Hans, Im in need of some advice

  • sweetoty,

    You say I'm the negotiator? No.

    as in what can happen now? no.

    or what happen before durring the relationship? no.

    is that possible? no.

    should I??? yes.

    or let bygones be bygones and move on with out a trace? yes.

    can any financial issues get in my way of completing school? no.

    he is a Dr, right? no.

    why do you say I am the negotiater? because you are an empress.

    buddy, you stop all this nonsense....

    Be the empress of your life.

  • SuddenlySally,

    thank you.

    Meditate, meditation is transcendence --

    of the body, of the mind and even of the heart, in the

    final analysis.

  • hello Buddy,

    okay...I will stop...

    thank you a lot for your help. 😃

  • You've reminded me of the greatest joy,

    that is of knowing someone pleasing to the heart

    and it matters not in future

    if future is not a guarantee,

    it matters how full my past is of them

    and the great joy there-in.

    It's the best perspective on my present

    and should always be.

    What a welcomed friend on this journey,

    thank you.

  • sweetoty,

    I have read: A man died and arrived at the

    crossroads between heaven and hell. He was a clever

    man, as men are, so he decided to find out as much as

    he could before choosing which way to go. He made

    inquiries of passing travelers about which place he

    should visit first, about whether it was possible to

    return, and so on. He was a man of great worldly

    experience, and he was of the firm opinion that one

    should find out as much as possible before setting out

    for any place. Eventually a passing deity said to him,

    "This is difficult! Come, I will show you both the

    places, and then you can choose."

    First he took the man to heaven, and it was so quiet,

    so peaceful, that it looked gloomy to him. You come

    from such an intensely crowded marketplace -- which you

    have mistaken for real life -- that in utter peace you

    find only gloom. When you move into peace you feel

    sadness there. For this man heaven was like a

    graveyard, because the graveyard is the only place

    where we know a little peace; there is no other place

    where we can be in any peace. Only the graveyard is

    still carrying some peace with it; from the rest of

    life peace has long ago moved away. We have made life

    so restless that only in death do we have a little


    This man found heaven so depressing! no color, no

    music, no song, no dance, no celebration, no nothing --

    just a deep quiet. He thought, "This is not appealing

    at all. But before I make up my mind I should see hell

    too." So, with the deity he went to hell also.

    The people he saw in heaven were not smiling, not

    laughing; nowhere the sound of a good belly laughter.

    Yes, you will only find people roaring with laughter in

    hell, not in heaven, because people laugh to hide their

    unhappiness. Why should people laugh in a place of

    utter peace and happiness? So when you see a man

    roaring with laughter don't assume that he is in some

    great state of being. That laughter is concealing some

    great sorrow behind it; it is a trick, he is trying to

    forget himself, he is trying to amuse himself. This is

    why the more the unhappiness increases in the world the

    more the modes of recreation increase. Movies,

    television, radio, theatres, clubs -- all these are

    inventions of the unhappy man. If man is happy, why

    should he go to a club? He will be so happy and content

    just sitting in his courtyard that where is the

    question of his going anywhere else? Why should he

    bother with the radio? All its noise will only shatter

    the music that was surrounding him. Why should he

    strain his eyes watching television? The empty sky is

    enough -- more than enough! No, it is the sad man who

    invents contrivances for pleasure and amusement.

    All was quiet in heaven. To this man, the people

    living there seemed sad. No one was even talking, no

    gossips anywhere -- there was not a single newspaper,

    because there was never any news. To have a news item

    there has to be some trouble happening. In hell the

    newspapers are published at every hour of the day --

    and on beautiful paper. Nowhere else will you find

    newspapers like those, because it is hell of course

    where things are happening!

    The man said to the deity, "Take me to hell, so that

    I can decide where I want to go."

    So they went to hell. Bands were playing there, great

    decorations were all around right from the entrance,

    everybody looked ecstatic, and the Devil was there to

    welcome them. In heaven there had been no trace of

    God's presence, and when the man had inquired after him

    he had been told, "We don't know. he may be. he may be

    in himself. We have no idea where he is. We only know

    ourselves. And one who knows oneself -- that is where

    God is as far as we can say." But in heaven, the man

    could find no trace of God. Here in hell the Devil

    himself, along with his subordinates, was at the doors

    to greet him and embrace the man heartily in welcome.

    The man thought, "This is the place to live. But

    things are the wrong way around, the signboards seem to

    have changed places by some mistake. Where it said

    Heaven that place feels like hell, and where it says

    Hell, this seems to be heaven." So he said "I am coming


    At these words the deity took his leave of the man,

    the doors closed behind him, and the Devil grabbed the

    man by the neck. "What are you doing?" the man cried.

    "That was only the reception committee," said the

    Devil. "Now the real hell begins. All you have seen so

    far was just to make you feel welcome; now prepare

    yourself to meet the hell you read about in the

    scriptures. That area is our reception area, now come

    to the real hell." The man looked and saw the flames

    roaring beneath huge cauldrons into which people were

    being thrown.

    Buddy, this is the state of the senses too: a similar

    reception committee at the door -- and then the real

    hell begins.

    If you want to distinguish the essential from the

    nonessential, then be aware, be alert to what the

    senses say is essential. This is the religious

    discipline. And wherever the senses say, "Here there is

    nothing essential," then stay there, don't run away

    from there; dig deep, and that is where you will find

    the essential.

  • This time the four stars of censorship mean: h e l l

  • SuddenlySally,

    thank you.

    Instead of doing good deeds, make a laughing meditation:

    Every morning upon waking, before opening your eyes, stretch like a cat. Stretch every fiber of your body. After three or four minutes, with eyes still closed, begin to laugh. For five minutes just laugh. At first you will be doing it, but soon the sound of your attempt will cause genuine laughter. Lose yourself in laughter. It may take several days before it really happens, for we are so unaccustomed to the phenomenon. But before long it will be spontaneous and will change the whole nature of your day.

  • O, Hans, I'm laughing

    cause it is your knowing

    I laugh so little and I like that you

    brought it forth.

    It almost captures me by surprise

    when it does come.

    You're so catching an interest of mine

    with a new way to begin.

    It'd be a good new beginning.

    I pay very little attention to most things

    and much, much attention to very little,

    I exhaust the small stuff

    and this will be something to enjoy

    bringing into my collection of the lovely

    out of ordinary

    found joy within their nearness.

    It might just work.

    Sleep tight

    and well

    with a dream head,

    for we're living in them, too.

    In the A.M. people might say,

    "The sunrise hesitated,

    as if it was in the know of a brand new day,

    a day it hadn't burst upon yet."

    Puck might slow to go,

    "It was a girl I'd not known whom she

    could wake to,

    because of her laughter

    laughing unexpected

    and first I needed to find a laughing soul

    to join her there in endeavors."

    I do so hope I am to wake

    life is a great interest.

  • that was a beautiful MSG to read Buddy. very nice.....thank you

    it describes many things in my life, and a MSG that I will always carry with me.

  • SuddenlySally,

    it is just like a lotus flower coming out of dirt and mud. But it is not dirt, and it is not mud. It is a total transformation of them. Between sex and love there is as much distance as there is between muddy water, mud, and a lotus flower. If you had not known it already you could not have imagined that this lotus has come out of ordinary mud. Impossible to conceive, to comprehend, because the lotus is such a transformed phenomenon. So different. Of some other world. It does not seem to be part of this earth. But it comes out of this earth.

  • sweetoty,

    the whole work is to bring you to some consciousness of your self, of your being. That´s what it is all abot: an effort to make you conscious, to help you to rise above your biology.

  • I'm listening.....

    and I do my further research, "how to" articles. I read an article last night.

    I also started meditating weeks ago. I'm realizing a lot of things about my self. wich is good.

  • Hans, what a beautiful image this little lotus come from the muddy ground.

    What a beauty in unexpected.

  • sweetoty,

    the true way is that of understanding your mind, not

    of dropping it. The true way is: sitting silently and

    watching your mind -- all its cunning ways, subtle

    ways, all its strategies -- just watch, just be a

    witness to your mind. And, slowly slowly, by witnessing

    it you will understand what games it has been playing

    with you. You stop it from one door, it comes from

    another door; you stop it from that door, it makes a

    third door -- and it goes on and on, ad nauseam.

  • SuddenlySally,

    the four stars of censorship meant: s e x.

    Love arises as a lotus.

    As science -- particularly destructive science --

    politics, money and money-oriented search,

    possessiveness, belong to the body and belong to s e x,

    so, art, poetry, music, painting, sculpture, belong to

    the layer of love. When your love is flowing,

    when you have come to know a certain EN RAPPORTness

    with a person, a certain oneness with a person,

    although only for moments -- that too is enough to

    change the whole life. If even for a single moment you

    have come to feel that two persons have dissolved and

    become one -- in s-ex two bodies dissolve and become

    one; in love two minds dissolve and become one -- if

    for a single moment you have known that oneness, your

    life wi]l become a poetry, your life will have a dance

    to it, your life will have a deep harmony and music in


  • That must be what I've tripped up on so much, for there's no physicality, no s-ex, no touch, but he's been 'within' me for years. Until reading your post, I didn't know if I knew the separation between love and s-ex. I know I know love now. I can write our joining, I can repaint him in tens of faces within a sleep, but I tripped up so much because I've not touched him, I may not even know what he looks of, for he could be green and not ever have really told me.

    Part of me will say, 'But it seriously matters!'

    and my heart goes chirping regardless, for it hasn't cared of anything, except what it does know and that is that it feels full and chirpy.

  • I spent too many years in a relationship, never had I been more lonely.

    It's funny how it can be more lonely with a just anybody and that was with the physicality, what dread then.

    Now that I'm on my own, my friend has been a good companion to me,

    and I'm less lonely, even without physical, because I've got me and he has mingled well inside, like dancing.

  • SuddenlySally,

    Mendel Kravitz is a fitness freak; he lifts weights

    and jogs five miles a day. One day, he is admiring his

    body in the mirror. He notices that he is really

    suntanned all over, except on his prick, so he decides

    to do something about it.

    He goes to the beach, undresses, and buries himself

    in the sand, except for his prick which he leaves

    sticking out.

    Two little old ladies are strolling along the beach,

    and one looks down and says, "There really is no

    justice in this world!"

    "What do you mean?" her friend asks.

    The first old lady says, "Look at that! When I was

    ten years old, I was afraid of it. When I was twenty

    years old, I was curious about it. When I was thirty, I

    enjoyed it. When I was forty, I asked for it. When I

    was fifty, I paid for it. When I was sixty, I prayed

    "And now that I'm eighty, the damn thing is growing

    all over wild!"

  • LOL! Too funny. There's no lack of what is growing wildly.

  • SuddenlySally,

    if a person is religious, the only proof of her being

    religious is her cheerfulness. Going to the church does

    not prove anything. Reading the Bible or Bhagavad Gita

    proves nothing. You can worship God and pray every day

    ritually; it means nothing unless your heart dances

    continuously, unless you create an aroma of

    cheerfulness within and without. Then whether you

    remember God or not, it does not matter. If you are

    cheerful, God remembers you. And that's what is really

    significant: not your remembering God, but God

    remembering you.

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