The One For Me

  • I am a Pisces (female). My boyfriend is a Pisces. I love him so much but right now we are currently separated. He lives in one state I live in another. I know it's possible that he may cheat, but the question is... Will our relationship last? I believe he is the one for me. I'm deeply in love with him but is he deeply in love with me? Are our signs even compatible with one another? Just a serious question I must know the answer 2...

  • Whether or not you are compatible is based on so much more than just your sun signs. Have you tried doing a compatibility profile from this site? If you did, and still feel you do not have enough information, try consulting a professional astrologer.

    As for your question about two Pisces getting along. Yes, it is a possibility. However, once again, there is SO much more than the sun signs to consider.

  • Hi, I would pray that things go along well. I hope that there is honesty in the relationship. I don't know what the reasons are for living in separate states. I would imagine it's necessary. You might want to ask yourself the same questions and pray about it asking for strength. Distance can make the heart grow fonder--if meant to be.

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