Help and advice needed on a very strange meditation

  • i have had some troubled times of late and decided to meditate to find some peace. the following

    happend . first a young indian warrior come and painded a fish in the sand and then gave me a

    peace pipe after that a nun come and gave me burning candle and no matter what i can not blow out the light and then i was surrounded by lots of small dogs all very loving. i came back crying and tears running. i felt well but love to know what all this ment for me.

    anyone with some good advise out there please

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  • Hi TYSION,

    The first thing that came to my mind when reading this, is that this was a healing of something needed in your life?

    I am at moment trying to learn all I can on Dreams, and have started to keep a dream journal, I write down my dream immediately after waking, for me this took a lot of practice to get into the habit of doing it, I'm so glad I did because I'm having some great progresses on it, have read many times that our dreams and images can mean something totally different from one person to the next, so it's best if we really try to unlock the meaning of our dreams for ourselves, I have learnt a lot from watching this lady on Y/T (in the link posted, hope admin don't remove it) after all what could they gain from stopping us trying to help one another?....

    I do hope you get chance to watch them, there are 6 videos in all, this link is video 1.....

    hope this helps, good luck with finding what your dream means for you 🙂



  • I DO was a meditation you had and not a dream!!....I'm really sorry, please ignore my comments 🙂 I feel so silly now 😞

    I hope someone will come along and help you with the explanation for your meditation 🙂



  • Me

    I feel I want to make up for my stupidity and post link to a thread on here that our lovely RCdreamer started, I think you might get some answers and help in there when it builds up and more experienced mediators on here start posting there thoughts and ideas....

    hope I'm forgiven 🙂


  • dear healingways. thank you for answering, i will look at the links. but you was right in that i

    need some emotional healing. i was verbally atacked and find this very hard to deal with as i am by nature not an argumentetive person. i like to believe that we can talk in a quiet and digified manner and not shout and rand and rave to make a point.

    so thank you again for answering.

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