Help with a reading?

  • Hi, I'm still pretty new at this so I'm looking for help interpreting these cards. Basically, I've been seeing someone for a long, long time. We get along great, we have lots of fun together, there's a lot of mutual respect/trust/ all those good things but... we're both in our mid-20's and things are very confusing and so I asked for clarification about our relationship just to see if I could get any additional insight so that at least my personal life can be a little less confusing. I used a spread that one of my friends came up with and here's what I got:

    His feelings towards me/expectations or hopes for "us": Ace of Pentacles and 3 of Cups

    His fears or what might be holding him back: 3 of Swords (reversed)

    My feelings towards him/expectations or hopes for "us": Princess of Swords/ 7 of Pentacles

    My fears or what might be holding me back: The World

    Possible outcome of our relationship: 2 of Cups

    Any feedback from people who are more experienced with tarot would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  • Well I get the feeling there is some kind of developing situation connected with this relationship and that you both have differing views about what to expect from it. If you'll look at the Ace of Pentacles on his side of things -- this means a start, and to me it says perhaps a new life. Not necessarily a baby, but something along those lines where you are working together to make something a reality. Coupled with the 3 of Cups, I am guessing it is opening yourselves to a new level of commitment. I have feeling he wants to share something with you and he's wondering if you'll let him. I think the next card is also an indication of what it is.

    The card that holds him back says a lot about his past. He may have been hurt or perhaps he's seen something that has made him a bit scared. Insecurities are natural. Show him that you can support him and be there for him. You may not understand it, but I think he needs someone to be there for him.

    Your expectations are that you want to play a more objective role in the situation. Sometimes having all the facts, however, isn't possible. Show him you are compassionate, not observant. I feel that you are and you're not getting lost in all of it. I think he needs you to be strong for the both of you. My advice is be patient with him. The 7 of Pentacles tells me that you have paused to think of what you have had with each other up to this point. I understand the need to want to know everything but again, it's will all become clear to you. Just relax and take one day at a time.

    This is a really hard card for me to interpret in this position but again, I think it goes back to you wanting to put all the pieces together and having a complete picture. You have a very logical mind and you really need for things to make sense. Understand that life is not black and white and that sometimes we need to let other things happen before what we want can happen. Sometimes it doesn't always happen in the way we think it will. This can also be a card that shows me a "now what?" fear. Don't worry so much, things have a way of working out.

    At the conclusion, I envy you. 🙂 This is the card of deep friendship and love. It does also suggest marriage. I don't know when this will happen, but the card indicates such may happen when you both are ready.

    Ade, I hope this helps shed some clarity on your situation. I wish you the best 🙂

  • thanks so much for your insight! i was concerned about the reversed 3 of swords because i had wondered if i was hurting him because yes, i do take a logical and reserved approach to everything, even personal relationships. in this case in particular i do feel myself holding back and worrying too much. also, i have known this person a long time, over ten years, and i am some what aware that he has experienced a lot of troubling stuff in his life. so what you are saying seems very dead on to me. i am going to focus on being patient with him, giving him space, and just in general trying to be supportive of him as you suggest.

    the world, i thought, might refer to the fact that i am currently in graduate school studying to be a midwife and it's a long path and a very intensive program and i have worried significantly that because of this now might not be the best time to be in a relationship. more specifically i feel that school takes so much out of me that i might be unable to really be there for another person right now and so... i mean its just not fair to him to be in a relationship with him without able to really be in it fully.

    i'm just going to try to relax and stop worrying and see how things go.

    thanks again for your input! i really appreciate it!

  • Ade, thank you for letting me read for you. Not bad with interpreting the last card. 🙂

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