My meditation experience(s), care to share yours?

  • HealingWays wishing you much success in your new found enthusiasm. Just never give up trying. I got frustrated too thinking I wasn't getting anywhere and now I get to look back at that notebook and see I very much was getting there so to speak. Keep notes on what you see and experience, you never know what will unfold from those bits and pieces of information.

  • Weekend was horrible but not going there, moving right along to the New ME. I'm rebirthing myself into a better person, saver and finding something to do as a side gig, don't want to bake cakes, lazy. I did meditate yesterday the room got very cold, I believe my family may have been there, I read about you smelling the cologne, you are very gifted you probably just don't remember your gifts yet, I wouldnlt worry about the dreams, it happens to me too sometimes, if you can't remember it, it wasn't important. 🙂

  • Hey I'm with you, funky weekend. Ready to start a new Me regiment too, let's join forces. I spent a couple hours yesterday trying to figure out if I had the strength to try to get someone to let me write for some kind of a living (even a few bucks), side gig kind of thing too.

    Your meditation made you feel cold, girl you are getting there! I remember complaining to my brother when I first got really into it that I felt like I needed a blanket I was cold afterward, it's the blood pressure drop of calmness and the sense of others in the room with you. I think you are right that there was family there. I wanted to say a man and three women but it could have been two and two, just kind of felt they were standing sort of shoulder to shoulder watching you. Mind you I get that too, I think I am a very curious subject to my family over there. Anyway, I felt like the man was shorter than some of the others. I almost want to say he had a hat on, does that make any sense to you at all. Was your grandfather perhaps not an overly tall fellow who wore a hat and maybe had a moustache?

  • That might of been my husband's father he was short and wore hats, my Grandad was Fat and tall they called him "Tiny" I miss them so much. I'm gonna put pics. I read or heard that when spirits are around, the room gets cold because they take up energy too!

  • Elders

    Maternal Grandparents

  • some more photos:

  • The lady at the top is My Aunt Cecile, I'm named after her. The Bottom is my Granma Lillian.

  • This is my favorite Aunt Audrey she died young, I dreamed she told me she was coming back and have rarely dreamed of her since.

    The Old Photo is an Ancestor.

  • This is my Mom when she graduated from High School. Top Photo

    The bottom is Audrey and her Twin.

  • Awesome pictures poetic. I know the image I got had one person standing a head taller than the bunch, I believe that person was a woman. It's great to see those who meant so much to you.

    What I would take from this visit, is that they are with you all the way! You can't ask for better than that.

  • Okay, they got mixed up, Mom on bottom (still here). Did these look like any who were there? Will check back tomorrow. Love Ya! 🙂

  • Okay, funny how we were on at the same time! I can't wait till I get better discernment, they used to visit me all the time but the wolf runs them away, he can see them! Have a wonderful evening, even if you have to hide! LOL, we will work on our game plans tomorrow for our new futures!

  • I'd say one was for sure your Grandma Lillian. Oddly enough I feel like the guy in the hat was Tiny unless your moustached ancestor appeared heavier to me. I'm not sure how to describe the hat, my dad used to wear them, not a ball cap, a mens dress hat something like an old Fred Astaire movie. The other two were less clear, more in the shadows of what I could see. You are guided by them more than you realize.

    I have a busy day tomorrow but will pop in between appointments if I can. Hoping to get a little time in for me and the girls mid day if it all works out as planned.

  • That little man may have been The Wolf's Father he passed away last year, he was a small man named Issac. Ok enjoy your day! 🙂

  • Well I can't say for sure by name who the little man was but I know he and the others were looking over you and pleased.

  • RC Last night, I think someone was there too and I felt something brush my hand, this morning I felt someone behind my chair. 🙂

  • Your heightened awareness is working. Oddly enough the anxiety you are feeling because of the other situation is probably opening you up more. That is good. Can't say who was behind the chair for you, sorry but you are noticing that is good. I get that kind of stuff a lot and get so darned frustrated when I can't figure out who is in the room. That stupid after shave the other day just will not leave me alone and for the life of me I have no clue who goes with it.

  • Hello

    I have not meditated much over the years but last night i just had the most terrifying yet happy experiences i ever felt, terrifying because i thought i was having some kind of brain aneurism or something, i was thinking about loving my family happy thoughts but not forcing myself, just simply just Be .. i felt a cool gentle mist over my face and i began focusing on breathing positive in, Negative out and the BOOM!! My body was frozen while shaking I felt my head pulling something out the top and my heart Racing my god i was so terrified i pulled away to see if i was ok, i think i almost had the full outer body experience that many had been trying to teach, i wanted to reach and have knowledge of the " I AM"

  • Pascalb,

    I don't get to jump on here as often as I like but today I did and there was your message. I think you were doing very well in your thoughts and meditation, perhaps without meaning to do so. Your loving thoughts of your family allowed you to reach that relaxed state that let you let go and I believe you did and as you say you were on the verge of getting somewhere when you pulled yourself back. I too have done the same, out of fear or worry about the unknown but over the course of the last two years I have learned to accept such escapes and learn from them. Don't fight it next time, see where the adventure takes you.


  • So I thought I would share an experience I had last night…

    I took my dog out for his last walk. It was cool but not cold and surprisingly refreshing, so I decided to open up briefly as I stood in the elements… Normally when I focus on myself surrounded by a protective barrier it is not the colour that was put in my mind last night…. My protective barrier this time was of a gold and white sparkling aura…. I was only open for a few seconds but when I opened my eyes, I was met with a giant white W… I pondered this meaning for a second and decided I should meditate that night…

    So I did and these are the notes I wrote once I had returned… And for the record I kept the gold/white sparkling protective barrier, that I feel I was offered to use, or now mine by gift… not entirely sure at the minute… lol

    Anyhoo on with my experience…

    I see a bird in flight, It’s an Eagle.

    (mind goes blank)

    I now see a bird flapping its wings, face on to me. It seems to be on top of a pole. A carved pole like a totem. It has a picture of a bird of prey carved into it. Bird is still flapping its wings, as if flying towards me.

    (mind goes blank)

    The bird is back… Upon closer inspection the bird becomes a hawk. Looks like a sparrow hawk.

    (fades a bit)

    Now an Egyptian representation of bird appears. This changes into Ra.

    (mind goes blank)

    A beautiful Egyptian girl appears. She is by some reeds. Hawk is with her.

    Image of Ra comes back. He is now dressed in gold and black.

    A flash of another shape appears.. A purple scarab. This comes through in detail.. Gold outlines and a solid, one piece jewelled body.. A crystalline beetle..

    (mind goes blank)

    Now im getting the most beautiful purple flashes which are turning almost spherical but maintaining their organic blobbiness, moving into my vision, past the side of my face.

    Several times they pass me and explode in size, in front of me. Finally one explodes and the purple mass begins to fade into blue at the edges. Stretching the middle of the mass till it was see through. In the centre I can see stars…. Thousands of stars. It almost looks like our universe…

    (mind goes blank)

    Triangle- I see a basic outline appear. The top is fuzzy, not clear at all. The sides take form, becoming more visible. Rainbow colours are emanating from the top of the triangle. Triangle becomes pyramid with rainbow aura all around it.

    (mind goes blank)

    I see the sphinx with pyramids in background (3 pyramids). The sphinx is smiling in the direction of the pyramids...The backdrop of the sky, to the picture is rainbow coloured and full of stars…..

    (mind goes blank) and i slowly re-emerge to the land of reality...

    Well that’s what I saw in a 30 minutes meditation. I have not meditated for many years and would love to hear your interpretations on what it all means… ♥ peace ♥

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