My meditation experience(s), care to share yours?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thought I'd start a new thread so here goes. I'm working very hard at getting back to where I can meditate semi-regularly without too much interruption. I'm feeling more confident after finding an old notebook that showed I was getting the process several years back.

    Many of you know about my fire so I won't go into it other than to see since then everything in my life has been categorized pre-fire or after the fire. Before the fire I was working diligently on understanding and having a successful meditation. My brother had been meditating for years and always described these great flashes of info and pictures and stuff, it fascinated me. Anyway, back then I was a big John Edward fan and I got a tape set about how to develop you psychic abilities. I'll be the first to admit I didn't follow it in sequence but managed to have success in using his guided meditation tape. So much so that one wonderful day I had what I thought was my first successful meditation. I got into what I call the "spin" kind of a topsy turvy feeling of spinning counter clockwise. Once I hit this point I began to see images and colors. I felt like someone was moving in front of my eyes (which were very much closed), moving to and fro as if to see can you see me now. When it finally came into focus I saw my uncles face, he looked so happy, so peaceful, he had whiskers and the whiskers along with his face seemed to be covered in rays of sunshine that caused them to almost glisten. I was so surprised to see anything. I was even more surprised to see him and know it was him. In the session he showed me several objects including a photo album something I felt he was telling me I would get to see soon.. I was shocked to have my uncle come to me in this way as he had committed suicide many years before that and being raised a good catholic kid I had worries on what that might do to his version of eternity.

    Anyway, I came out of that meditation very psyched, so excited I could hardly contain myself. I felt so cold during the session, which my brother attributed to my relaxation state causing a drop in my blood pressure, nothing abnormal.

    Since then I recently discovered the notebook I mentioned above. In it I described over a period of about 7 months numerous attempts to meditate and what I had experienced. I felt "touched" by a hand or stroke, on my hand or arm or leg, head on many occasions. I saw colors flash before as if to dance. I heard voices or a knock or thud once in awhile. I often drew in that notebook to show what I saw but could not explain. Finding this helped me to realize I'd been "getting it" so to speak long before I thought I had my first successful meditation with the uncle.

    Now as I struggle to find peace in my home long enough to meditate (with a 2 year old present it's not easy) I haven't experienced much like in the beginning stages of this process almost five years ago. So these days at times I feel disappointed by the experience. I'm told not to feel that way. I get to see the most remarkable flowing floating blue color. Last night I saw that and one other image, it was a flagpole, tall and strong very well constructed, around it were what I first thought were rocks but as I felt myself climb higher for a better view I saw they were more like boulders not much shorter than my 5'2" height. The flag was waving strong in the breeze, it was an American flog and other than knowing or sensing it was up on a hill from my current position I saw pretty much nothing else. So here I am, I open myself up to you to evaluate what I see and share here. I open up to hear what you experience in your meditations. I hope this will allow us all to grow and understand and perhaps learn from one another to reach that higher level as spirit sees fit. So any thoughts, suggestions, care to share your latest meditation experience? I'm hoping by putting myself out there this will help to open me up to receive even more or at least to accept what is coming may way with more confidence. Thanks for listening and in advance thanks for sharing.

  • Sorry for the typos, the two year old was anxious for me to finish my statement.

  • Hi RC, an excellent thread you started 🙂

    My one and only "true" deep meditation happened about 3 yrs ago, I had been doing a guided meditation for a few weeks, in that meditation I was guided to a garden and told to visualise it how I saw it, I was in the most beautiful garden of red roses, there was a path between the roses that led to an arched top bench to where I sat and waited for my angel or guide to join me and I could ask them for the guidance I needed at that time, then after meeting my angel I was led down to another path to the sea, I could hear the waves lapping in the distance, I followed the path and came to a little gate, this led on to the cliff tops, it was breathtaking, I saw there were steps down to the beach, as I was walking down my guardian angel joined me...(I am getting goose bumps now just on writing this)...:)....we walked nearer to the shore and sat together on a rock, in silence most of the time, I was just looking and breathing in all the beauty of our very own secluded beach, and then I would tell my angel how I was feeling, he ask me to see coming across the sands my animal guide, straight away I saw walking towards me a horse, the most beautiful white horse, I got up and ran towards him, my arms reached up and I put them around his neck, it was the most profound feeling of sheer love!, it was time for him to go, I said good bye and he cantered off in the direction he came...I went back to my angel, I thanked him for being with me and he told me to come back again any time I wanted, I walked back up the steps to my garden, down the path and out of the gate....and woke up....

    these meditations were wonderful!! I said before, I did this one quite often, always seeing and doing same thing, UNTIL, one wonderful day I was going through all the normal things in this meditation, in the garden, going to the beach, sat with my angel,and my beautiful white horse came to me as usual....BUT this time something very different happened, whilst I had my arms around his neck I felt his front legs go down, he said it was time for me to ride across the sands with him, (Goose bumps again)....I just cannot put in to adequate words the feeling of sheer bliss with this happening I started sobbing that this surprise had happened!...I came out of that meditation still sobbing for real!!....I was sadly jolted out of it by someone knocking at the door....I felt physically ill, and it took me a couple of hours for my pulse to slow down, so what was the most spectacular meditation for me ended up so un-nerving ....

    but I want to thank you RC for this opportunity to write all this down, it has given me so much pleasure remembering it, and as I am a lot stronger now mentally than I was back then I want to return doing that very healing meditation again!!...:)

    blessings to you on your "journey" with meditations

  • HealingWays thank you so much for sharing your meditation with me. Such precious encounters you had. I'm really glad you share it here.

    I know what you mean about the knock coming at the door jolting you out of the meditation. As I've said we have a two year old here my granddaughter and she just doesn't understand a closed door concept. She has often bolted into the room while I'm in the middle of meditation. One day I described the feeling to my sister-in-law I said "Imagine feeling yourself sucked with tremendous speed and completely against your will through a vacuum cleaner hose back to reality." It's a horrible unsettling feeling. It can bring about strong emotions and frustration. So I totally relate to your sobbing ordeal. In my opinion for all intensive purposes you & I alike have been drawn back from an experience we very much wanted to see through. Completely without permission we experienced being ripped from a moment of divine awareness and dropped back to our reality on this plane. Imagine for a moment that life as you know it has ended and you are living in the most spectacular version of what you believe heaven to be and someone hits a switch and you are back in that room facing the challenges of life having had the wonder, beauty and love of a greater place stolen from you in an instant. I think that is very much the feeling you experienced. My personal recommendation is try again. You had such a glorious experience why rob yourself of those opportunities if you can get there, to that level. It is within the confines of our time and lives here that we struggle, finding the quiet uninterrupted moments. You may get pulled back again but the experience and what you gain from it is worth it in the long run, or so I think.

    Anyway, I am so very glad you shared this with me. Trust me I know how you feel. Don't be discouraged. You had a tremendous experience, you can have it again if you choose or perhaps one like it or better even. I'm hoping I'll hear from you again.

  • RC the more you do it I believe the more experiences you are going to have, they say it takes time, I'm seeing the blue light too, sometimes I go into my "Sacred garden" and my experiences are more emotional " Feeling" I feel so much Love that tears are pouring down my face sometimes I feel guided, nothing as exciting as yours, but still waiting. Sometimes I also see images saw tablets once, looked like heiroglyphics on it, Egyptian looking or like the Ten Commandments.


    bountiful blessings


    lovings silver wings

  • hello all,

    I have never meditaded but always alway wanted to start. after reading this thread I went on line to research how to meditate. I know the position, breathing patterns and they say to focus on your breathing to help quiet your mind. What am I missing??

  • sweetoty, I'm not someone to train you, I'm learning too even after all this time. There are lots of different methods to use you'll have to find what works for you. I would suggest the following: #1 Ask for protection as you meditate, many styles say to wrap yourself in white light. I do this myself and right, wrong or indifferent I feel safer in doing so. #2 you seem to have the rest get quiet, and breathe, focus on your breathing and it will come. If you are expecting a minute later to see your great grandma it probably won't work that way. For myself for a long time I waited thinking nothing was happening then as I began to tell others well I saw this cool shade of blue or for a second it was like a camera flash went off and I saw....(fill in the blank), I didn't realize until later that was the beginning stages of getting into the meditation. I used guided meditations cd's sometimes where the speaker walks you through things to do and think to open you up. Other times I listen to music or soundtracks like wave sounds, mountain sounds, rainforest sounds etc. You have to find what works for you and it may not take long or it may take years and will probably be ever changing. The trick is to open up to whatever is coming your way. At least that's how I interpret it myself. I'm sure others may pop in with suggestions give them some thought or finds some other choices for yourself whatever works. But once you get going stop back and keep us informed. I'd love to hear about your progress. Trust me it can be frustrating and you are not alone in feeling like it didn't work, I don't know anyone who has tried meditation that hasn't felt that way at some point. I can only say this if you really get into a deep meditation it's magical, you'll know if you get there, it has a definite wow factor. Good luck and enjoy the experience.

  • Poetic that is cool, love the tablet imagery. Glad I'm not the only one seeing colors. The blue is really cool.

    Julianna thanks for dropping in, share your theories any time.

  • RCdreamer,

    WOW! thanks for your help. it's like a guide to how to get started hehehe=)

    I am so excited about this. this thread came at the MOST perfect time!

    I will get started on it tonight. I will deff keep you all posted on my progress. yay!

  • Hi RC, thank you for your wonderful insight :), I will certainly try this meditation again, I have been struggling "letting go" to meditate properly for a long time now, all I have been doing is just quieting my mind as much as possible and just concentrated on the breath, it seems to have bought me back gently in to wanting to go deeper in to meditation, and I will now with renewed enthusiasm thanks to your thread, I will do it 🙂

    I will let you know how I get on....

    blessing toy you RC


  • Morning, I did the quiet mind one last night and it was beautiful, I felt I was very close to my Bliss moment, my Heart jumped twice and made me nervous. I'm learning so much with this "awareness" thing. I just read something and had an ephiphany about my life I have to surrender my "will" to God and especially my Ego and align my will with his completey to be on the right life path. I have to focus on the Abundance around me and the rest will take care of itself. I have to stop focusing on "LACK" and only focus on the "Abundance." This is a beautiful journey through the Heart! 🙂

  • Hi All, I am so glad to be of help. As I always say I'm no expert but I thought even I have suggestions worth making so why not share the experience, thus came this thread. I feel like I don't always allow myself to be patient enough to open up, that is a discouragement something I'm working on. The two year old factor is a real glitch in my plan but hey that's life right. We take the good with the bad and every day is a learning experience. I love that you are trying to get into meditation and sharing your experiences with me.

    Poetic I think you may be onto something about surrendering our will. It is that which can stand in our way. I know I have often found if I weren't so stubborn in my own life and tried something new perhaps real good would have come from it. It's time to find out I think. I'm completely with you I have to stop focusing on the "Lack" and focus on the "Abundance" let's do it together. We are remarkable people trying to open up to receive, may we be guided with love by great mentors.

  • I must say my dreams are definitely opening up, I'm remembering more of them. They don't make a whole lot of sense, yet anyway but I do keep a journal as you never know when all the pieces will start to fall into place. Still working on my meditations nothing really new to report. Enjoy!

  • Ok together my friend. I'm the same way impatient want it all NOW! The Universe doesn't work that way, I guess thats another lesson for us. I haven't been sleeping well and can hardly remember my dreams lately. We have to align our hearts with our minds, thats the new thing.

  • One more thing, Emotion, focus on Love, that helps, also I see many more lights now when I close my eyes, sometimes it's a light show! 🙂

  • RC last night I had a dream that several Angels came to see me and were all around me and one of them said she was the God-dess (The feminine side of God) and she was giving me her light and I saw beautiful lights flowing down to me. Nice Dream

  • Poetic that's awesome. Of course she is giving you her light, you are a light worker after all, you bring joy and love to every life you touch. It wasn't just a dream, just something you are supposed to know.

    Thanks for the tips. I know you are right the focus must be love. Your "dream" proves that doesn't it?

  • Yes my friend, if I get lucky this weekend, I'm sending you something, love you my friend!

  • I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Having lots of dreams in my waking hour of the morning but can't remember them long enough to jot any kind of notes. Tried meditating yesterday but the house was just too noisy. I think I need to find a peaceful place outside for when I can get away to steal some time. I'm wishing there were more options around here, some of the surrounding area is not so safe. We didn't know that when we moved in. Anyway, still trying. Hoping you had a great weekend.

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