CharmedWitchBente.........May I have a reading please?

  • Leonessa!

    I could not agree with you more!!! It is really sad that so many people see fit to jump on my back, when actually my questions were not out of line.!!

    You are wise, and very kind to give me your advice!! I Truly thank you!!

    I don't know who sunny woman is, but I will point out that I did not ask for a reading from her so I don't know what the deal is!!!


  • Lildophin

    I just had to jump on this thread because several readers here including the ones you did not asked for have done everything in their power to answer you. their answers were clear as a bell, and you just refused to hear the bell.

    let me slam the bell on top of your head.

    so, instead of giving you a story.. I just gave you the answer in 2 simple lines, and you are still not satisfied.

    you are very ungrateful, spoiled, and delusional. you have upset many readers here, and I doubt if you will ever get help from here again.

    but your friend Leonessa is in serious need of a SLAP from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this one is especially for Leonessa! SLAP SLAP SLAP

    the answers are the same, no changing to satisfy you.

    I answered you lildolphin, and I gave you a straight up answer, no maybes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still in search of the answers though..........I can see that.. still searching

    Does he call..NO! second time I answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we together in the future??NO again second time I answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he is not going to call, how can you be together in the future?????????????????


  • Well said mssunny.

    all replies she got ONLY bc i asked my fellow reader N friends to help me help her. Now i REGRET DEEPLY n UTTERLY i asked them to help me help her. My empathic sense of her never being satisfied NOMATTER how MANY she asked stands CRYSTAL CLEAR.

    sad indeed.

  • Dear Lildolhin

    Thank you so much for taking the time to 'fill in the details' of your life; you certainly are a 'doer' and not a 'wisher'. You also possess a whole host of managerial work-skills - why not go back to college and take a management diploma/degree? IIt is a great way to avert the 'empty nest' syndrome that you may suffer in a couple of years'time. (Most of us do something similar)Good luck

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  • watergirl

    I think your reading was very good and spot on. in my opinion you said it best.

    sometimes a reader has to be very blunt to get the message across.

    I do find these boards draw a lot of females that are very unhappy with their current life, and some are willing to listen. It does not mean they are taking your advice seriously. I have learned that the majority of people who seek out a reader do not always take your advice. they keep doing the same thing over and over.

    insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

    and readers here have to be careful of calling it a reading in the form of predictions because some are not happy with the answers and then it's called advice.



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  • Watergirl18 I look forward to watching you grow and grow and participate are coming from a good place and a clear heart!

    Your analogy reminded me of something I was just talking with a friend about, about another friends we care about. I used another water analogy.

    Lifeguards are trained that when you are trying to save a drowning person and they struggle and fight being saved so much--this often happens out of their FEAR--

    that you have a choice:

    you can either let them go if they are dragging you down into dange--thereby letting them sink or swim on their own, knowing they may drown


    you choose to knock them out--unconscious, they no longer endanger your life

    In my friend's situation--I'd been there so much that I was able to call in other lifeguards...RELIEF!

    When we're "on duty" too long & we're tired..that os when the relief lifeguards come in. I am grateful in my own personal situation--I have that relief--and now it's their turn & I can go tend to what I need to tend to. This does not mean my friend in need has stopped calling for me even though the relief lifeguards have taken over:-( It means I KNOW ther relief is able and capable & I can tend to my own business.

    CWB called in RELIEF. The relief guards acame in and found the same dilemma.

    There are so many people struggle to swin in our presently turbulent waters--that our readers--our lifeguards--are overwhelmed--& have to choose who they will best be able to help--

    as you begin to read more for others..remember this lesson

    It will make the difference for your own well-being--and then you will be able to stay strong & help others.


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  • watergirl18

    is that spunky artist hanging over your shoulder? You speak like a poet! Thanks for interjecting your sweet happy vibes here. HAPPY THOUGHTS! Thanks for the spare room invite---tempting---like most hard working Goddesses I feel like running away some days. Sometimes my life is one big circus and I have no idea why I've been elected ring leader. Actualy it comes with Goddess territory so no one to blame but my big perfectionist self. STILL the thought of running away for a day or two with no responsability at all! I wanted to ask you about your card reading---have you always had a feel for it--did you learn from good books? I've always been a self learner and lucky like that to be able to absorb a good book. It seems when ever I'm really into something new spirit brings the info to me as well--suddenly answers pop up as needed. Seeing you have such a spunky talented guide I was wondering if it comes like that for you? Do you dabble in the arts? I get that feeling as well that you are multitalented in the arts though you think you just dabble.

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  • Ms. Sunny,

    don't know why you want to slap me or anyone. I just gave an alternate point of view.

    You could just ignore me, like everyone else on the thread. Or you could just stop reading

    the thread if it irritates you. But hey if it makes you feel good to send me psychic slaps, slap

    away! Not a very good use of your gift though.

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  • I saw her as being attached to Paris and New York--but a lot of artists are and she did travel a lot. You are very intuitive. We have a lot in comman--I've been deep in renovation and am very artistic in the house. Do a lot of tile work and been told as well how amazing my work is. When I do a room I really aproach it like a work of art and consider the way the vibes feel as well as the energy. I love the challange of doing something more artfull than the books--of course half way through I'm thinking oh my what have I gotten into! Sometimes my projects take so long because I have to stop for a bit from the frustration! I'm in the bathroom now--tiled the floor and was told it looks like a Picaso. I'm also doing the vanity top to match and redoing the closet as feng shui says it's my marriage corner so I'm going for extra effort curious to see if it does make a difference--not that my marriage is troubled but maybe it could use a bit more MOJO! I'm also short on cash most of the time so I'm such a bargain shopper and really dig for the bargains without sacrificing end result--I can be very resourceful and thank God I have a shopping fairy. Your guide I see her as possibly of Spanish decent, she is thin--long limbs--long artistic fingers--long full dark hair full lips but pale skin so I think her parents were mixed. You are very intuitive and hear her well as I pick up both Paris and Spain. I pick up she did not get much time with her father--a saddness she always carried--she shows me he was very handsome--graceful and a ladies man. When they were together she felt her best and he made her feel she was the world but then he would disapear and not send a word. But she says that's what fueled her art. She shows me the artwork of Frieda--says she loved that bold poetic expression--yet she found her style more comparable to the French impressionists---used contrasting bold colors to make her statement. She says she was loved but not close to her mother--they were too different. They did have money and she didn't have to really work and she loved the simple life--she laughs how she could pick up one suitcase and travel anywhere. The men who promised her a home left her bored and the ones who encouraged and acepted her adventures broke her heart--like her father she says. I asked about the name and she says you heard right and actually she used both---says her mother was not thrilled at the name but her father sold her as it was his choice--he could charm a snake she says and how fitting her mother held onto hope because she was captured by him as well but never could keep him for long--her family considered him a bad choice and your spirit says this family divide also fueled her need at an early age to travel. I am a writer so I picked up your writing talent---I think you are just now discovering your gifts! It has been nice talking to you--I usually do not get too personal with my posts and just share my psychic gift and my healing energy when spirit asks. Now and then I do enjoy the extra bright energy that comes off a special few I meet here. Makes up for a lot of the pain and fear that fills these posts at times. I think you will be connecting with your guide more and more now that you've achnowledged her presence. Your life is about to get a lot more artfully interesting I think! Follow your bliss. I'm headed to work on my bath some more--I've been in over my head all week but it's just know all pulling together. Blessings. Oh and the temperance card was definetly a good one for this morning on many levels! Hope a lot of people get that message AND you are welcome to read MY cards any time. Someone has taught you well and how nurturing for them to recognize your gift!

  • OH PS--it is good to follow that self-reliance voice when presented---years ago I dragged my feet at first but in the end it spells FREEDOM and it's why I mostly never feel the need to ask for a read. Mostly, it comes on its own or I read my own cards. Spirit really can be trusted to come through the mouth of strangers unawares---angelic messengers just the same--I bet you are seeing that divine mystery yourself. How--so true that the universe does provide all we need.

  • don't know if it might mean something but I am definitely drawn to the art of Frida myself, as well as her style(of dress) and as far as I know I have no ties to mexico at all

  • This IS the thread that I started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, I did not jump in on a thread!!

    If you guys actually read the responses to my questions, the actual QUSTIONES THAT I asked are NOT answered!!!

    Anyone reading the responses can see that!! (Well, almost anyone!!!!)

    I did explain the situation, and I have ALSO explained that my husband and the Cancer guy and me were all three TOGETHER all three nights. There was not question that either of the men never knew about the other one. My husband was present while I danced with this man, and the Cancer man knew that I was married, obviously, because my husband was THERE the whole time!!!

    I do love how everyone is so eager to jump on my back, it is a real testament here!!! Back is sore!!

    And all because someone got their knickers in a knot because they said I was CHEATING!! Which is hilarious, because most women do not take their husbands WITH them to cheat!!!

    Any thoughts were in my head, and I am SURE that I am the only woman on earth that has ever entertained thoughts of another man in her head!!!


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