Hans, Im in need of some advice

  • SunCappyGirl


    I need some advice: do not suppress your energy any more.

    I would like to know why is it that I'm so afraid of people? Because you are afraid they could arouse your energy, then your spontaneity and liveliness could arise. But you are holding yourself imprisoned and other people could make you get out of your grave.

    Why am I afraid of crowded places? Because you are afraid of emotions and emotional attachments, you have to keep always a sufficient safe distance. Nobody should come too close to you.

    Don´t waste your life, enjoy it!

  • sweetoty,

    Im afraid of been hurt again by this man, but i wont be??? Yes.

    ****BUT, what if it dosent end up that way..? then you will give something in order to get something.

    You are free, even to catch hold of a donkey.

  • "Don't supress your energy any longer"... It's turning hard for me to see what I'm doing wrong. I'm not seeing the things I'm doing to myself. I am afraid of emotional attachments but I still can't see through everything. Many people tell me that I need to live my life but I put block after block in my way. I think my fear of people is deeply rooted in me. Every time I go out I'm afraid to be seen. Even when it's a big place I feel like I'm being surrounded. Like there's no place to hide. But hide from what? This is my biggest fear. I've got to get through it...

    Thank You Hans for your help.

    I really appreciate it since I've got no one around me that I can talk about this.

  • I believe you are both THINKING too much! Take it easy, let life roll, you will be fine. No stress.

  • lol yeah you're right. i should shut my brain out for a minute lol 😄

  • SunCappyGirl,

    But hide from what? From your own womanhood, your intuition, your receptivity.

    Progressive modesty continues to gain.

  • Ok 🙂 thank you Hans! I gotta search to do within 😉

  • Hans

    just to give you an updat on this monkey fiasco

    he sais his available on weekends. We agree on a date then he sais it needs to end early since he works on sunday. its confusing and my emotions are mixed. So i told him its best we dont meet.

    Hans im not going to bring this bull s h i t in to my new year. like you said, how grand can this be.

  • Hello to you, dear Hans.

    Just popping by with pie or something sweet

    and my kind thoughts.

    It's a good thing he's easily octopus with that many arms,

    and I could swim. Much appreciation to you.

  • SunCappyGirl,

    ... and don't be afraid! This will go,

    this will pass away. Because I can see deep love

    within you; that's why I am so certain it will pass

    away. There are people who don't have any love within

    them. Then it is very difficult to say to them that it

    will pass; they can live only through lies. If I see

    that there is no love and that once you start drifting

    away there will be no coming back, then

    I always say so. But for you it is worth

    going into the trouble. Love will come to a higher

    peak, to more clarity, more purity.


  • sweetoty,

    he should behave, and he should treat you in

    a more gentlemanly way. This is not right.

  • SuddenlySally.

    hello to you, dear Sally.

    In fact I do like pie and something sweet 😉

    If you are not

    self-conscious your life moves automatically. You do anything

    self-consciously and you will be in trouble.

    Much appreciation to you.

  • Thast right! 😃

    He has alwasy been that way. And i would put up with it! ( im freaken adorble and i put up with s h it)

    You know Hans, this is exactly the behavior that would make me go crazy wondering what HE GOES TO. not that i care to know now Hans (its actualy scary to know) but i use to wonder if its other girls, would he run home to watch "movies" take drugs Or if its true that he was just tired and went to bed. this is exactly what drove me NUTS!! about him.

    Hey Hans, i keep dreaming of things happening to me that begin with the letter "B"??

  • sweetoty,

    keep dreaming of things happening to me that begin with the letter "B"?? Stop dreaming and start living.

    One of the great mystics of the Upanishads has said

    'Satyameva jayate' -- truth is bound to win. Truth

    wins. There is no possibility of it failing, it is

    impossible. It is not in the nature of things for truth

    to fail. Truth is always victorious.

  • Dearest Hans,

    Thank you, to you

    and yes, I'm throwing out that badness

    that self-conscious.

    Today I built bridges,

    all day I bent to lift wood and nail it together,

    for I was determined to get to the other side

    no matter the challenges...

    I didn't bake this da m n pie just to keep it,

    I wanted to share, there's the joy

    eating pie with friends.

    To sit and eat and laugh at the clouds.

    Tomorrow I'm gonna go paint those (bridges)

    with whatever that makes me happiest.

  • Hanswolfgang, hello!!!

    Hi! How have you been? I hope everything is well with you.

    Me? Hmm let's see.. I was reflecting upon a few things. I believe I have grown a lot in many ways in just a few years. Emotionally? I always remember your advises and reflect upon then. I like figuring out the puzzle in them lol. Sometimes they come to mind months after you have given them to me. I really appriciate your help, thank you 🙂

    I believe I have grown emotionally since then.

    Regarding "love" I still think of someone who's very dear to me. This person came for a purpose into my life just like everyone else in it. Letting go is a hard lesson in life for sure lol. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing concerning "love".

    Every time I think about this I remember your advice. Recently I've been seeing the number 10:10, 11:01, 10:11, 1:01, 1:10 anything with 1 and 0 on the clock. Is there somethin I should know? A messege for me?

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