Perfect guy driving me nuts

  • Hello... Hope someone has time/will to help me a little with this.

    I went on a business trip recently to LA (from London) and accidentally happened to meet a guy who is everything I ever looked for in my man so when I say perfect I mean he is perfect FOR ME. I've never met anyone like him and never felt such genuine interest in another person (definitely not just lust).

    Considering we didn't have a lot of time together and we live on different continents (although i'm not opposed to relocating), I don't know what to think at this stage and it's driving me crazy.

    I'd grately appreciate any insight you could give me on this. If it helps any, my bday is 7th Aug 1981 and his is 15th June 1977. THANK YOU SO MUCH from a woman in love:)

    Peace and love x

  • HellBells,

    I feel thier is defintely a strong connection between you two..

    I keep hearing these exact words aloud in my head :DIG DEEPER, DIG DEEPER, DIG DEEPER.

    You guys have alot of the same tendencies when dealing with relationships

    lol, Its almost funny, i feel like if a relationship does develope here it would

    be like fireworks, because you too are'nt opposite; I even feel you guys could be like brothers and sisters from different mothers because your very much alike in your personalities.

    You'll understand eachother well soon.. But its more to it than you think..

    and thats for you to figure out . DIG DEEPER.

    Best Wishes.

  • Thanks so much.... that's exactly what I feel - we're so similar. He's possibly the only man who I felt that I was receiving as much as I was giving with - in terms of warmth and emotion. I hope you are right. I'm not giving up in any case. I'm just slightly worried because he's very succesful and handsome and only 33 - not sure he's ready for commitment. But I'm only speculating here... Hopefully will find out soon enough. Thank you xx

  • No he's not ready for committment. But this meeting between you two is not about that

    Its about a much deeper purpose, This is for you to not anticipate but just expect.

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