• Hi Readers of all kinds

    I needed a place where we could discuss our work, preference, criterias, n learn from one another. As a reader myself i often find myself asked questions I wish to reply n others i do not.

    I wonder as a reader is it ok for us to be biased in sense certain areas we simply wont touch with a 500 foot firepole?

    In my case i HATE to do pregnancy q´s so i never do them. Another is the "im married but i found this person n yaddah ya do u see future for him her n me? " questions.

    ive had so many of those n ive seen the devastation of cheaters. Ive myself been guilty to fall for married men, BUT i withdrew as in no go, trespassing, off limits, danger ahead, a no no, huge toxix waters.

    Not only do they hurt themselves but their spouce too fam n kids n loved ones. I know love is blind, but why pursue someone when they aint free to do so?

    anyhews i just wonder if we as readers can say i wont read so n so areas of the world. In my case cheaters n pregnancy q´s.

    Am i entitled to say n do this i wont do?

    What areas do u not wanna read, n what do ya think is ok to say yo i dont do this so forget it?


  • i dont like those cheater and pregnancy questions as well, also not a big fan of people wanting to know how another person feels. Readings about a third party is a definite no no.

    One thing that really gets me is when people keep drilling for more answers, as readers we say all that we see, if we see anything specific or detailed we have no reason to hide it.

  • Prenancy question are "trick questions" for example, the querant or inquirer already know they're pregnant. but you don't LOL

    she wants to see if you get it right. best to say, I don't do them, and go take a pregnancy test already!

    it's too easy to get a pregnancy test, and takes only a minute. it's a trick question to see if you are really psychic! LOL

    and that is the truth. lots of devious minds out there.

    about asking on another person that is not there for the reading, is called psychic snooping. there is a limit to how much information a reader can provide to another. there are ethical boundaries to be considered, and it's up to the reader to inform the client of this.

    it's also up to the reader to let the client know, it's unhealthy to ask the same question over and over. that is called obsession.

    the only time I will delve into another hearts and soul, is when it will help the inquirer understand or by providing an insight that will help the person in question. but it's usually brief, and just enough to help the other find understanding, and comfort. then the healing usually takes place. most times it is a big misunderstanding between 2 people.

    as for the cheating, lustful affairs, you better be very careful indeed. if the reader is confident that the spouse is straying, but there is no physical evidence, I will encourage the client to get actual proof, by either hiring a private detective, or do the detective work themselves.

    I do explain not to confront the other by telling the cheater a psychic reader said you were out cheating. that is NOT proof! the c heater will just laugh, and tell my client they're crazy, and then the husband chases the reader down.

    I have seen a few readers be sued in court, and because of the distress the reader causes pain, suffering, and emotional damage, the reader loses almost every time.

    and if someone has to ask you if their spouse is cheating... chances are, they are, and sometimes it's just paranoia and it's the wife that is doing some crazy talk.

    so be very careful .... Sunny

  • One more thing

    People who ask questions that can be easily solved by sitting down, and thinking/talking/researching/inquiring about it

  • This post is deleted!

  • Actually the more i think of it, the more things i find i dislike when doing readings. Problem is i'm the kind of person who can't say no so i still do the readings but draw the line on a select few types

    btw notshy2bme I'm no psychic either, same as you... empath

  • Ahhhh SO GLAD to be hear among you! Queen Macademia Darlin' yet another score!

    The Fire-Water (or is that Water-Fire?) Bird can offer up some real balance here--especially since I DON'T offer readings on our forums!

    #1--a short story for Queen Macademia: Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I was being edumacated....I completed the education & had to complete a 6 month clinical residency in the clinic of the edumacational institution that gave me the testimonial that told the world I knew what I was doing. All of us new residents had certain talents & quests & tasks to perform--yet the one GRACE we were allowed--as we were assigned clients to serve--

    was each of us could list TWO types of clients that we SIMPLY WOULD NOT WORK WITH.

    In my case...I chose not to work with those who were suicidal...& I chose not to work with abused women....having had my fill of both of those types in my previous life & understanding my own boundaries & reasons why...though we did not have to explain or give any reasons why--just state on our resident file which ones.

    So--my Queen, per this jester...I say from the lessons I've learned in my journeys around the world--not only because you are Queen...but for ALL here--YES YOU ARE ENTITLED, & in fact--per this humble jester..may I suggest it's kind of a Noblesse Oblige?

    KushikimiKiba--HOW GOOD to see you in here! I ran over your reading thread--wanted to see WHAT date you told me within 6 weeks y'see...& how you were handling the readings!

    My compliments Young Wise One.

    Not only do I like your style & skill....I really liked how you set the boundaries.

    YES all readers will have to re-set them & REMIND the eager clamoring masses...


    As I read your problem--I heard you singing that song from--what musical is it my friends--I'm thinking Oklahoma or Annie Get Your Gun?--"I'm Just a Girl Who Cain't Say No." 🙂

    I am connected to Lightworkers via other virtual connections & also to Seekers of Light & Evolution--and there's a big movement to heal the male-female imbalances both on the individual & global levels going on! YOU are working from that level already! SO GOOD TO SEE & EXPERIENCE THAT! THANK YOU!

    BTW--I was going to post this last night at the end of your reading thread but for some reason the site wouldn't let me! Now I know why!!! CWB had not yet set up this room!

    I also wanted to give you some feedback & ask if you had any clarification...I'm being still & interesting things are happening....look to the magnificent thread later for that:-)

    aw good notshy--I GLAD you're here too! ou have so much to offer--so glad you decided to stay:-)

    MsSunny--SO glad to be interacting with you again--you are so down to earth & wise...I really like your style too.

    In fact--I like ALL of your style--& it's just typical Virgo Moon (my Virgo Moon is on my first house!) observation--& I must share--Rick & Jeff said this morning "When the Moon of emotion meets Merc of intellect-in a brainy Mercury rule--maybe in Virgo maybe Merc should be Virgo’s serving planet rather than it’s ruling planet...."--

    a recurring part of my journeys through life has been to be IN IT--yet, as I grew more experienced in the different venues--not actually participating in the "other" meetings or project work--and so able to act as the "uninvolved observer" who is able to see the big picture, mediate, and act in the way I hope to contribute here.Hmmm--here's another direct quote from Rick & Jeff's Planet Pulse: "Logic will rule today--the positive side can be problem-solving both in the external & material world & internally--in capacity of observing our own emotions, behaviors & feelings & analyze them in a way that reveals patterns. "

    Darned if they aren't right already!!!

  • people , u give me way to much credit lol but i love it lolol how can i not hahahaahahahah

    keep it going guys bc u guys rock!

  • I really don't like when I'm reading for someone who asks the same question over and over, and is surprised when the cards answer the same way each time.

    I don't like doing health questions or legal questions, either. It feels unethical to me.

  • i hear u probablyflashy. i have that on pregger q´s , i mean i hate to b wrong n if i get yes u is preggers n the blood work says no, or if i say no ure not preggers n the bloodwork shows yes im not only 50% off im 150 % off. plus the doc has YEARS of hard study n work behind them n one or more diplomas, whereas where is my diploma on that? no where.

    as on cheaters unless im told the entire sides i wont touch em anymore. mainly because ive seen the damage its done n i feel for those that get caught n is hurt by it. some of my best friends has been hurt by a cheater n that person took em out to dry. one tries but bioy she´ll have her day n it wont b fun at all. i cant WAIT for that day at all.


  • Oo, cheaters are another one I won't touch, mostly because if I'm wrong or misreading the cards, I've caused someone a lot of hurt. I've got enough karmic debt without taking that on, lol.

  • Another that gets me all grrrrrr and i wanna slap u silly are the requesteés that are NEVER satisfied. They keep asking n claim we as reader aint understanding it at all.

    how come its always us and never them? FUK!

    i KNEW i shouldnt have touched lildolphins issuie even when she asked me. i had a hunch it would b a shit case n it would not b solved bc she wont face herself. if she sees this im spilling the milk

    lildolphin u are a spoiled brat. u expect everything to fall by magiuc into ur hands. no amount of reads will satisfy ur needs unless u get ya finger outta ya ass n off it and ACT. ure the kind of person who expects all elseto do ya job for ya. ever considered this may b why ur husband strays? he may cheat but what u do is cruelty as well. deal with it so there now u have a reason to hate me and for the bloody ass record i frankly dont give a FUK!

  • Queen Macademia my Darlin Dear

    I am sending you healing & protection & blessings. I read in one of our forums your report you have food poisoning. As toxins run through your system--and I HOPE you are taking care of yourself--not in a toxic pharmaceutical way but with natural herbs and LOTS of clean water & herbs!!!--it is a comon experience that patience wears thin

    YES there are a lot of spoiled brats in the world--and many of them here. I read through the threads--and while your readee IS simply looking for justification for what she wants--& does not want to be an accountable person, YOU need to take care of yourself.

    Stop feeling like you must give to those who are emotional/psychic vampires, get thee to the Roman room & the baths & HEAL!

    Yes--you've freaked some people out.

    You yourself set up fine rooms--and one of them has a crystal vomitorium where you can spew the garbage that comes from answering people who act as if they want a REAL answer--when what they really want is justification for their own behaviors.

    Get thee to the Crystal Vomitorium and spew all that--exacerbated by your own tired Body-Mind-Spirit Self--weakened from all the giving you've done & now fallen ill from ingesting toxic food--

    and do not worry about fixing the spoiled brats.

    They will choose to be who they are.

    If other readers choose to give them a different answer--that's up to them..But strikes me readers can simply say

    "This is not a question for a reading. This is a problem you are already clear on--all I can tell you is what the (cards, numbers, psychic guides) say and they advise you to get appropriate professional help. Your situation will not change til you take responsibility for your own (actions, behaviors, health.)"

    To ALL readers: people's behaviors are not your responsibility.

    Readers here are neither counsellors nor doctors--though I'm noticing a lot of people coming for readings are asking readers to act in both those capacities.

    This is something that got a lot of holistic sites & chat groups shut down at the turn of the century.

    I would hate to see that happen here--readers need to be very clear with readee's.

    And perhaps develop a "stock response" such as--"beyond this my guides tell me no more.

    Seek clarity & assistance through the appropriate channels. Blessings & I wish you well."

    it is always a good thing for readers

  • (((( charmed bewitched ))))))))

    wise words Phoenix.

    now gone fishing..

  • thank u so much rising, mssunny thánk u also

    after posting i got so tired n went back to sleep. im a tad better but i tire easy.

  • Well it's clear we are all sure enough human! A psychic's lament? Patience Patience and did I mention Patience? and THE BIG ONE detachment! What really comes to mind isare the words of Jesus on the cross praying to the heavens--forgive them father as they know not what they do. And for those of you who say but I do not believe in Jesus--then think of him as nothing more than wise metaphor representing a situation that pits enlightenment against ignorance AND often errupts in violence or at least anger. Ignorance is a painful head bang when the wall is thick. Save yourself the headache--walk away. I try to hear clearly when spirit says pass on this one--not ready but then another one same situation spirit says--iffy but they are on the tipping point so go ahead and so I do. Knowing already it will be a tough pill to swallow but then it's not my purpose to decide for spirit--who knows when or where that message will sink in or maybe it's really for someone else. I usually already know the askers who will be asking again and again so not urked as much as sad for them as really they are imprisoned by their own pain no matter how many keys you slip them. And charmedwitch--who is not always so charming--you crack me up! Having grown up in the rough side of town I can apreciate a girl who comes out swinging and says what's on her mind. Still, there is a strength that comes with steel reserve and a silent tongue. It confuses the he ll out of your enemies AND keeps your energy intact for the real battle. I learned that wisdom the hard lump way!

  • Just popping in to say 'hi' to cwb, notshy et al. As I'm not a psychic but an amateur astrologer and my astro-profiles take so long to appear, I seem to avoid the direct questions you guys get asked; or the crisis has been and gone while i have been prevaricating ... .i'm rambling I'm prevaricating now. i admire your patience and am really impressed by all your in-depth psychological analyses....which I'm not sure the recipients always appreciate.

    Respect to you all

  • WElll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not a spoiled brat, and I am not the reason my husband strays!! Wow, that is a lot of venom coming out!!

    I asked 2 very simple questions in every one of my posts, and you keep saying that I was answered, but apparently, you cannot read, because I WAS NOT ANSWERED!!! I was counseled to get help, etc. , before making a wrong decision, but actual answers to my questions were NOT given on any of those posts!!

    You became all indignant, calling me a cheater, as if you have the right!!! It has nothing to do with "Facing myself", and everything to do with simple curiosity on whether I would be with this man at some point in the future!!!! (In case it hadn't occurred to you, that could mean AFTER I am SINGLE!!!!!!)

    Simple Questions, could have been simple answers!!

    YOU, made this difficult, and a fight. You must be a very sad, sad person indeed!!!

    Love and Light


  • Lildolphin, you´re one UNgrateful person. See how many has voiced time and again the replies u seek n u are STILL not satisfied. it SO CLEARLY CRYSTAL even SHOWS no amount of readings will saitisfy u bc u inside are a very UNsatisfied person. i pity u.

    I could have just not replied u, or cut u loose after u whined the first time. No i asked my fellow friends N readers to help me help u. Where is the gratitude huh?

    If u wish to know FULLY why we act as we do i STRONGLY suggest u read this thread n ALL of its pages. Then maybe JUST MAYBE u get where we come from n what we face n endure from whiney persons such as urself.

  • Oh PHOOOOO! I came in here to bump up this conversation--& give some serious PROP's to one of the newest young readers on our forums--which I will do...

    only to find this foolishness---fortunately--I see it is from a WHOLE WEEK AGO....

    Lil Dolphin--you certainly have your heels dug in on how right & deserving you are & are insisting on swimming in the River of your Own Denial....I send you LOVE, LIGHT & BLESSINGS--and the great hope that you evolve & GROW UP. Perhaps the reaon you are not treated the way you want to be is because you insist on NOT hearing the answers--which you already know the answers to anyway--and just keep coming back for a fix of what you don't want to experiene or hear.

    FREE your SELF Sister....take responsibility for your own life--& you will find the world gives you what you put out into it. As you have been finding.....

    AND NOW.........the reason I REALLY came in here today...having swept up that lil bit of dust & clutter.....boy having a Virgo 1st house Moon really is making THIS Mercury-in Virgo Retrograde


    PROP'S PROP'S PROP'S and a bunch of your FAVORITE FLOWERS to WATERGIRL--who is a NEW reader--and had not only shown compassion but clarity and a real elegance & honesty that all readers can learn something from!

    I am talking about how, asked for a reading--she made clear her "newness" & her boundaries...

    made a stab at a reading...did not feel she herself was in a clear space--admitted that to her SELF & her readee--GOT herself into a clear space--and READ AGAIN with MUCH MORE SATISFYING RESUTS--BOTH FOR HERSELF & the READEE!!!

    I am so very impressed with that...and wanted to SING YOUR PRAISES Watergirl--right here--because all of us know--as much as we know--we can always be better at what we do--and

    you have offered all readers a great gift & lesson here!


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