What do my rising/moon signs mean

  • I'm A Libra sun sign and I'm alright with that, but recently I found out about rising and mono signs, did a bit of research and using my time/date of birth I found out my rising and moon signs are both cancer signs, makes sense since I am more emotional and sensitive than the Libra seems to be, but anyway what does this mean really?

  • can you please tell me how can i know about my rising sign and moon sign?

  • Questionman - Have you ever had your whole natal chart researched? You asked what your rising and moon signs (of Cancer) mean, well they are pieces to the puzzle that make up YOU. 😉 Every person is COMPLEX and the month and day of your birth (aka your sun sign of Libra) are only a small portion of your whole personality.

    Do a Google search on "Libra with Cancer Rising" and see what web pages say about that combination. Also do a search on "Cancer moon sign" and see what insight that gives you. For deeper insight into all the quirks of your personality, get your whole natal chart done so you can see which house each of the planets are in (you can also see where Venus, Saturn, Mercury and etc are in your chart for deeper understanding of yourself). It can help you unlock where your strengths, weaknesses and inner drives are.

    Mindconfused - In order to know what your rising sign and moon signs are you have to know the exact time and place of your birth. The rising sign is the constellation that was rising in the Eastern horizon at the exact time of your birth and there is no way to guess what it was without knowing the time and place (latitude/longitude).

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