Gemini dilema

  • So, my Gem friend has been flirting with me for months now and people have commented on whether we fancy each other. I was kind of getting frustrated because I like him too so just recently we hung out and he was saying inappropriate things to me (I currently have a longterm boyf).....I just wanted to know what was happening so asked him and he tells me that he's liked me for ages etc....

    He kept going on about how he wants to settle down and get married etc....this was freaking me out!!!! He was also telling me how I'm not like any other girl he has met before and that he feels he can really open up to me and how he enjoys spending time with me etc... So I felt really good in how he was complementing me.

    However the dilema is that I currently have a boyf. So anyway my head is all over the place and I'm considering breaking up with my boyf....not to be with the Gemini though even though I like him a lot.

    So anyways I send him an e-mail because neither us mentioned what happened and are basically pretending that it didn't happen. I just tell him that I like him etc..... He tells me that we should get together to talk about it. This is when I start to sense that he is backing off and being a weirdo.

    So when we have the talk i'm telling him that I'm thinking about breaking up with my boyf and I think this completley freaks him out and he is just so brutally honest which I like and respect because I know where I stand. But he starts telling me that he thinks that i like him more than he likes me which i don't think is true, and that nothing is going to happen between us at this moment in time and that I need to go out and see other guys etc...and he said we'll see what happens in the future. (I have been with my cap boyf for 7 years). Which is all rational and I agree but I guess I want to know how he feels about me, he is reluctant to tell me and keeps telling me that he doesn't want to be responsible for breaking me and my boyf up which I tell him he is no way responsible. I also think he feels really guilty about being a bit shady.

    So yeah he basically shrugs me off and all the drama that has been occurring as if he meant none of what he said. Telling me that he enjoys his own company and doesn't want a girlfriend.

    So yeah I guess after our talk I felt better in that I know where I stand now and can concentrate on the issue of whether I really still want to be in my relationship and not have to think about this other Gem dude.

    So after the talk I saw him that evening and basically said to him you know you are so right we should just focus on being friends and thats all I want. I told him that I felt really good about the things he had said and that I think he had been quite mature in not pressuring me about my current boyf. He was really understanding and said I need to think about what I really want.

    He then was quite quiet with me and kept looking over at me I'm trying to avoid this....I came to the decision that I wasn't going to chase this guy around if someone wants to be with me I want them to be certain about it and kind of also make a stand and go for it. I definatley respect a guy who is assertive.

    So I have it set in my mind that nothing is going to happen and maybes want a bit of space from him too, however he resorted back to randomly texting me with his flirty comments and I'm confused as to whether I should be replying to him, I don't want to blank him as he is one of my good friends but at the same time I don't want to be playing some silly game hmmmmmmmm

  • Hi, i m not sure if you saw all the threads about Gemini, they are not always good new and they like to chase what they cant have, as soon you want closure with them it simply wont happen like that

    i dont know you but if i were you i will stick to my bf because you know him, Gemini Men offer you an illusion of happiness but it;s not real,

    They tell you they want to settle down and everything it's only to attracted you in their web like a spider, as soon you enter you find yourself waiting for them ALONE, and you find yourself ALONE many times

    Before you do anything read the few people that are here and been involved for many year with Gemini man,

    you will see it;s become a real nightmare

    but Gemini know very well how to give you on table the beautiful dream you want but they cant follow

    i dont know your bf but think about what you are doing , his a long term relation, he committed to you Gemini doesnt commit, you cant never say it was a long term thing, you can only say you know this guy for long time

    if a friend of mine try to break my relationship or dont respect my relationship i will cut him out of my circle of friend because never mind how you feel for someone you need to respect them

    Gemini like what they cant get but as they can get it, they simply dont want you anymore

    think about that one

    value the man that is with you now, he gave you his time, the gemini is giving you an illusion of better future you dont know about

    but the Gemini cant break your relationship . it's only you that can do that and if you start to get confuse then it;s only too late

  • his not a friend if his not respecting your relationship and your boundary, his not a good friend

  • there is no really a dilema here ever you want to try with this guy and leave your bf or you want to be with your bf and make sure to the other guy his only a friend and if he cant be a friend to go away but there is no dilema here

    i know Darling if you dare to try you will see the will face of it but sometimes will need to burn our own hand to see

    whatever you do, do it with your heart

  • been burnt before have we star2u? 😉

  • Spiltmilk, actually i havent because i keep close to my feeling, i get myself out before i get burn Darling

  • never fallen in love hey? Us Gemini lovers arent so bad, we're exactly that...lovers 😉 once we find our star-crossed lover its romance forever, but you gotta love, be loved, and be burned to know whats worth bein hurt for..

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the comments yeah I'm pretty aware that Geminis are supposed to be shocking and my friend has told me in the past that he enjoys the chase and when he gets what he wants he isn't interested yeah I'm pretty aware of how he can be.

    However he also said that he is like that because he has a kind of perfect idea about what he wants and pursues it to find that he doesn't want it after all. I have spoken to him about this and asked whether it is just the thrill of the chase with me. But he said no, he tells me that I just seem to get him and understand him.

    But yeah anyways it has been good not having this guy on my mind for a while so I can make an informed decision about my current relationship which I have really needed. So I haven't been responding to his texts....telling him that I need some space.

    But yeah now he has sent me this heart felt e-mail explaining that when we had our talk he didn't mean to be standoffish with me. Telling me that he has been thinking about me and is now professing how great I make him feel and how much he likes me and wants to meet up.

    I'm not sure as I think I really need some more space and also have really been considering that I need to be on my own for a bit as I haven't been single in ages and I really don't want to jump into another relationship with some unstable guy who doesn't know what he wants.

    Hmmmmmm how well do Aquarius and Gemini relationships work? does anyone have any experience.

    In regards to my current relationship it is not because of this Gem guy that I want to break up with him it's just it's not going anywhere. The Gem guy is not a horrible guy either he is not putting any pressure on me about the relationship he has been really supportive and has given me the space that I need.

    Splitmilk are you a Gemini?

  • well " aquariusrock" it seem you made your mind, good luck and wish you all the best

  • Indeed I am 🙂 more of a Taurmini actually...I have Sun, Moon and Mars (& Chiron) in Gemini and i have Mercury, Eros, Psyche and the North Node in Taurus. my soulmate, (and yes, weve proven it to each other through each having relationships with other people after we broke up and yet still nothing makes us feel whole like when we are together) is an Aquarian. we also have lots of bits of each others charts in different parts to each other and very similar or same aspects like sun opposition ascendant.

    What else would you like to know Aquariusrocks?

  • I am a Gemini (female). My ascent is Libra. I have been in several long term relationships of six years or more. I don't think you can pass judgement just by knowing the sun sign. There are many factors that go into understanding someones Psyche. I have dated a person belonging to almost every sign in the Zodiac and I think all signs have the potential to play games and be heartbreakers. You have to look at the whole picture. Aquariusrocks I do think this Gemini is playing a game with your heart. Be careful not to mess up something good just because of curiousity for what someone else has to offer. You can end up with a broken heart and wishing for what you once had.

    Blessings and peace,


  • completely agreeing with you luvslife

  • But again, you cant never know how a story will be written if you dont try, this is how life goes, to live, try and experience, it's only then that you can really know

    Ever when someone come and promise the Sky to you and they really mean it

    no one can know how tomorrow will turn or how the heart will behave

    we can only wish for the best to happen

    Good luck to you Aquaruisrocks, do what you feel best for you

  • i also agree with luvslife, but i also believe that perhaps your Gemini doesn't understand himself completely, or if he does he's a real piece of work! As a Gemini Sun & Moon, Venus in Aries i know better than to even think about marriage until we have at least 7 years of history being together!! Anyway, I'm going to assume he hasnt reached a stage of self-realization where he can be realistic about his life and where its going and might just end up walking the path of narcissist much to his own dismay. turn him down nicely and offer him the opportunity to take you out to dinner instead, you'll both get what you really want then 🙂 it may seem like that confuses things but to a gemini thats just as good as a relationship. if he can respect your boundaries while youre at dinner youre onto a winner...

  • Well I ended up breaking up with my Capricorn partner it was really sad but amicable we both felt that our relationship had had its day and we can both concentrate on being good friends. The Gemini guy has given me some space and we just recently went out for dinner and discussed what we both wanted.

    So yeah we are both really into each other and going to take things really slowly. He is not a mean horrible person he's actually quite sweet and considerate and told me he said all that stuff about not liking me so that I could make a proper decision about my Cap boyf without him interfering or being an issue which looking back was really quite helpful. He said that it was really hard for him but he wanted to make sure that I was sure I was making the right decision. So yeah it's all quite exciting and I may be moaning about him in a month but I'm willing to take that risk as I feel that we have a strong connection and want to see where it goes. thanks for the advice

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