Is It Someone Else Writing?

  • As far back as I can remember I'll be writing something and in mid stream the handwriting will change. When I was in school I typed what I could because of the change of handwriting. A few of my teachers noticed the change of handwriting when doing in class work and couldn't explain it because they watched me carefully and no one else wrote on that paper.

    I print on the paperwork at work giving the excuse that my handwriting is so bad no on else could read it. I try as often as possible to do things on the computer as I'm afraid the changes of writing will cause questions to be asked that I have no answer for.

    Recently while going through paperwork I've found poems with my name and the date they were written on them but in someone else's handwriting. Although I do write poetry nothing have I ever written that are so beautiful as these poems. They were written during a time that I was going through a rough patch.

    So my question is do I have muliple personalities who are writing or is someone writing through me?

  • dear, you do not have multiple personalities...i can relate to your story. I write poetry..and when i write the most beautiful things..they never really come exactly from just a vessel..for them to write. you are the same. 🙂

  • when i say "them"..i mean your guides. 😉

    example: heres something i wrote..didnt come from me..but through me..and was during a hard time in my life.

    Come Thy Sun

    I am an illusion of the sun

    Residual and radiant

    I shine before the night

    Looking upon the earth

    Come thy Sun

    Shine upon me

    Illuminate me

    Thou reinforce your light of


    Conquer all truancies

    Of my undoubted will

    Repair thy tarnish brilliancy

    With faithful consistency

    Restore this undone

    When thou

    Come thy Sun

    © Jade Payne 2004

  • Just remember Bernard Werber with his left-hand self-punishing story) I will reveal you the truth. This can happen. Your hands can write against your will something that you are not thinking of. It called physical memory movement and reflexes. It may happen when you are stressed, yet have to write something. On the next day, you may find sentences that you never 'wrote'. As a student I need to write a lot and fast, so, to avoid those silly mistakes I use cool research paper help. Hope it will help you too!)

  • Hi there,

    I like what NicholasSummers has written above, as this could be of great help to you.

    I saw this thread and thought, I need to respond to this, so here it is:

    There's a balance that needs to be struck within you, between your practical/logical side and your more spiritual/emotional side. The two parts of you are warring with each other at the moment. You show fear towards your spiritual abilities, and yet they are letting you know quite loudly that they are there and you need to acknowledge, accept and lose your fear of them.

    You are not going mad, nor do you have multiple personalities. I saw above where it was mentioned about being a "vessel". This is true here. Sometimes when we write something, Spirit will write through us. Note your initial feeling when you first see something you don't recall writing. I get that you feel comforted and amazed, then the fear sets in. Go with the comforted and amazed feeling!

    There is something you will do that may receive public recognition. I feel that Spirit is trying to get you to write something more than poems or small passages. Most writers, if they're honest, will say that often they don't feel they're writing, but rather, someONE or someTHING is writing for them, ie, taking control of the pen - or keyboard - and out it comes.

    Look at yourself as a messenger. And yes, a vessel. A way for the written word to be communicated to others. Sometimes there will be messages for you, too.

    I also feel you need to address your stress levels. This phase of not always being the one who writes will comfort and calm you, if you could only let it. Don't be afraid of it. You won't do anything harmful or threatening.

    And research other well known writers. See what they have to say. I bet you'll find some who say similar happened to them. You are not alone. You are not weird or nuts.

    I hope this helps!


    Chris xoxoxoxo

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