Gemini man

  • Its been three yrs and am still in love with this gemini man.. my cousin hooked us up and from there it was amazing.. his friends never approved of me Because i wasnt ready to have sex but he didnt mind.. after numerous people involving there selves in our relationship things went bad and fell apart. he started believing rumors i later found out he moved on.. OK. it was silence for two yrs but my heart was always in pain. he finally started coming around calling, texting, and continuing to keep me away from his friends..(he is now in a relationship).. but the texting happens everyday i really dont understand he knows i love him.. and he continues to be so romantic HELP me....

  • Oh Boy, lots of bells ringing here. I had just the same; Gemini man, three years of pain and being ignored. He too seemed to put everyone else and their opinions before me. I have done lots of soul search and healings on this. There is a VERY deep soul connection with us, but I also realised he was a narccissist and narcissist drain the energy from you on an emotional level even when you are apart. Shamanic healings have been remarkable in helping to explain and heal a situation I couldnt understand on the surface> He knows you care, it seems that he is not considering what this is doing to you, that is selfish. I reccomend you look for the deeper connection; what this is about on a soul level. If we look at these things as opportunities to learn and grow on a soul level we gain rather than lose. Good luck.

  • Thank you so much for responding i thought i was alone in this one..yes he knows i care thats why he comes back. im just a little confused when you say search for a deeper connection?

    ive told him to leave me alone because i cant play this role anymore but he always comes back.

    STARBEINGS: what was the results with you and your gemini?

  • It’s totally amazing how many Gemini, especially the man fit the profile of Narcissist, i been educating myself about it and it look astonishing

    But still when issue raise you need to stop and look at how the situation and the person is making you feel

    Don’t try to analyse him but look at your reaction and feeling and you will know what to do

    The relationship is telling something about you and the fact you feel you cant let go is telling you there is more about you here then you think

  • i read some of your responses for gemini man and your so right its like im in a game getting controlled but i never looked at it that way.

    and after i wrote this forum he texted me i didnt respond. Im getting older and just seem to keep holding on. and knowing he goes back to her kills me.. but i always keep a piece of hope maybe one day he'll be mine and i may change him lol i know i sound crazy..

    as of now i just plan on ignoring him to make him feel my pain (this is sad)

  • "The relationship is telling something about you and the fact you feel you cant let go is telling you there is more about you here then you think" ????????

  • Hi “ Ariesfire11”

    How are you? Like you can see from this site a lot woman seem to get so many common issues with Gemini men and of course we go and try to understand some new trick to adapt to the game they give us

    I use to be like that I admit it, I wanted to stay with the guy but I felt not right with him or the situation we were in

    The thing is I wanted to get closure from him and I wanted to find a way to show him that things could work between us and we were kind right for each other

    Every time we broke up or I didn’t talk to him I felt uneasy to let go of this man

    I kind felt we belong somehow together

    It felt so difficult to fight those feeling

    But I forced myself to remember about myself, to look what I was getting from the situation and face the real reality of the effect of the situation on me

    Most the time with the Gemini man, I felt out balance, I felt I didn’t know where we stand

    I felt impossible to move head or back for that matter

    I felt empty, unsafe, not sure, doubtful

    I could continue this list but I simply didn’t feel happy at all with this man that I somehow couldn’t leave.

    I also realise that the reason I liked him was nothing to do with what he did for me or what he did to win me it was all in my head, in my hope, in me

    This man wasn’t doing anything real that could make me love him but still I did

    To be fair when I was with him, he will be extremely nice with me but as soon he leave he will not return calls, be silence, and give you the cold treatment like you don’t exist and don’t matter, mixed message and mixed reaction you simply never know how it will go

    A woman can take a lot and can wondering a lot about a situation with a man but she need to try to be close to her feeling. Her feeling about the situation is her best friend but sometimes she doesn’t hear them properly and simply ignore the painful warning

    She look at a man and he come “blue” and she believe she can turn hin “yellow”, sometimes never mind how much you try you cant turn the person “YELLOW”, you need to learn to accept what you see and notice the danger you can possibly involved yourself

    If a man has a girlfriend or wife and he comes to like you or fall for you, of course this can happen but you need to tell him honestly what you want before getting yourself involved with him in dark. If his with you and then go back to the other girl when his done with you and keep doing this, You need to see things for what they are. His not the one that can be bother about those things because YOU are the one that will be hurt by this emotional rollercoaster and it’s very difficult to deal with this. You go home and don’t hear from him and keep thinking that his with the other girl, it’s a nightmare to go through to be honest and you don’t feel safe at all with him, with the world and yourself

    Women need to not fear to express their need and wish

    Women need to not play the game of denying their own need and feeling

    Women need to not try to play a silent game with man that said, “ I m involving myself with you now but I know you will leave her for me, I will change you, you will see you will love me in end.

    If the man think you agreed and accepted his term from the start his unlikely to change later because he think you accepted everything his doing from the start, he wont understand why you change

    If you want an healthy relationship, Look at yourself first, make a list of what you want and stick by it

    So many beautiful women are out there, waiting for a guy that is simply not giving them what they really want but we wait, we wait because we believe he will change

    And during all this waiting his in other hand are not waiting at all, his getting whatever he want from the women his seeing, both women make him feel so important and this man his not learning at all to be a good guy but a guy that believe that he can always find someone that can give him what he want

    We, woman need to believe that too, if a man doesn’t make us happy we need to start to first look at herself, stop blaming him and look at our life

    A lot woman get involved with the wrong guy because she doesn’t really believe she worth more

    But we are worth more

    Men can give us what we want if we tell them what we want and if we teach them to give us what we want

    We need to see them like children

    I found Gemini men to be very childish, with my Gemini, I will tell him straight away what I don’t like and he will change

    Of course he keep doing the annoying other things but you need to keep on alarm and close to your Feeling

    There is also no guarantee that once his with you for good that he wont do the same to you

    Women need to be careful how they start their relationship with a man

    Sometimes we bring our own misery to ourself

    Now, I found out that my Gemini man is also an Narcissist, now with a Narcissist he only will be willing to do the things for you if his getting what he want from you but as soon he feel he doesn’t need you anymore he will simply switch to someone else

    So sometimes it’s not worth be with someone and wait for them to give you what you want, Its your life and you have the right to be happy as much then him.

    It’s all depending of what you want for yourself.

    We can all be involved with different man what make a difference is what we want for ourself

    For me be involved with a guy that has a girl will be too much for me to take and I couldn’t risk it or go through the waiting and the emotional suffering so I prefer to be involved with guys that are single, there are so many of them.

    I mean so many have talked about their relationship with Gemini or other men, I think it will be helpful if you could share what you find difficult about your relationship and what you want really from it without hiding anything from it

    It help when you write things down and share with other people, it’s a real eye opener

    Aslo never mind what the rest the world can tell you, it’s your life and your heart, so whatever you are doing or decide to do, do it if it make you happy, don’t be ashamed of your choice

    But some men and yes Gemini men are simply expert to keep a girl waiting for them and keep their partner lock in on them, it seem hard to let go

    Then if you feel you do want to let go but feel you cant then you need to look at every side of your life, the relationship is telling you something about you

    And maybe there is simply nothing about him at all but it’s all about you

    Something in you may feel not good enough and it’s in you that you need to work out more in

    Maybe you need a new job, new activity and new life, build up your confidence on yourself

    When we are not happy in our situation it’s always about us and the way we love oruself

    If your self esteem were high you wont let this kind situation getting to you

    Learn to know what you want and don’t be shy to stick by it, a real man that care for you wont think it’s too much to do or to ask to give you what you want

    The man that has a girl and come to you, this is a set to be hurt, all of you

    Something has to be given

    If after so many years you still thinking of him then if I was you I will do something about it and try to put on table what I want and see if it can happen

    If you don’t put honestly what you have in your heart and try you will always feel that you haven’t try and you don’t know if it could have been something

    Most the time this kind hold up with a man usually doesn’t go anywhere, it’s only a hope of better life but you need to be realistic, if it could work out you would have live it already and you can make it happen without him wanting it too

    If he still with his girl is because he want to be with her, try to accept the reality of things that you see and try to space what you feel and want to happen

    But most importantly don’t close your dream in fear or be locked in dream, try the best you can to live your dream, you only have one life

    Dreaming to be with a man that is sometimes with you and be with someone else is not a dream, it’s a real painful nightmare

    Love yourself more, this is all what is about with any man or anyone

    And learn to comprise by respecting yourself and the other person

    But look inside yourself and look what the situation is doing to you

    I hope this has helped in way, I m sorry if I may offend in any of what I said I just trying to help the best I can

    Gemini men are tough , they are though and I personality think they are not worth all the drama and the time we give to them as they don’t seem to give the same in return

    They behave in way that makes the relationship very difficult and they push their insecurity about intimacy on you somehow

    Most of them fit the Narcissist profile and it’s all bad news but the worst is the woman that deny her worth and her right to be happy to stay and hope for them to be notice by the Gemini man

    And hope that the Gemini man will change for them and hope that the rollercoaster will one day end and the they will come to some sort of closure with the Gemini man

    Personally I couldn’t be bother life is so short, I need to laugh, feel close, I need love, fee safe and feel I have a friend

    With my Gemini I felt worst when he was closer then me then when he was away, he confused the hell of me and brought so many confusion and down feeling

    I don’t need this in my life

  • With my Gemini, we still talk but I have made my mind I cant be with him and I don’t want to be

    I offer my friendship from far, I only communicate with him online

    When he ask to see me I said I m busy I have no regret about it

    It’s the best way

    My Gemini is very confused in his mind and his life, it’s a lot work

    But I m ok with that because I don’t feel the pressure to be in his life anymore

    I took time to focus on my life and focus to have a life and find more about myself

    I stop blaming him for my up and down mood, the relationship have teach me an important lesson so I took it on board

    With Gemini you simply never know what they are going to do but for me it doesn’t matter because I decided how it will be for me

    I need balance and to feel safe and that relationship will never going to bring me that

    I can keep analysing his move and put so many energy on him, I decided to put all my energy on myself, the only power you have is to correct yourself and your life

    Whatever his doing and why he did what he did, well I can keep talking about it all night but it’s not worth it as I m not him and it’s a waste of energy to be honest

    Girls, you are all beautiful try to remember that, the person you feel you want maybe not the person for you, the one that will make you happy is the one that will value you the most and love you’re the most

    Is Gemini men bring this thought in the mind? Most the time they don’t, they flirt with other people, they are with other people, they force space and distance between them and us, is this what you want from a man, from love????

    For me it’s not what I want, so many problem in world I don’t want to be wondering night a day what my man is doing right now and why am I not in his priority? No I need a man that make me feel loved and valuated that

    My Gemini man he never, never made me feel valuated he made me feel he was somehow special and unique and you were with him to serve him and prove yourself to him

    But never could match what I was trying to give to him and trying to get from him, he was too far away to be able to reach me in anyway

  • Hi Star2u

    You are amazing and all your advice will defiantly be taken into consideration.. this is a joke.. and sitting back looking at this, im in love with the memories and of course how he makes me smile

    And you have not offended me at all.. your speaking the truth

    But he always goes back to his girl while im sitting in my home thinking.

    but also always wants to keep a friendship with me and asks me to come over

    i know the simplest thing like answering one of his text messages boost his ego big time

    i need to face reality and realize hes playing with me or whatever it is.

    and also realize I am a Beautiful woman who has one life to live.

    Ive had enough and i really hope i wake UP, im also thinking about changing my number because a simple this "stop contacting me" is not enough..

    I just hope this doesn't make me bitter towards other man..He was the first male figure i have ever had.

    I have had enough

    and he fits the description of an Narcissist perfectly

  • and you also asked how i am doing... Im ok just trying to remain strong and deal with these incoming text messages.. other than that i am living and working and remaining beautiful 🙂

  • Hi” Ariesfire11” NO you are the one that amazing, this is what you need to remember and value

    a lot woman just kill themselves to please a man that make them miserable i simply dont get it

    If a guy has a girl, his not available and if he want to be with you, it’s only for short term

    you need to understand that

    this is the dream of all men to have a woman at home to take care of them another woman that give them some kind pleasure outside their relationship but usually those men never leave or rarely leave their girlfriend or wife.

    If he is behaving with the narcissist trait or the personality disorder you need to know those people only care about themselves thats it, they have a very small ego

    i find Gemini to be close to NPD but doesnt mean they are

    anyway the best way to get rid of both is to attach their fragile ego and tell them something simple like, you make me sick

    it’s mean i know but as long you think you are into him and you are he can feel it and he will keep torturing you mentally

    My advice is not to change your number and face this problem once for all

    after all you are also thinking of him and finding hard to let go because somehow you still havent see him for what he is and you need to see it

    Face the issue, dont run from it this is the best medecine to be free

    Look at him for what his really worth and you will see you be over him in minute

    you have a hope and a vision of him somewhere in your mind that is too clean

    you remember the good time with him, the promise of a great relationship but during those time you forgot to look inside yourself and see how much you suffer when he goes back to that other woman

    how you felt to be in bed and wondering if he is not sleeping with her at this moment

    all those emotion of insecurity closed in

    this is what you need to try to remember this is the real face of the realtionship

    and still he has not change, he still with her and still coming and disturbed your life

    he calling you when he feel like it, it’s all in his benefit

    whats wrong with this picture

    make a list for yourself everything you like with him and everything you dont like and give it time, with time you be over him

    challenge what you have in your mind about him and dont run it’s time to face this issue and look at it right in eyes

    this is a website about Narcissist: you will see how sorry you should be in you are in love with a man that simply cant love you back

  • you will be ok, just dont hide the truth to yourself and look at yourself like you are looking after your best friend, value yourself and know your worth

  • You know it;s though to stand for what you think you deserve, i work on it all the time. You meet someone and you love them and you try but they seem to simply not be able to give you what you need or want or ever trying to come to some kind comprise and it hurt

    The decision to let someone that you believe and love go, never come with Joy but you gain some sort of peace and with time, you gain much more like real harmony with your soul

    Yes it's never easy to let go but the more you hold on to something or someone that you really want the more they seem to slip away further, the more you seem to burn yourself, the more you seem to lose the sense of who you are and ever get confused about what you want

    Ladies, we are all the same, there is no much difference how we love someone else but there a difference how we love and care for ourself

    unsatisfying relationship are very damaging to any of us in long run

    we can hope that the person will change

    we can wait for them

    but during all this time , we are not getting anything that can make us happy

    when the person come around, we get and live short happiness with them and then they leave again and then we find ourself wondering again

    we keep so preciously the small piece of happiness they give to us but we completely ignore the amount of time they let us down, we forgot our pain and we live in incertitude and doubt

    And ladies and this happen, we need to take our life in charge, take action

    dont try to forgot about the guy too quickly, leave the issue alone and take your life in your hand and get yourself busy

    Get a life, meet new friends, get a hobbies you enjoy, take some time to treat yourself good, work on yourself, be good to yourself

    if you manage to do this without ever trying to resolve the relationship you are in you will see in matter of time when you look back at it you find yourself not carrying about it

    Never mind what the star sign or what the issue, when there is an issue of high unsatisfaction, we need to take responsibility for ourself and our life and take action

    you cant control someone else ding if they don't want to change but you have the power to change yourself and thats is totally great news

    Value yourself because this is what this person is not doing, his not valuing you

    so try to give yourself what his not giving to you

    a lot women are left to try to figure our how to make the relationship working or figure out what is not working, Alone

    a lot women are trying to figure out their partner but a lot women forgot that a relationship is build with two people

    if you keep clear up behind someone else mess all the time, you are going to drain yourself

    if you want your relationship to work, never mind how it started, get the courage to look honestly to your need and try sharing them with your partner

    talking with other people is good but they are not your partner

    if you try to speak to your partner without how you feel and he make it difficult for you to express yourself or he has no time to listen to you then you need to face the truth that really there is no relationship here and there is no respect and no place for you to grow with this person

    dont try to figure out everything alone, involve him in it because thats the best way you can get something out of it

    talking to other women are great but still at the end you need to speak to him and sort something out, you be much happier of the result then keeping everything in your head

  • Perfectly said.. I don't know who you are but a lot of woman should definitely stop and take a look at there selves including myself.

    And you would be a wonderful motivational speaker 🙂

    and your so right a relationship is built with two people and in my situation it has always been just me trying to fix something when there was nothing to be fixed.. in this mans head the relationship has been over three years ago im the one holding on to nothing

    As i read what "star2u" has written it has made me realize SO much, like how does he make me feel or how has he been making me feel ......UNHAPPY. and sure enough he doesn't care (that hurts so much)

    Yes i will admit for the past two days (three yrs. too) i have been feeling like a knife was in my heart..

    but as i really look at the situation he is NOT worth this at all.. the one thing that does bother me is me giving in and going back like a fool once again.. i hope that doesn't happen ::::::Sigh::::::

    but i have been making my self busy, i have a great job and i am looking into helping Haiti

    and STAR2u i so apologize for wasting your time with this childish guy.

    i also feel like these men are so sneaky and know exactly what to do and say to capture us and put us right back at stage 1.

  • Hi you haven’t wasted my time at all, you had concern you wanted to share

    You need to value your feeling ever they don’t look too good, they are your feeling

    It doesn’t matter really if his worth it or not, what matter that you look what you are getting from it. Are you happy?

    Don’t blame him, wish him luck and take the responsibility of your happiness in your hand

    No point saying his not worth it or his not good , NO

    The truth is no one can make you do things you don’t want to do

    He doesn’t control you, is not the one your should kick but you are the one

    It’s normal to feel disappointed about the situation, that’s normal but wish him and let it go with love and get back to yourself and look at yourself , you have a lot work to do with you

    Ever he is good at manipulating you, it’s not him that is good it’s you that allow him to come close and get away with things

    The more you take responsibility for your feeling the better you can also see that you are the one that has the power to let go freely without no regret or no bad feeling about it

    Wish him well his only a man, everyone make mistake

    Forgive him to not have be able to love you the way you wanted

    Cry about it and let it go

    Be angry about it

    Stay real be happy

  • Like i said just amazing these words have great meaning.

    which makes me ask the question do i really love myself? if i did would i allow someone to make me feel unhappy and still want to hold on.. umm? interesting? and is there really a relationship since he never has time to listen?

    i think i need to figure ME out before i give my heart out to a man..

    Beautifully Said: STAR2U

    Wish him well his only a man, everyone make mistake

    Forgive him to not have be able to love you the way you wanted

    Cry about it and let it go

    Be angry about it

    Stay real be happy

  • well i am the same, I had to face the fact that i didnt love myself as much too and i had to force myself to focus on my life and take responsibility for my own happiness.

    I also realise with that Gemini man , well lets say this man because the star sign doesn't really matter that there were never a relationship between us, he never had time for me and i was there only to satisfying him and ever when i tried hard and out what i could afford to myself he will dismiss any effort and simply not recognise anything i do., it didn't take me long to start feeling the pain inside my body though so thats is very good

    you need to always check how you feel about the situation and ask yourself if you are happy

    it's easier to love someone else and give them everything then love yourself and stand for what you are worth i find

    for me it was very difficult too to stand for my right and just focus on building a life for myself and leave destructive relationship alone

    strangely the more someone make you unhappy the more you fantassy about this person but you will also see the more you push them away and keep yourself busy and build a new life new you the more you really see how crazy the situation was and how empty it was for you

    the relationship,What relationship, there were never anything there in first place, the other person is more then happy to take and simply devaluate you and they will tell you in your face you are not the one for them but they will be more then happy to sleep with you and stand there wondering: what i am doing to myself, why cant go with a man that love me for me, that want to know me for me , a man that want something with me

    this when you need to go, GO, look at your life because its all about YOU not him, we blame him because his not given us what we want but it;s all about us because at this minute we are cutting our own hand for a man that is not worth it and nothing we give will make the difference

    IF it's love thing go smoothly, when it's not good the relationship will slowly destroy you

    it's like you are in pot surrounded by water and the person will hit up slowly the water you are in, slowly it;s getting hot and you feel hot but the person telling no it's getting quiet cool and you believe that

    but still you can only blame yourself because most the time it's you that want to ignore the sign, it's you that believe that it's quiet cool here when he blow hot fire in your face

    you are the one that need to wake up and love yourself more

  • Wow reading what you have said has made me have a different perspective on this issue.

    "i" come first

    i always come back to this forum and re-read what you have written and it makes more and more sense every time. 🙂

    thank you so much and i like the way you put things

  • what i was looking for:

    him to love me back

    him to realize how much i care

    him to realize what i would do for him

    him to make me his Girlfriend/woman

    him to trust me

    him to be honest with me

    him to stand up for me


    I didn't get any of these things and it obvious he Will not give me what i want so theres no respect nor is there room for this false relationship to grow... i feel like a fool. i need to wake up

  • see, thats a good start to make a list, i wanted the same thing from mine on my list and it will never happen, so i had to look at my life and break routine and create a new life

    i keep myself busy every day, going to the gym, take care my look, study get new certification, make new friends ( but friends for me are not that important as a lot people simply dont get you), take care my business and get myself independent with everything in my life

    i get myself some nice things and work hard to focus on my dreams and project and all of them doesn't included any man in it

    the man will come when you dont expect it and they will make you feel like a queen

    be brave it will be ok, there is going to time where you panic and miss the guy during those moment go take a walk, read a book, i found reading book help me a lot

    Get a life ok, listen to music you see life is so good and you dont need depressing people around you

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