Hans, Im in need of some advice

  • You say these things and my heart just understands.

    I know the one thing I grasped the most from years

    spent in religion, was not how many terrible things

    I've done or was to do, but it was to nurture spirit

    and by nurturing those fruits, I felt full more than any thing

    to be gained from fearing my mess, if there was to gain,

    it is in spirit not fear and my mess was just an expected.

    I'm gonna keep to eating fruit for as long as I can remember to.

    Thanks muchly, Hans, you with a fruit basket

    bringing for company, I quite likes it.

  • SuddenlySally,

    yes, I am in fond of fruit baskets.

    Berkowitz met a beautiful brunette in Bermuda and

    tried to get her to fly home with him to New York.

    "Come with me tonight and I'll buy you a mink coat,"

    propositioned Berkowitz.

    "I've got two minks hanging in my closet."

    "A Buick convertible?"

    "And what would I do with my Cadillac?"

    "All right, I'll give you a stunning diamond


    She displayed the gems on her wrist: "Already have

    one. However, I'd be willing to consider a sizeable

    chunk of cash."

    "Sorry," said Berkowitz, "that's the one thing I

    can't get wholesale!"

  • Yes, and really she has everything she needs.

    He's a man of words and guess I'm hooked up

    on reading him. I see him as a big literary,

    I think Hemingway and Miller, those giants of words.

    But, can't buy me diamonds, I'm not like all the rest,

    just get me a sailor to take me sailing fast.

    Maybe, he's a farmer who plants seeds.

    You reminded me, when you wrote that, of my past relation,

    and it was wholesale and I just wanted sentimental

    or a visit to my dying family's sick bed, not to be

    thought nutty in a sad way, I wanted to see her dance.

  • And not to blame him,

    just an awareness of what

    to move away from,

    he was innocent

    and I too insecure.

    A good man

    for some in need lady,

    I'm sure.

  • Hello Hans, Can I also please be included in your readings? My DOB is 27/10/54 and my husband 12/10/66 - ONLY truth will do please

    Thank you


  • SuddenlySally,

    that's what you are here for: to give yourself a new

    language -- of expression, of creativity, of

    transforming your energies from the lower to the

    higher, from the baser metal into gold. And you need it

    immensely more than anybody else.

  • chappies,

    Can I also please be included in your readings? You have completed the separation.

    My DOB is 27/10/54: you have "power in love" and you have to exercise discrimination and responsibility in its use. Both karma cards of the Eight of Hearts are sevens. You will see almost immediate results when you misuse your power with others. With wisdom and spiritual awareness you can rise to great heights in sharing your love and healing power with others. Operating out of your fear, you are the dominator of those you love and seek to manipulate others through guilt and withholding of affection and acknowledgment. You have high ideals about love and relationships, sometimes these ideals are too high to ever be met. You have a great mind, make an excellent teacher or you can excel in any occupation where a good mind will make a difference. You have to work hard for the money you make, but it can be made and you need not worry about it. With all the power at your command, there is little you cannot do, as long as it is not motivated by fear.

    ONLY truth will do please: you are keeping distance because you are mistrustful.

    Chappies, when action is without any conflict you are totally

    in it, wholly in it; then the action is holy, it leaves

    no trace on you. When it is over it is over: you are

    cleanly out of it, absolutely out of it. You don't look

    back, it leaves no psychological memory. You don't

    think about it. Not that you cannot remember it: you

    can remember it but the memory is not loaded, you are

    neither for it or against it. You don't feel any

    repentance for why you did it, you don't feel any

    elation about how beautifully you did it. There is no

    repentance, no elation, there is no load on it, no

    psychological memory is created.

    Memory is there but that is just mechanical. If it is

    needed you can remember it but your remembrance will

    not have any impact on your emotions. It is apart; it

    does not hang around you, it does not cloud your mind.

  • Hans, I'm looking forward to up, up

    and up that ladder, grateful to be able.

    I've made great strides, but always relieved

    there's more to keep going up to.

    Much appreciation for you from me.

    One is silver and the other gold.

  • SuddenlySally,

    never ask for sympathy. Ask for understanding, but

    never ask for sympathy. Otherwise, sympathy can be such

    a good pay-off that you would like to remain miserable.

    Then you have some investment in your misery. If you

    are no more miserable, people won't sympathize with

    you. Have you watched? -- nobody sympathizes with a

    happy woman. It is something absolutely absurd. People

    should sympathize with the happy woman, but nobody

    sympathizes. In fact, people feel antagonistic to a

    happy woman. In fact, to be happy is very dangerous. To

    be happy, and express your happiness, you are putting

    yourself in very great danger -- everybody will be your

    enemy, because everybody will feel, "How come I am

    unhappy and you have become happy? Impossible! This

    cannot be allowed. This is too much."

  • Oh! I change moods like the moon changes phases,

    or more often, prolly. lol.

    I do know what you mean, though.

    Just this morning I was the maddening dragon,

    by afternoon I was a sparrow.

  • SuddenlySally,

    you may be feeling a sort of centring if you

    drop out of your so-called surrenders.

    Be ready to learn, be ready to receive.

  • I'm usually ready to learn,

    what sort of surrendering?

    I have all sorts popping to mind,

    not sure which to narrow down to.

    Do you mean, because I often let others

    come out the wiser, stronger, more

    and etc.?

    It's the most prominent coming to mind,

    but it could be my lack of putting my 'foot' down,

    which I wish I could, this causes me great pangs

    very often, for I hate when I give in,

    I really don't ever want to give in, lol.

    Thanks u, Hans.

    Going to sleep thinking on it.

  • SuddenlySally,

    what sort of surrendering? having strength and openness, that sort of.

    Do you mean, because I often let others

    come out the wiser, stronger, more

    and etc.? No.

    But now, the older is simply out of date; the younger, the more up-to-date, is more correct, closer to the truth.

  • I will meet it there

    and greet,

    I'll embrace openness easily

    with those I do like

    and know they accept,

    it's the rest of the people

    I withhold.

    Gonna learn how.

    Thanks u, from me.

  • SuddenlySally,

    blessed are the meek for theirs is the kingdom of God.

  • I try, since childhood, to remember these things, for them to be applied and therefore be of who I am. I don't always succeed, especially if my selfish nature rules for the moment when my meekness is more the need, or the right. My apologies on the delay, I just wanted to think on it. It took me way back to childhood and recollecting building my interior.

    My thank yous, Hans.

    Also I've been studying a psychosis test for being described a INFP. Trying to figure in all these descriptions of myself, being Cancerain, Dragon, a sag moon, the influences of my name, superstitions and lines in my palm, now the INFP, then trying to weave it all together and decide if it's descriptive enough of me,

    do I fit,

    can I fit somewhere.

    Maybe it's really to be as simple as you say

    and not bully myself too much,

    just let go.

  • Oh, and to bring it in a circle, kind of...

    I like him because I do fit in somehow in his company,

    he seems to accept me, doesn't seem turned off by my flighty nature

    and oddities, or over doings, strange imaginings and creating a world

    I better like within my head.

    I don't know what my expectations are,

    I'm not very good at making them, I just sort of move with a flow

    and that means I don't know that he does like me in return

    because I don't demand that I know or leave because I don't.

  • SuddenlySally,

    but by and by the weirdness will disappear. By and by, you will become capable of moving from your periphery to your center and from your center to your periphery very smoothly, just as you walk into your house and out of your house. You don’t create any dichotomy. You don’t say, “I am outside the house so how can I go inside the house?” You don’t say, “I am inside the house so how can I come outside the house?” It is sunny outside, it is warm, pleasant – you sit outside in the garden. Then it becomes hotter and hotter, and you start perspiring. Now it is no longer pleasant, it is becoming uncomfortable. You simply get up and move inside the house. There it is cool. There it is not uncomfortable. Now, there it is pleasant. You go on moving in and out.

  • That's a great visual to try to focus on keeping it less complicated, I'm just gonna walk out, I'm ready to walk in and it doesn't seem so large like this. I don't know how to do it yet, I only know when I'm in the garden and when I'm in the house. I'm capable though, I've been working on acknowledging when in dream state during sleep, so I can function to actually accomplish possibly healing or dream walking, etc. while asleep.

    As to your advice on waking up laughing and stretching out as a cat, I'm fascinated over my awareness of it in the first brief moments on waking, how I am naturally just doing it, then I fully wake and feel surprised I'd done it. Love life's little tricks and mysteries.

  • Dear Hans,

    I feel in me to thank you and as I still read back and contemplate words you have said and of those to others who post. I see that change is what we make of it. That true life does go on and pass and that we have to enjoy it. I find myself thinking more. I find myself listening more I find myself wondering more. It is strange how one meaning myself can get so caught up in thinking of what ifs and whys and hows when one should just let it be. I recently have had surgery and my 5oth birthday coincide made me think about life maybe everyone does that. I dont know where i am going but I think i am beginning only now to understand what love is Im not guaranteed happiness but then I think that you have wise words I think i will take paths and then learn from each one and try each day to be a better person I know I will stumble and I will fall but it is the getting back up that matters the most and it is nice to tell someone to ask and like you said the answer is in me a borrowed answer is not me. thanks for helping me see and ask questions kindest regards, kim

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