CharmedWitchBente.........May I have a reading please?

  • Hello!!

    I am in a quandry about this guy and what will happen for us in the future!!!

    I met him in Florida in April. We met several nights, danced and talked, etc. (I am married, not happily, and my husband was there) So, the Cancer guy and I exchange phone numbers, and he called a few times after I returned home. He travels close to me once or twice a year and planned on seeing me. He also mentioned that in the next two years he is to move to a town that is only 3 hours from me to run a company.

    Anyway, when I met him, fireworks went off!! I seriously felt as if we were old souls!!! He called a few times, but the last call my husband asked me a question while I was on the phone. This sort of freaked out the Cancer guy. We continued our conversation (I was outside) and later, hung up.

    I have not heard from him since!! I'ts been three months. I strongly feel that we will be together in the future (next year or two) as a couple. However, I just need to know what will happen!! I am strongly drawn to him, and crazy about him.

    What does the future hold for me and this man?????!! Do you see us married in the future??? Does he indeed call again and if so, when???

    My DOB March 18, 1960. His DOB July 7, 1973

    Thank you so much for your consideration on this matter!!


  • Lildolphin i hate to say it. Reason he withdrew is bc u ARE MARRIED!!!!!

    he doesnt wanna be THAT guy, if u want a future with him u need to be single free n availeble on the singles market. n not even then is it any garantie that u will get him.

    one may say what u did there is cheating on ur husbánd. now if he had cheatedon u what would u feel? how is this fair to him?

    im sorry but i have not much sympathy for u. u cheated on ur husband n by it u hurt not just him but urself n all else who cares about u n him as a friends fam n couples.

    think hard of what lacks in ur marriage n then see where u slacked off n stopped paying att. i say this bc its way to easy to point the blame finger. in this day n age not many r mind readers so if u lack stuff in ur life speak up.

    i hope u know what ya is doing. good luck ya gonna need it

  • Yes, if you read in my post, MY HUSBAND WAS THERE while I was dancing with this man. My husband does NOT dance, therefore, he tells me to dance with others. My husband was present for everything that I did with this man, so, NO I did not cheat. I did talk to him on the phone, and that is it., so , no I did not cheat on my husband, since my husband was present the entire time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, You Have no idea what my husband has done to me, and how I have been treated...I have been the faithful one in this relationship, while my husband, however, has NOT.

  • then file the papers n get ouyt lil, life too short 4 living with an ass.

  • lildolphin7,I'm not a reader, but blmoon also gave you wise council with CWB also letting you know your answers to your questions..I just want you to know ,you do have the answers your seeking, if you could just look inside yourself..Our readers see what they see, they feel what they feel and we should just be gratefull that they do this with kindness in thier hearts and not to hurt us..We can take it or leave it is is up to us to decide, what we use

    hugs to you, i hope you can find some peace..


  • lil ur snuff reply to my reply has spooked my mind. i apologize BUT in defense how am i to know the full story of ur issue UNLESS u told me?

    what i see is only half of it n based on past questions of this kind i replied as i did. I have friends who are in ugly divorce n seperation, bc non voiced what they lacked.

    again if u want change hon, u change it. u cannot expect any other to do it for u.

    i wish u loads of luck which whatever course u choose


  • Actually, the questions that I asked, I still have not received answers to those!!

    I received cousel, but , sadly , no answers to the questions that I asked!!!



  • Bc lil in end the choise is urs. ask urself this, how is it fair to me that i remain married when im with a new man? ask urself how is it fair to new man that i remain married?

    Ask urself how long will i submit myself to my husbands nasty behavior?

    NO ONE but U know the replies to this and TRUST me, no AMOUNT of readers can tell you , only you can!

  • lildolphin how can you be sure how you feel ? you are with someone you are unhappy with, and who treats you badly so anyone who treats you well would seem wonderful. I know from experience, I let a cruel and violent man move in with me(unfortunately I didn't realise it at the time), who was nasty to my cats and me in more ways than I would like to remember, I met an old friend and thought I was falling in love with him but he said what he needed then was a friend with benefits, so no,he didn't want to spoil our friendship thankyou, and he then tried to visit me after I told him about my situation, which caused me all kinds of trouble with the first guy as he started hanging around where I worked and of course I got sacked as I would turn up for work with black eyes and bruises where anyone could see them sometimes he'd go to people and tell them all kinds of nasty stories about me (which were all lies), but I couldn't leave my flat as it was mine, and I had nowhere for my girls and my fishtank to go either nor could I go back to my parents as he'd threatened them too. To get away after all that I had to leave everything in the end (except my girls)all the stuff I worked and paid for anything I couldn't pack into a box or binbag and store with a lady down the road had to stay there with him I had to sign over my flat to him as when he moved in I didn't put his name in the rent book, and I'd been unable to pay rent as I had no job All because I hadn't sorted things out. I wanted him to leave but he wouldn't and he even threatened anyone who tried to help me, I had no phone so was in a lose lose situation he said he would kill me if I made him leave, and I had no real way of protecting myself if I made him go either so I say PLEASE sort your present relationship out before doing anything about the new one I lost too much in the material way by not doing so when I wasn't considering being unfaithful and if he's anything like my ex get rid first then see what happens with the other man later believe me it's better that way

  • lilodolophin,

    i believe you got the answer you were looking for, before planning a future with someone else

    you must let go of your current situation, move on! what is stopping you, only you know deep down inside, sit down with yourself and have a heart to heart conversation with yourself, a question? what would you do if the if the situation was reserve and it was the man you are so interested in, the one who was legally tied to someone else? some answers you have to find for yourself!

    good luck,


  • how would you feel?

    chrissicat gave you a very good experience that happen to her,


  • Ok, thank you to everyone for their experience, and their very useful counsel!!! Yes, I do know I have to sort things out, etc, with my husband first. The other guy lives 18 hours away and I have not seen him since we were there for vacation. I have not had contact with him since May!! I do know I have work to do before I move on. It isn't that I intend to jump ship, but I do desire to know the answers to my questions!!

    HOWEVER!!! I asked a couple of questions, which I keep asking of the readers, because I just need to know!!! I still do not have answers to these questions. I see where other people on the forum tell their stories, and they ask very similar questions, and they receive a direct reply to those specific questions!!!

    SO, please, I what I am asking is this:

    Do I hear from this Cancer guy again, and are we together as a couple in the future???????

  • By the time you have worked things out within yourself, you may not want this "Cancer" person.

    There may be somebody different coming into your life.

    Perhaps this "Cancer" person entered your life at this time to facilitate your need to move on in your life, or do something to make your marriage work.

    It is your choice NOW what you do as you have started things in motion.

    Angel Hugs


    loving silver wings

  • I'm so sorry but you seem to be so obsessed with cancer man, i hope that hes going to be worth all of your stress...

    Peace and light


  • Lildolphin I hope you have gotten a shot of the "take care of me and give me answers & attention" fix you need. I must agree with all those who've said--you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS.

    When you ask a reader for a reading and don't get the answer you "want"--then keep asking the question--whether of the same reader, another reader or the actual friends in your physical space or life

    and they get snappish with you because you don't like the answer you get and are continuing to want someone else to give you an answer you already know....

    it is time to take responsibility to CHANGE YOURSELF.

    None of us here can really know the particulars of anyone's situation...only what we share.

    YOU may think you are not "cheating" yet there is such a thing as "emotional cheating"--and your intentions of sharing a phone #, having conversations in hope of something happening between you, and making plans to see someone you have an attraction to while you are not free IS CHEATING. It is INTENTIONAL CHEATING.

    Whether Mr Cancer felt a potential future with you possible--his lack of connecting once her realized there IS another man in the picture already told you everything you need to know.

    Asking readers--or your friends-- the same question over and over again til you maybe get an answer you want will only frustrate people.

    YOU must take action to change your own life. While you are tied to a past--your future cannot open up.

    The best thing I can share with you: I ask that you locate a women's center in your area where you can get the counselling and support you need to do that and take ACTION to make the clear space in your own life for someone that you would LIKE to come into your life have the room to come in.

    I send you love and blessings.


    most times I enjoy the validation when my messages ring true--it's very hard sometimes carrying the weight of giving people advice and psychic input--I mean we are talking about people's lives! You were a bit miffed when I expressed my first image saw you as "shopping" and would most likely continue shopping untill you got the answer you WANTED to hear. I so wish I was wrong. Yet here you are asking and asking and still not digesting some very good advice. I do feel your pain--it is real and very sad--PLEASE choose love and follow some of the advice given you. You insist no one has made your answer clear. THE MAN YOU OBSSESS ABOUT IS NOT IN YOUR FUTURE--HE IS NOT THINKING OF YOU--WILL NOT RIDE UP ON HIS WHITE HORSE AND MAKE ALL YOUR PAIN GO AWAY. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD! Please let these distracting thoughts go and really deal with what is missing from you--this is about the relationship between you and you. You deserve to be loved--you are loved! Your perspective stands in the way. I repeat--your husband had words with this other man and he did the honorable thing--be thankful as it would have blown your life apart in a most self destructive way. I say this point blank loud and clear only to help you. I pray that your guarding Angel speaks to you every night untill you hear the words--as you are deaf to all our voices here. BLESSINGS! Please!

  • Ladies thanx, Blmoon thank u so much.

  • This post is deleted!

  • watergirl18

    AMEN! You share a very universal point! LilDolphin--you are at a crossroads we have endured ourselves--it is a rite of passage to let go of the attraction to pain and instead choose that lonely scary void in ourselves that will change our course and bring us closer to self love and spiritual enlightenment. I speak for all women who come from wounded childhoods with abandonment issues.. Please accept our wisdom as a gift and not see it as a judgement. I know my past was part of my journey to this wiser place and believe me I've been where you are and I cringe thinking about those wasted moments of looking outside myself--yet living in my head a fantasy that only clouded and slowed me down from finding true love. I remember it as a time of pain pain and more pain and I wish someone could have opened my eyes sooner as later as it was all regretted. AND thank God none of my imagined fantasy prince charmings ever did reciprocate and take me away from my intended path that had to be solved from within. Now I can see how lucky I was! BUT I do understand how maybe it is the only way--going through the fire and no one can change your mind at the time. I was so stubborn just like you! And I'm sure plenty of women are chiming in right now saying--been there, done that! It is about pain that has no face so you give it one. Counseling would really help you if you cannot grasp this.

  • I don't know how much more you need to hear Lildolphin.. this guy that you danced with??? is NOT coming back into you life.

    nada..nothing... move on and find another dance partner. you probably have already!

    Ms Sunny

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