CharmedWitchBente.........May I have a reading please?

  • You have the best of the best here giving you the same advice. You need to pay attention to what they are telling you.

    Find the happiness within yourself and what ever is supposed to happen between you and this man will happen. If it was meant to be, it will be. However, by not addressing that which you need to address, it would be you moving into the same situation with a different man. Go within....listen to what your intuition is telling you.

    Hope you find the peace that you are looking for.

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  • Watergirl18

    Excellent card reading! A good connection with spirit---you really got the validation to echo all the advice that's been given. Great job watergirl18--bet you get card readings a plenty after this! Some day I must learn that gift--although I can read cards with a psychic intuition I admire all those who really know the craft. For myself I use Doreen Virtues Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards. You have such a generouse kind heart. I keep picking up an Artist around you--a very strong spirit influance. This spirit was a very interesting outspoken painter and lived an outrages life for her time--she is close to you and is the one who has you speak up in situations you would be shy with. Despite her wild side there was something very childlike--she shares your soft heart and she was not lucky in love on this side. Men were afraid of her outspoken independence and when she attracted the bolder strong men they trampled her sensitive heart--there is a connection to you with this very subject and she guides you. She is showing me a smiling girl on a very fancy merrygoround---lots of gold embeleshment--she is so happy. Not sure why but she wanted me to tell you this. Blessings.

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  • WOW! The first time?!! you definetly have the gift and no wonder a message came through for you--you gave faithfuly and you received! Such is the life of healers. Mystery and leap of faith. I can see now why your guiding spirit was so insistent on showing how happy proud she is of you and I'm glad I passed it along even though I had no idea why. She is saying that despite the vulnerable aspect never give up that simple childs joyful heart---ride the merrygoround with childlike abandon as it truelly is a most golden thing and closer to God. Trust yourself---you are very gifted!

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  • OK. Here is the deal. If I had posted my story and left out the part that I was married, I would have received several paragraphs of what would happen in the future for me and this Cancer Man. I have read hundreds of posts, most of them about relationships and people wanting to know, does he call, are we together again, and, they receive an answer.

    If any one of you go back and read what I wrote, and then read the response, you will see that those specific questions have not been answered for me!! I do not understand why they werent for me, but same questions always answered for others!!!

    If Anyone else had asked these simple questions, they would have been answered. I have been reading posts on here for 4 months, and I have never seen anyone NOT answered!!!

    I did NOT ask what I should do!!! I was NEVER asking for ADVICE on what to do, I am not doing anything right now except making sure that my son is happy!!!

    I simply asked if he would call me again in the future, and if anyone saw us together in the future!!! I just wondered if it was going to happen in the future!! I really thought that I would receive a reading telling me when he would call again, and what would happen for us in the future. I am not going to hop in the car and drive 20 hours if someone says we are together in the future!!

    I am just like everyone else, and I would like to know, and by asking a psychic, that is usually the way to find out. (I have been read by several psychics and a tarot reader, and they all say that we are together in the future, but he stopped calling, and that is what made me wonder if that was still gonna happen!!!) My sister is a graduate from Delphi, but she is unable to read me!!

    Thank you to everyone for your kind cousel, and your support. I truly appreciate it.

    I am still in search of the answers though................................................

    Does he call...........................................................

    Are we together in the future??...............................................

    Thanks again, Have a great weekend!


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  • Dear Lildolphin7

    Excuse me for jumping in, but I hate to see you suffer and the answer to all your questions is, "Maybe!"

    Could I be rather intrusive however and ask:

    1. How old is your son?

    2 Do you have a career?

    It strikes me you need to spread your wings more and use all that wonderful energy you have on building up your own career, rather than supporting your husbnd's; or if you have one, being finncially independent/more independent and makinge life come to you, rather than waiting to be rescued by a chap -however charming he may be- or not? What do you think Lildolphin? Is it worth a try? Make yourself happy and happiness will be returned to you tenfold...'do' rather than'wish.' ..

    Peace and love to you and your son.

  • Hi Lil Dolphin,

    I actually agree with you on this thread. I haven't read your others. But wow, your situation and

    your conflict have sparked a lot of controversy on this thread and others. CWB is actually going

    to take a break from readings because of request like yours. Anyhow, CWB's

    first response to you sounded very judgemental. If

    she doesn't like cheaters, than she shouldn't have responded.

    I agree, most of the responses on this thread were

    more like advice. I have had readings done and have received similar

    responses, basically work on yourself and you'll be fine. Oh and someone sold me a spell but

    that's another story!

    Anyway, I don't know if I believe psychics and mediums can read the future

    I believe they have the gift of telling you what is going on right now

    the present but the future doesn't exist yet. And there are so

    many variables based on free will. And so many factors come into play,

    such as the intent of our thoughts. What we think will be.

    Don't wait for someone to tell you the future because they can't. Be the creator of the

    future. Trust that God/ Universe only wants what is best for you,

    if you want love you will have it perhaps with the one you want or someone better.

    And to any readers who read this post, I mean you no disrespect. But

    this is honestly how I feel. This is what my intuition is telling me.

  • Lil Dolphin,

    I just want to add that as a Pisces, you should really tap into your own intuitive side,

    Your sign is known for that

  • I have been told that I have it, but it seems to come and go. When I least expect it, something will pop into my head and it's wonderful!

    I meditate, etc. But I don't seem to be able to consistantly go within and get information, answers, insight, etc.!!!!

    But, thank you for the suggestion, as I will keep trying!!!


  • Highpriestess 3!!!

    Thank you sooooo much for answering me!! I really, really appreciate it!!!

    Of course you may ask about my son and career!! My son is 16, and will be 17 Christmas Day!! He is an awesome son, and we are very close, and have wonderful communication!

    Of course I am not going to just "jump ship" and run if I think that I can be with this Cancer Man!!! I am way too levelheaded to do that!! I just wanted to know if he was in my future, because, deep down, I feel that he is, I just wanted to see if it was so!!!

    I am just dealing with my husband as best I can until I can see what I need to do.

    I felt like the Cancer Guy stopped calling because of my husband (he met him, and we all hung out together). He may have decided it was not something he wanted to be in the middle of. I just wanted to know if he were in my future, so when I am single, I may give it a try.

    I do have a career. I used to be in mortgage banking/ lending. I am now a registrar for a Catholic School System!! I also maintain all of the online Gradebooks, and the Website!! It doesn't pay much though. I took the job so that I had the same hours as my son, and we would be off on the same days, etc. This way I am available to take him to all of his soccer games, practices, etc, since my husband is not available. For the Last 20 years my husband traveled and was gone Mon - Fri, and home only on weekends, so I needed to be the one available to get my son where he needed to be!!! Love all of it too!!

    Thank you again for taking the time to answer me, you have no idea what it means to me!!!


  • Leonessa!

    I just read the other post on page 3! Thank you so much for saying that!! I just couldn't understand why I was in the middle of this pile up!! And, yep, the only one who actually answered those simple questions was Highpriestess3!!

    It is so kind of you to post what you did, I really appreciate it!! I do agree with you as well!! I was never trying to be difficult at all!!

    Thanks again!!!



  • OOPS lol

    I answered you lildolphin, and I gave you a straight up answer, no maybes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am still in search of the answers though..........I can see that.. still searching

    Does he call..NO! second time I answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are we together in the future??NO again second time I answered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he is not going to call, how can you be together in the future?????????????????


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    u asked me and i replied. had u told the full story i may have been less blunt less harsh. Reason for it is ive seen the horrid damages done, and the years it take them to return to old self n even then scared of new possibilities of all kinds.

    this happened while they was still married. My bluntness was a WARNING for you to seriously consider what u truely want before you choose. If you choose cancer man BE SINGLE first BE DIVORCED. or its doomed.

    I agree with a reader who said once you are free n has spread ya wings are u too large for him to handle. it wont happen. these days to get a REAL insight i need name city n country at least.

    Again i say ive asked so many fellow readers AND friends to help me help u. What do u do? U jump on a thread which is non of ur business and u STILL WHINE.

    Some readers has replied u time n again, newbies flock to help bc they wish so and u STILL WHINE.

    i stand by what i said. No reader can help u bc u wont help urself. Do urself n US the favor, buy a ticket ti the isle of Delfi n consult the oracle there. Its known to reply as u want n see fit. Good luck, ya gonna need it.

    oh n lastly dear lildophin, if u no like the replies u get dont ask.

  • Lil Dolphin,

    trust your own intuition. If you know in your heart that you will be with him, then make it happen.

    Contact him when you are ready. No one on this board knows the future because the future doesn't exist yet. I believe what they are seeing or feeling are just possibilities based on

    where you are today. You have a lot of doubt and uncertainty and thatvis what is being picked up on.

    That's why I know longer want anyone to read me.

    I will manifest my own future... You should too!

    P.S- if a reader needs to know the whole situation , then it's not really

    a read is it?

  • Well let me add to my post because I don't want to offend anyone

    I believe psychics and mediums can tell us a lot about the past and ourselves

    they can bring messages from Spirit(but I think we can all do that if we try).

    I think they can advise us on issues in our lives by giving us insight into

    possibilities. I'm just not sure about the future because I think our free will

    changes it constantly.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to hate on anyone just presenting

    an alternate way for Lil Dolphin to look at her situation.

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