Shuabby>..............Would you be so kind as to give me your insight????

  • Hello Shuabby!

    I am new and I am VERY interested in getting a reading from you,, since I've read some of your recent responses, and would love it and would be most appreciative if you could tell me everything you see for me with this man!!!!!!!!!

    MY DOB is March 18, 1960, 5:39 am in Paducah, KY. His DOB is July 7, 1973 in Brazil.

    We met in Florida, I was on vacation, he lives there. We danced a few different nights, had a great time! I felt like I had been hit by a bolt of lightning when I met him!! I felt like I had met him for a reason (soulmate?). I was so intensely drawn to him, I had to see him , felt this unbelievable connection to him, I have not felt that with ANYONE before!! Anyway, he made plans with me to see me, but now I haven't heard from him in about 3 months!!! We talked on the phone a few times, but now I haven't heard from him anymore. He lives about 18 hours away, but occasionally travels close to me. He had already told me that he would be moving to a town that is about 3 hours from me in about 2 years, for a job.

    Does he call me again and when??? Do we have a future together????

    Are we married in the next 2 to 3 years???

    Thank you so much!!


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  • Hello Bunny,

    After reading your information: This is what comes to me. You would be drawn to him as he is a Cancer and a great love match for Pieces, even though you are lending toward Aries. He has something that he has to think over (other involvement) as I do believe that he had a girlfriend prior to meeting you that may have come back into the picture, also his work has now changed patterns and he may not be moving closer to you.

    I do not feel him contacting you anytime soon. I would suggest that you keep your heart and options open as I feel another man who has light hair (Sandy) and brown eyes that is coming towards you he will have a J in his name either first or last name. A mustush and sideburns, he is tall and lean and wonderful smile, I feel he may be born in August and believe it or not you will have the same attraction with him. It is time for you to be in love as I feel you might have closed yourself off until recently. The man coming in is a professional man like an engineer or lawyer. I read short term meaning that this man should appear within the next three months.

    I know this may be heartbreaking news for you in regards to the Cancer man, however just know that you will be in a much more rewarding and caring relationship soon

  • Thank you so much for your take on this!!!

    Do you see me in the future with the Cancer guy? I may know what is holding him back, not sure.

    But, I would like to know if I am together with him in the future? (a year or two??) Or, If he does indeed call again in the future????

    Thank you so much for taking your time and being so generous!! I truly appreciate it!


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