How to break down barriers

  • This Guy, I would consider catching by himself.

    You gotta ask yourself, do you wanna take this opportunity where

    the chances of something great happening are very high because

    its effort you are putting in, or not taking a chance at all and always wondering to yourself

    how things may have been, could have been ect ?

    Its small steps we take especially when being interested with someone from a distance,

    Comforting Gestures are always Great ! They mean alot, and words really dont do a smile

    justice, I would say when you see him you dont have to pressure yourself to fully approach him, give him a smile with a entle eye stare. From there see how he responds a smile back

    will really let you know what page hes on, If you feel comfortable next time How are you,

    I never say hi, It dosent spark much conversation like how are you does...

    then add your input. and so on, you can do it.

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