To the Captain

  • Good evening Captain

    This is Illona, you were so right about my pell. You know what I just got a letter in the mail for my school financial aid office telling me that they have in there records that I have graduated. I don't finish school till March 2011. But I have been back in school since July 13 2010 so how can they have me as graduated. I just want to tell you that you were so right and I promise I will not be mean too them. Because they have my money so I have to be nice till I get it. Thanks just had to tell you this. And how right you was.


  • Thanks for the feedback, Illona, i appreciate it. 🙂

  • Hello Captain

    My school is something else. My counsler she is on vacation till the 23th of August and the other counsler is something else. They don't know there ass from there nose. And then they were trying to tell me that I should not get money and then I should and then I should not.

    But now I do know that I will get both of them. Thank you so much

    you were so right.


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