Hans, Im in need of some advice

  • No dout in my mind that your advice have greatly helped me. I deff needed your help to understand many things going around me that I couldent see on my own BC my spirit was hurt.

    you are not a fool!

    This man dosent want me in his life. I meen, he may want me to keep him posted on my progress in nursing school but he won't tell me anything about his new life. I just know he lives further away from me and he dosent have the job he wanted.

    Thanks as always Buddy Hans

  • sweetoty,


    your physiology has its own program, which is not under

    your mind's control. It goes on functioning according

    to its own program.

    You may have this idea in your head, but it will never reach to your blood cells,

    to your bones, to your stomach. There is no

    communication. There is no line of communication

    between you and your physiology. It functions on its

    own, it is autonomous.

  • Physiology is important because it is the foundation upon which we build our knowledge of what "life" is, how to treat disease, and how to cope with stresses imposed upon our bodies by new environments.

    What am i not getting? what is it that I'm not understanding?

    Am i not connected with reality? Am I not able to connect with logic of what I'm feeling, with what is relay going on?

    What am i missing Hans?

  • Hans, Once again thank-you for your help. What do you mean 4yrs and conclusion???? It hasnt been 4yrs we've been apart. And use my intelligence?? With the whole picture? Intelligence- when its been off again on again, Now he tells me its over and he wants a Divorce and is chasing"J" like a dog in heat. Even if Iv heard just how beautiful and young she is.... Im thankful she has moved out of state where she came from and feel she will not move back. That is why I asked if they were more than friends and if you saw us getting back together for good. I didnt want to tell you much, cause I wanted to hear what you picked up on. Its good to know we will get back together, but what is this 08 of July? Next year? cathi56

  • oh I think I get it.....

    I know what is going on, but my heart is not understanding it.

    Is that true?

  • sweetoty,

    What am i not getting? The influence of drinking too much.

    what is it that I'm not understanding? the influence of hormones, of sexuality.

    Am i not connected with reality? No.

    Am I not able to connect with logic of what I'm feeling, with what is relay going on? Yes.

    What am i missing Hans? Hearing your inner voice.

    buddy, if you cannot cope with many social situations you find yourself in, that does not mean that you need the help of a psychiatrist.

  • cathi56,

    What do you mean 4yrs and conclusion???? You have to reveal your innermost.

    And use my intelligence?? No.

    With the whole picture? No.

    what is this 08 of July? As the masses move on, you see a better path and return alone.

    Next year? Yes.

    cathi56, Mulla Nasruddin was

    coming home. The sun had set. There was still some

    light, but it was getting darker every moment. He was

    passing by the side of the graveyard when he saw far

    away a few people coming on horses. He could make out

    that they had swords. He immediately concluded that

    there was danger: "It seems my last moment has come."

    So he jumped over the wall of the graveyard and there

    was a fresh grave dug. To avoid those dangers that were

    coming, he lay down in the grave, closed his eyes,

    stopped his breathing.

    Those people had seen this fellow. And they saw also

    that he jumped over the wall. And they thought, "It

    seems to be a thief or something."

    It was a marriage party. And in many places in the

    East -- particularly Mohammedan countries -- when

    people go to a marriage party, they go on their horses

    with their swords,

    because in the

    beginning the marriage party was really a party of

    enemies, who were going to force some family at the

    point of a sword to give their daughter to their son.

    It was not a friendly affair. Marriage was in the

    beginning an invention. It was a question of

    conquering, forcing a certain family, whether they were

    willing or not ... It was a power struggle. It must

    have been thousands of years ago, but since then the

    marriage party still carries swords.

    So that was a marriage party. But Mulla thought, "So

    many swords, there is danger."

    And those people thought, "This man seems to be some

    thief, or what? Suddenly, as he saw us, he jumped over

    the wall." So they all came, jumped over the wall and

    looked all around -- "Where has that man disappeared?"

    Mulla was looking at them silently. Because one

    cannot continue to stop one's breathing, once in a

    while he was breathing and then watching, to see what

    finally happens.

    Finally they came all around the grave and they saw

    this is not the way a man is buried. He is uncovered,

    fully dressed, has his shoes on, even his umbrella with

    him. They have never seen a dead body carrying an

    umbrella, shoes, and then lying in this -- the cold

    night is coming ... And who are the people who have

    left the body uncovered?

    And Mohammedans don't make graves like Christians,

    their graves are just pure mud. They just pour the mud

    on top of it, that's enough. They are poor people. They

    cannot manage to have marble -- at the most a small

    stone on which they put the name of the person, that's


    But what kind of thing is this? And when they looked

    close by, they saw that he was breathing also once in a

    while. And when they were all surrounding him silently,

    Mulla opened one eye. They could not believe what kind

    of fellow he is, and they were very angry.

    They asked him, "Why are you here?"

    Mulla said, "I can ask the same question to you. Why

    are you here? And perhaps you don't know the answer. So

    I will answer from both sides: I am here because of

    you! And you are here because of me!"

  • sweetoty,

    Is that true? No.

    Rabindranath Tagore has written: "Whenever I see a

    new child born, I look at the sky and I thank him,

    because the new child is a proof that God still

    believes in man. Otherwise he would have stopped

    creating. We have betrayed him, but he still hopes. His

    hope for us seems to be absolute. We cannot change his

    hope; whatsoever we do, our doing remains irrelevant."

    Existence still hopes that woman will arrive, that woman

    will be able to surpass her dreams, her sleep, that woman

    will be able to become conscious. Existence still hopes

    -- that's why it goes on creating you.

  • aaahhhh....I see.

    he thinks he can use me. That's why he plays nice guy.

    Sad for him. in his rate, he won't be holding on to his success for long. He found out about him steelin mess for street profit. sexual herrasment case you confirmed. cheats cheats cheats. have you herd of those case when patients is under anesthesia they wakes up with a MD on top of her?Thats what his capable of. He did it to me. He gave me meds for my nausia through IV after a hang over. it almost became routine/normal with him. I kind of came out and he was on top of me. But I couldent completly wake up from it. I felt too tired. I rememberd about it when I woke up , I asked him about it. He said "you knew about it". I talked to a officer friend of mine. He told me what I can do about it also about the stolen meds. But I'm affraid. I think with time, I can warn his new employee about his sticky fingers.

    Thank you Buddy Hans. I'm going to invole my self with my chrch more, I'm sure that will help in jumping on the right path to self love and happyness.

    Love and hugs=)

  • omyyy. my gramure is so off. for one, I ment to say; I found out he stoled meds for street profit wille he was an anesthesia resident. always had meds IV's to recover a hang over.

    Buddy Hans, is it safe to report him months from now about his sticky fingers? or should I let it all go and focus on my self?

    I'm sure you can see what he has and done with it before. I also would find little viles of kenelog in his restroom, ewww I don't want to think about why he used that.

  • Lol Buddy Hans your going to hate me.

    I dident see the very last MSG you sent me.

    i thinks safe to assume I'm the one with hopes. But eeewww no no. mind body soul. present future wants him OUT. ewww emagin. let's not.

    omgosh I need to get my thoughts together to make better sence of everything plus what I say to you.

    Buddy Hans if you need a break from me. tell me, cuts okay. But I will come back to you. qhen I'm closer to the rainbow.

  • sweetoty,

    is it safe to report him months from now about his sticky fingers? no.

    or should I let it all go and focus on my self? yes.

    Buddy, when this civilization is destroyed, people may think

    it was a natural calamity. It is not. We have created


  • okay Buddy I will.

    I think it's time to stop thinking about him.

    Now I just feel the brusing of the past.

    That's I get. all the many bad choices I Made in the past led me to this horrible situation. It's karma and the universe forse me to learn the right way the hard way. i just hope there is a happy ending. I moved to this boring city I hate and I tell my self things will be diffrent if all goes well with school. As far as dating again. I'm very scared. At the same time I totaly feel this whole that I bene trying to fill. But I shake of fear. Time heals all. I will be fine. For now I need to keep my head down in my books.

    god speed

  • sweetoty,

    man can become a pearl, a precious pearl, but that is

    only a possibility. One can miss it too, and

    ninety-nine point nine percent of people miss it. They

    remain simply dewdrops; they never become pearls

    because they never become crystallized enough. They

    never become centered enough, they never become alert,

    aware enough, to pass through the transformation.

  • My chances are low. But I have a chance.

    Any further advice?

  • Sorry Hans, I dont understand what your trying to tell me?????? You never said if they were more than friends, if we would get a Divorce? cathi56

  • sweetoty,

    Any further advice? Do not hate your own intentions.

    Lieh Tzu reports a story, that in his town once it

    happened: the richest man of the town was crossing the

    river and the river was in flood. And there arose a

    great storm and just in midstream the boat overturned.

    Somehow the boatman escaped, but he couldn't save the

    rich man. The rich man was drowned. A great search was


    One fisherman found the body -- the dead body -- but

    he asked a fantastic price for it and would not give it

    up for less. The family was not willing to give so much

    just for a dead body so they went to a logician, a

    lawyer, a legal adviser, to ask what to do. Could

    something legally be done?

    The lawyer said, "You don't be worried. First give me

    my fee and then I will show you the way." So the lawyer

    took his fee and then said, "Hold on. He cannot sell

    the dead body to anybody else; he will have to yield,

    because nobody will purchase that body -- so you just

    hold on."

    Two, three days passed. The family followed the

    advice. The fisherman became worried because now the

    body was stinking, and he started feeling that it was

    better now to yield and accept whatsoever they gave. It

    had become a problem, nobody else would purchase the

    body -- he also felt it. So how could he bargain? But

    before deciding anything, he also went to the legal

    adviser -- the same man.

    He said, "First give me the fee and I will give you

    the advice." He took his fee and said, "Hold on! The

    family cannot purchase the body from anywhere else --

    they will have to yield."

    Logic is a whore, a prostitute. It can be for, it can

    be against. It belongs to nobody.

  • cathi56,

    what your trying to tell me?????? be the emperor of your life.

    if they were more than friends: no.

    if we would get a Divorce? no.

    cathi56, there are two types of persons: one who cannot feel

    any affinity with negativity and the other who cannot

    feel any affinity with the positive. You are the

    negative type. You cannot feel affinity with the

    positive, you feel affinity with the negative. You use

    all negative terms.

  • I just would like to say hello Buddy 😃

    I read one of your MSG stories to one of my instructers at school. She was very intriged by your philosophy. It's the one about Logic ( the rich mans body) I shared your MSG with her BC before I shared with her, she said something that I felt like she interpreted your MSG to me. It's was wierd I felt like everything connected together, like she was "ment" to say that to me. We were talking about her husband that has cancer.

    Anyhow, I hope your day is going well. I hope you get this MSG.

  • sweetoty,

    thank you for sharing.

    But remember Buddy, she is just dreaming and so are you.

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