerns here. look at this way. send out your wish to the universe that you meet your true love, but you have to let of who and be open to someone who will provide stability, and a strong foundation for a good start in life as a couple.

    you will meet someone, just not this one.

    you see the red flags, please pay attention to those signs.

  • Thank you MsSunny! Yes, in the short while that I have been dating Mr. Scorpio lover, I have seen plenty of red flags and can't ignore them. I will say he's a charmer and has had plenty of practice. One day I will meet that someone.

    Thanks again.

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