Gemini man

  • Hi "Ariesfire" i wanted to advice this book, it really helped me, i hope it help you too

    i hope you are ok

    No Contact : Ending A Destructive Relationship - Jones

    you can get this book on Amazon

    Never mind who you get involved with, all your reaction send you a message about, the more you know about yourself and the more you stay close to your need and feeling, the better for the next step

    i started liked this new guy and i keep avoiding to speak to him, i feel very attracted to him but i feel scared to into a difficult situation again

    i have decided to speak to him tomorrow

    i realise you get no guarantee in life but if you stick by your feeling and check how you feel about things and take appropriate action, you be ok

    Just try to not get involved with man that got a girl already or men that seem unavailable, unreliable, and emotionally not involved with you

    the person that deserve you sometimes is not the one we like but the person that love us best, love takes time

    we are all learning and for woman, we need to learn a lot about our own need and expectation and allow ourself to believe we are worth to live those dreams

  • Hello again im so happy to hear from you again.. I will look in to this book

    and for the new guy please tell me how it goes..Maybe a friendship? or more 🙂

    i have decided not to run from the issue and look it in the eye, i have started to realize what type of guy this man is So Unreliable and i have been taking appropriate action. (getting closer to myself and satisfying ME.

    although he still contacts me and says amusing things like "i don't understand why we are never consistent ?" i clearly told him that he is not available and i refuse to be an option he replied saying "you are Wrong"

    Ok this guy is playing mind games

    But please tell me about the new guy and what happens Good Luck

  • Hi"Ariesfire" well yes, please get the book it;s a real eye opener

    the new guy i like him so much but i seem to not be able to talk to him ahahah

    Anyway about your Gemini, Listen try to leave it alone( not to forgot about it, just take time to know yourself a little bite better). As long his in relationship with someone else you cant allow your to be involved with any man like that, if he mean what he say to you then he leave the other woman thats it.

    No point arguing with him or replying to his txt or message, make it absolutely clear to him what you want and that you are not going to take less then what you are after and leave it there

    if he want you he will know what to do

    dont waste your energy trying to figure him out, you need your energy to figure yourself out

  • Holy Hades - I wanted to read this because I started seeing a Gemini man last year, then, this passed March, he suddenly got all weirded out and blamed me for something that wasn't my fault. Nothing I said or did mattered. In May I contacted him and tried to put closed to the relationship; he emailed me back that he had a health issue, it wasn't his fault, he was sorry... He called me once, in June, we seemed to be getting things back on track, then - nothing. I recently bought a new phone and decided to let him know; he emailed back all excited and said he'd call me later that night. No call. Still no call. I swear, what I'm reading here has become my life with this man and I have to say, I've decided if he conveniently forgets to send a card (all I want) for my birthday next month, he's going to get blasted and that's the end of it for me. I've got better things to do than pander to his pathetic 'me, me, me' egoism.

  • Oh" Selina, Selina" what is happening to you right now, happen to me too over here ahahah, i swear sometimes i wondering if we all "Ladies" are not kind dating the same guy, maybe there is only one Gemini man out there that has been clown or something ahahh

    Darling what you need to do here is completely ignore him, dont react, they seem to like when the woman react to them, like it;s some kind game

    do your life when he comes around, play hard to get, keep yourself busy

    Gemini men are not realiable and they seem to like to make you HOT and then go COLD on you.

    They forgot birthday and other things that make a relationship special and intimate so dont be surprise about it.

    Just do your life, dont chase him, if you change email or phone dont let him know,

    dont worry he will be the one coming at the running after you when you think everything is completely over

    this how those guys works

    you better make sure you have a life to handle one those

    if he txt you dont txt back, if he email dont email back straight away, wait 3 days or week and then do like you just noticed the email

    mirror what his doing, so this is the only way he get the message and he can get interested again

    with Gemini all that is happening here is completely normal to them so dont expect anything

    but make sure you keep busy out of them because you simply dont know what to expect

  • So unreliable.... my gemini doesn't even know my birthday he doesn't call on holidays . just horrible they come around when they want. ignoring them definitely does the job

    lately i have been keeping myself busy i hardly think about him

  • Hi"Ariesfire" i had the same issue with mine, forgot birthdays, dont call when he said he will call, dont turn up when he said he will

    as soon i left him i join the gym, and keep myself every day busy i m so over him it didnt take me long through to get the way he was

    if you stay close to your own feeling and know what you want you will notice this kind person in your life that are only want you for fullfilling their own need

    Gemini only know you when they need something from you and they organise you around their 'suppose" busy schedule

    everyone is busy so give me a break

    they cant get too close ever, if you want to see them, they dont want it and when you are busy and got no time they want to see you

    it never work for you but for them first

    forget the deal it's bad call girl

  • Ladies, just remeber all GEMINI's are not the same 🙂

  • "Worthy" we are not talking about all Gemini just exchanging on our experience with the one we know, it's not all Gemini and so far dont care if Gemini or not just talking about men that behaving this way

    we say Gemini because of this site but we are not saying all gemini are the same

    take care

  • As far as I know that is the only Sign that you ever talk about. You have never ever talked about any other. I am aware of the fact that the purpose of these sites are about experiences and to meet new ppl. But the conclusion I have with you is that it just seems like you Male Bash. Never anything positin=ve you have to say about these wonderfut beings. I just believe if you had a bad experience, just move on and not continue to talk about the same thing. We all have had some type of bad experience . Are you an expert on Men?

  • Hi worthy

    moving on is sometimes is really hard but talking about it and having other people give you advice helps (well it helped me) and i would hope Star would only talk about gemini men because that was my issue. i don't believe every gemini man is the same but most of them are and the one i thought i loved was one of them..

    But this wont stop me from moving on but first i need to face the facts this guy was not for me and star made it clear that if i took a deeper look within myself i cant fix this issue by loving myself

    if you can give me better advice please do so 🙂 ...but i think im doing great

    Star just keeps it REAL.. honest

  • Hi"Ariesfire" i really dont know what the issue with Worthy, she seem to not understand the reason i speak about the Gemini is because people ask me so to exchange experience, she seem to be frustrated because she is involved with a gemini and man that cant give her what she need but she doesnt accept it herself

    she is the only one here that need to move on about her issue but it seem she simply cant and dont like to see that other women are trying to stand for themselves and keep it real

    i have met a lot wonderful people and we exchange our experience and view and none of us are expert just exchanging experience and it really help

    unfortunately most the people i speak with have issue with Gemini so we exchange about our experience and they seem to be quiet similar.

    nevertheless, any men that make you feel depress is not a good deal

    nobody need to expert about anything, it's not a question about been expert but about trying to hear about what you want as a person and face reality that maybe the relationship you have is not giving you what you are after

    not all our relationship are mean to work

    OF course for Worthy , she attack people because she know very well she doesn't listen top herself when it come to this man in her life, that Gemini she seem to complaint about in all threads about, still ever after millions of advice from other she still stuck in same situation

    i didnt advice this lady to GO and GET A LIFE, as nobody when someone that is this obsesses about someone else

    what annoyed me, she doesn't come and exchange experience and try to understand that other people are trying to get better by understanding and speaking to other people

    she doesn't advice she simply attack and ignore the good that was in first place

    To answer to your question WORTHY, i had my time of bad experience and you know what i thanks GOD for it because it open my eyes and offer me to know myself better

    i have moved on Darling, this lady here "Ariesfire" only wanted to speak about her issue and i m glad she did

    this is why we are speaking about Gemini

    and no i m no expert on men but i do stay real with my own feeling not like you that keep getting hit by the same guy and not like you that still hoping that guy will finally give you what you want from him

    all that man is doing is come and go when he wish, calling you when he wish and so far i remember you saying his also involved with other women

    so please GET a grip and get yourself check out before advising people about what they should speak about, you obviously need to consider yourself more but no you love that guy more then yourself and thats sad for you

    I perfectly understand why you don't like us talking about it because you are going thought the same hell the difference between us is we see and face the fact you cant ever step there

    it most be very hard for you. i hope you come to reality soon about it and FOLLOW your own advice about MOVING ON

    because so far you been going around talking about the same and same things, totally boring

  • and "Ariesfire" sorry about this but i helped a lot women in this site and in same time they helped me and i m not going to take negative people like the worthy annoying me, she cant handle the whole deal

    she doesnt think there is women that are married to such men, be in destructive relationship, women that need to talk so they can feel stronger

    i met a lot them and i never said i was expert on anything but i listen i advice about what i know and about what i feel is right in my heart do to

    people like the WORTHY i simply not WORTH to have around if they simply dont want to understand you

  • and yes i did advice this lady to GO GET A LIFE but she still stuck in her story

  • Star2them, just to correct you again I am not complaning about my Gemini. My Gemini and myself is doing just great. It's just to bad that you did not connect with your EX-Gemini frien or what ever he was to you. You seem to always get it twisted when it comes to me. The things that you are talking about is old news. I am not going to go over the same old conversation with you again. I am not STUCK as you would call it. It seems like that all you do is try to give ppl advice on these sites and not have a personal life. Why don't you just come with a book. All this personal opinion and advice that your giving, is there someone special in your life? I always wanted to asked you, Are You A THERAPIST? And please don't get it mixed up or twisted there's nothing wrong with giving advice and that all good but PLEASE u get a LIFE. You spend too much time on this. And last but not lease you have a FAB weekend 🙂

  • Star2them, go back and read some of the comments and some of the things you told me. Did u forget. OMG you have it so TWISTED..

  • like i said before you are so boring i didnt take the time to read anything you wrote

  • I don't know too much about anything but i know star2 helped me realize things i didn't see before and how i need to evaluate how much i love myself (My soul will live Eternally In Heaven) and what i don't deserve. Worthy i do hear you but our souls are too precious to be fill with anger, if you are happy with your gemini GOD bless but i need this advice on mine Gemini. I am very happy Star2 is on here i needed to hear this for a reason, maybe it makes her feel good to help another woman. so lets all move on and not dwell on what doesn't matter. Ariesfire11 needs help and she got help.. worthy if you feel different give me your advice and if God feels like that is the way then i will take it. "Don"t Press (Star2)Anyone on My Forum".................... THANK YOU.

    God bless her.

  • HI" Ariesfire" i hope you got that book i told you about, never mind what the situation we are in, if we are happy thats all that matter but sometimes when you want something with someone and they dont want the same you simply feel more and more pain

    with that Gemini guy i was involved with, i wanted to try with him, i felt i loved him but somehow it felt i could never reach him

    he dont call at birthday, he dont follow up and what he say to me, his simply not there when i need him to fulfilled my need

    he only remember me out the blue when he need something from him

    this kind relationship are simply unbalance and dangerous for your own health because you start worry about things we didnt worry before the relationship

    i m over mine but the situation with him made me meet so many wonderful women that was in same situation then i and i realise that it's not the man fault

    it's us, women we need to love us more and we need to be honest with ourself about what we want with the guy and we need to believe on ourself

    since i left that guy, i have focus on keep myself busy and work harder on my self esteem and i feel good

    this is good when you found yourself because you can move on and wish that person well and not feel the pain of the separation

    maybe some day things will work out when both of you have changed your way

    sometimes both people simply need to mature in their life before trying again but sometimes better leave things alone when too much pain are involved

    bless you and i hope you are ok

  • Hi"Ariesfire" how are you? well i manage to speak to the new guy i told you today, he told me he has a girlfriend, so thats the short story of it, there is some positive out of this through is i manage to make someone enter my mind from the last relationship i had.

    The time you take to be alone is very precious to discover yourself, when the right person will come alone you will appreciate things better.

    There are always up and down in any relationship but some relationship brings too much pain and so little of gain that is not healthy to stay in them.

    About that new guy, i m kind glad his taken because i feel i need more time alone and i kind need a man that come to me and make it happen then me going to him, not sure if this make sense.

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