Hans, Im in need of some advice

  • sweetoty,

    why won't he just move on? because he thinks he would get too little in return.

    is he doing all this with bad intensions? yes.

    will seen him set me back from pain, moving on? no.

    buddy, love is the movement of the light out of your being.

    Awareness is the reverse movement, the backward

    movement of the light to the source again, returning to

    the source. This is what Jesus calls repentance -- not

    in the sense of repentance, but in the sense of

    returning to the source, coming

    back to yourself; the circle is complete. But the backward

    movement is possible only if you have moved forward.

    You have to go into love, you have to relate in order

    to come to yourself. It looks paradoxical.

  • thanks you Buddy.

    I feel like this man is walking with the devil! I made it clear to him that i want to leave this devestating part of my life in the past. that should alert him that he hurt someone and he should stop. But he wants to continue to hurt me.

    what I got from your story I can say I need to react this time around the way I should of the first time I met him. maybe that will end this chapter of my life.

  • sweetoty,

    it is the ego that feels good when somebody

    praises you and that feels bad when somebody disgraces

    you, insults you. You live through it, you judge your

    life through it, it is the way you relate to people.

    You say that you love somebody, because somehow he

    buttresses your ego. You say that you hate somebody,

    because somehow he displeases you, he disgraces you,

    his presence is humiliating. The way he talks, the

    things he says, are hurting to the ego. They don't

    nourish you, they starve you. You hate the person.

    Sometimes it happens that you have not even known the

    person, you have met him for the first time -- but

    immediately you feel that you hate the person because

    somehow his vibe is against your ego. The way he walks,

    the way he looks at you, the way he talks -- he is

    trying to have the upper hand. Maybe it is not

    conscious, but you feel that he is trying to prove that

    he is superior to you. Somehow he makes you feel

    inferior. You hate him. Whenever a person makes you

    feel superior you like him, you love him; you say that

    he is beautiful.

  • how can I relate that story to my life?

    I "think" I pet his ego, that's why his intrested in seen me ESP around his friends.

    Hans, clerify pls.

    so he has bad intensions, what are his intensions?

    Hey buddy that story about the rich mans body reminds me of how he uses a dog I gae his mom as an excuse to email me. His first email at 9 in the morning said " chanelly ( the dog) and I just want to say hello and wish you a great labor day weekend". I asked when's the last time he seen the dog, he said two weeks ago. I "LOL".

  • what ment is, does that pertain to why he wants me around?

    That's also a mental note for my self, I think I can come across as a snob and make role think I'm putting them down by the the way II behave. I see a patern.

    I hope your weekend went well Buddy, thanks again for your help. 😃

  • sweetoty,

    how can I relate that story to my life? go on your own way following your own light and not your ego, whether others praise you or criticize you for that it should not matter to you.

    what are his intensions? to deny the ongoing renewal of life.

    does that pertain to why he wants me around? no.

    buddy, a woman of art lives artfully, and

    lives not only artfully, but dies too with great art.

    Maybe that story about the Zen master´s body will remind you also.

    One Zen master was asking his disciples -- his time

    of death had come -- and he said, "Before I go I want

    to discover some unique way to die. You know me. I

    don't want any repeating, copying, being just a

    follower of somebody. Tell me, is there some way that I

    can die uniquely?"

    One man suggested, "Perhaps you can die sitting in a

    lotus posture?" But others said, "Many sages have died

    sitting in a lotus posture, so that is not new."

    Somebody said, "You can die standing." And they were

    talking as if it was just a playfulness -- it should be

    playfulness -- but one man objected. He said, "I know

    about a sage who died standing."

    Then somebody else suggested, "Then there is only one

    way. You stand on your head! Die standing on your head,

    I don't think anybody has done that before." The master

    said, "That seems to be good, so goodbye fellows." And

    he stood on his head, and died.

    Now the disciples were at a loss. They knew what to

    do with a dead body when the dead body was lying on the

    bed, but they had no precedents of a man standing on

    his head, and dead. "What should we do with him? And if

    he was so unique, the old fellow should have told us

    also what we should do afterwards."

    Somebody suggested, "His elder sister is also a great

    master. She is a nun, lives in the nearby monastery. It

    is better to call her because we may do something

    inappropriate, and that doesn't seem right to do

    something inappropriate to your own master when he is


    Somebody ran; and the sister, older than the man,

    came with great anger and she was shouting from the

    door, "He has been a nuisance all his life, never

    behaved the way people are expected to behave. But at

    least I never thought that in dying also he will be a

    nuisance. Where is he?" So the crowd gave way to her,

    and she told him, "Bokoju, you idiot! You have become

    enlightened, but you don't forget your mischievousness.

    Get down from this posture and lie down on the bed in a

    proper way."

    Bokoju had to; an elder sister cannot be disobeyed.

    The people could not believe it. They had checked in

    every way -- his breathing had gone, his heart had

    stopped. He came back and he lay down on the bed and he

    said to his sister, "Okay, you can go now, I will die

    in a proper way."

    The sister went away, and he died in a proper way.

    They again checked. It was exactly the same: no

    breathing, no heartbeat. The man must have been waiting

    at the fourth stage, knowing or watching from that

    depth what his disciples would do now. And seeing them

    in a great dilemma, he must have enjoyed it immensely.

    To die in such a beautiful way, as if you are

    playing, should be a simple thing for all those who

    have lived perfectly and totally. Bokoju made death

    also a beautiful experience, not only for himself but

    for others too.

  • lol Hans that story is actualy very funny to me!

    i can totaly relate to it. but since I live under my sisters roof at the moment, I have to do what keeps her at peace.

  • sweetoty,

    then watch the synchronicity of life.

  • Omgosh buddy!! something happen last night that fursure is ending all emails with my ex.

    On my itouch contact list I changed his name to "cheater lier alcoholic " I changed it long ago. I sent him an email on Tuesday backing out on seeing him. well long story shirt, I guess when o sent him the email on the subject line it said cheater lier alcoholic. I dident think that would come out!! on my end it just said his name. I made everything worse... I guess when you say I'm in a dream itts proably focused on seen him again or having having a rela with him again. reality, his gone. my instructers reality is that her husband is also going to be.

    As soon as I'm don't with school I plann to move out of this city, so I can mag my own life with out my sisters natural instinct to mother me.

    Hey buddy, when my ex sees comments about him been a lier cheater alcoholic, does he see it as beeing true or possible? I asked him

    before if he sees his drinking habbits as a problem. He sais no.

    if he cheated on me and has someone in his life right now, why can't he accept the changes between us too? Or did it not work out? I'm thinking about the story you sent me about the drunk man that ended up in a car making out with his wife that just got done having ---- with his friend. or was the girl my ex met wille with me a paid pro.? he does visit those mssg partlors alot ( I meen I'm not sure if it's happy ending) but he is Thai.

    wow! Im not sure where country you live in but I think it would be fun to talk about this over tea. this is becoming helariouse talking about my ex. BC I can not share this with ANYONE

  • sweetoty,

    when my ex sees comments about him been a lier cheater alcoholic, does he see it as beeing true or possible? neither nor.

    why can't he accept the changes between us too? because you give him support with clear and intense energy.

    Or did it not work out? No.

    was the girl my ex met wille with me a paid pro.? yes.

    I would love to talk with you over tea, but I am living in Germany.

    The innocent people are not interested in being on top; only those who are cunning come for that. Once they are on top, then they start dominating the whole thing, and the whole quality changes.

  • buddy, I feel depress today. i can't handle knowing about my ex anymore. I'm losing my self.

    I need to releace my ilusion for good. as it's been trying to do with me.

    Buddy I thank you for your help and kind words.

  • sweetoty,

    Buddy, you don’t need any messiah to take you to the kingdom of God, all you need is an inner search. Except you, nobody else can do it for you. You are responsible for losing your self; you have to be responsible for finding it.

  • very true... thank you 😃

  • Hi Hans,

    Can you please help?

    I'll try to shorten this as much as I can :-). I met this scorpio male through a mutual friend for a work project. My friend told me a little about him letting me know later that he had someone already in his life (my friend also wanted to hook something up personally). I thought nothing much about him when we spoke over the phone and when we met for a meeting for the project (however I did think he was extremely **** and attractive). Anyway as we began to work on the project, I found out more about him (found out we attended the same university, know a few of the same people; my sis-in-law's grandmom lived on the same street he currently lives on-3 houses down from his....). What struck me was that he did not seem to have much of anything for the girl he has. When I asked him if he had a girlfriend, his reply was "I am dating?!" and when I insisted on a "yes or no" answer, he said to be "safe" he will just say yes. I was a little surprised and he explained that she was on her way out because she does things to **** him off from time to time. There are other things he's said about her that surprises me. Since I've known him, he's never referred to her as his girlfriend. Beside her name on his phone he has in parentheses "she will NEVER tell the whole truth". Infact, the last time he brought her up, he said he does not know what to call what they have going on.

    Now when it comes to me, we started spending more time working and hanging together. I instantly noticed there's a mutual attraction to the point we'd cuddle, be affectionate towards each other, talk and laugh alot when we are together etc. This went on for 4months until one night we finally went beyond that (however, we didn't have ****. He actually stopped before we got that far-Thank God!!. But I believe that we both wanted to so bad and will probably do when put in that position again).The bomber was that the next day, he did mention that he was going to San Francisco and that the girl was going with him and he felt weird about it after what had happened the night before between us. I was not angry cause I figured this must have been planned prior to that night. The next time we met up, thankfully, the attraction was still there and we had fun hanging out. I need help cause I feel deep down he's the one (and it's very strong) but there's the issue of the girl and I don't want to be in a triangle. My friends and sister all say I need to find out what's the situation is with her and let him how I feel (in order to know if he is interested in me or not) when we get to hang out again. I am not a relationship expert but one thing I have been told and I do believe is that if a guy loves or at least cares about a girl, he would acknowledge that (and i don't see him doing that with her when she has brought into a conversation). My guy friends tell me about their relationships. Its either they are into the girls or not.

    PLS HELP me with some advice on this. What could be going on with him?

    PS: He's been pretty open with me in conversations. He seems to have fun when we hangout. Once I woke up at 4am and found a text from him (sent at 12:45am) saying "Just thinking; thanks for believing in me" (which I do and I told him I always will). If I have responded around that time, I probably would have gotten more on his thoughts/feelings.

    He's a typical scorpio will hear from him now and then he does not respond to a few of my texts. I have not seen him in about 3 weeks. I wanted to see him last weekend, he informed me that he would have liked to but had hurt himself (he sent me photos of his injury, he actually has surgery coming up). 2days ago, I responded to his text thanking him for lending his studio for a shoot we have coming up letting him know he's wonderful and I have not heard from him (which I know is typical)


    MY DOB: 7/26/79

    HIS DOB: 11/1/77

  • i really need advice. Im at my wits end.

    omg..these cancer men! My cancer guy and I had a fight. We didnt talk for a few days and then I texted him and said I wanted to get everything straightened out. He called me. When I brought up the question I wanted to know the answer to he FREAKED out. He got really defensive and started cursing and saying my question was stupid and that it was "whack" and that I was just trying to get cool points and look good for other people...omg. It was horrible. I couldnt believe he would talk to me that way. It hurt so bad! It was so bad that I told him to forget the whole damn thing and hung up in his face. I then texted him and said I would never ever forgive him for talking to me like that, our relationship was over, that he was a liar from the beginning, that he was turning into a mean and bitter person and if he didnt get his life together he was gonna end up with no one because he keeps pushing away the people he loves. I told him to lose my number because I was erasing him from my life. He called me about an hour after that, and I ignored his call and texted him to leave me alone. I know he's been having some stresses lately, and I think that may have something to do with how he reacted to me because he has NEVER spoken to me like that before, but i feel that its no excuse for treating someone you say you love in that way. He was very disrespectful of my feelings. Very. I feel like I should keep him out of my life. At least until he apologizes and even then it will take a while for me to trust him again. I just dont want to talk to him and I think even if I dont, if he's sincere he'll find a way to apologize. I just dont know what to think anymore.

  • ScorpioManSituation,

    Can you please help? Keep on working.

    PLS HELP me with some advice on this: be careful about expectations and demands of others, don´t follow them, stay in your own space and defend it.

    What could be going on with him? He could try to serve you with answers and with knowledge.

    PLEASE HELP ME!: you need all of your energy for your greatest hope, for you most important goal.

    MY DOB: 7/26/79: there is financial success, success in dealing with groups of people in some financial way is also indicated. Essentially this means a large sum of money and infatuation or obsession with money. It doesn't always mean that you will receive large sums of money. Sometimes it can merely mean a preoccupation with finances. However, when the ScorpioManSituation began around 07/26/2010, it could end on 09/16/2010.

    "Man is free." Just think a little bit about it.

  • Hello Hans,

    I am not sure I follow. I get some of the information you posted. But not really on the situation with the gentleman (His DOB 11/1/77). Can you enlighten me on it?

    Thank you!

  • In the last sentence "when the ScorpioManSituation began around 07/26/2010, it could end on 09/16/2010.... "Man is free."...... Do you mean the gentleman is free of his current situation with the girl in his life or in reference to me?

    Thank you!

  • piscestam,

    i really need advice: live out of yourself instead of taking the outside in.

    I just dont know what to think anymore: in the outside too many situations seem to oblige you.

    A real individual is always capable of losing

    herself, because she is so perfectly aware that she can

    bring herself together any moment. Only a person who is

    not really an individual is afraid of losing herself in

    in a group. She's always defensive because

    she knows that once she is lost, she will be lost; she will

    not be able to come back to her centre again. That fear

    becomes defensiveness.

  • Hello Hans,

    I am not sure I follow. I get some of the information you posted. But not really on the situation with the gentleman (His DOB 11/1/77). Can you enlighten me on it? In the last sentence "when the ScorpioManSituation began around 07/26/2010, it could end on 09/16/2010.... "Man is free."...... Do you mean the gentleman is or will be free of his current situation with the girl in his life or in reference to me?

    Thank you!

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