• i was starting to date a wonderfull professional, respectful man. Both of us in our 40's The way he was treating me was so special and i was corresponding him the same way. We barely saw each other because of his type of work flight attendant, but he would call me everytime before the flight departed and in every arrival. We both live in the same city New York. On the third month he started to back up, I was just so confused, we never had issues. He kept on calling me but less, then after a couple of days without knowing anything about him, he called me and explained to me that he suffers from congenital Depression that he was explaining this to me because he wanted me to understand y he tends to be depress for no reason.. I told him I would be there for him, After he explained this to me he disappear for more than 13 days, didnt log in in the computer, didnt call etc. I was so nervous for so many days. Finally after trying to contact him in numerous of times he finally answered me and its true he has not been doing good at all, he stop going to the gym for 3 weeks very unusual in him, the only thing he does is work and work come home and sleep, barely talks to me have not seen him for almost 2 months, but I text message him everyday and send him blessings and he thanks me. What will happen? Will this relationship develop? He is very special and I care, I know where he lives but is not proper to go and visit him his grandparents who raise him lived on the first level of the house he lives in the 2nd. He always talks about how much he loves them, but he was giving time to know me a little more before introducing them to me, thats how come I do not dare to go see him. How can I help him? Please advice.:(

  • You need to think long and carefully about getting involved with this man. It might seem not so bad now when you don't see him a lot. But living day-to-day with someone who has depression can be very hard. He will continue to disappear on you and not communicate even if you are in a relationship. Ask yourself if you can cope with things staying like they are now because it is doubtful things will change very much even if you two start an intimate relationship. Read up on depression - you can't help this man with his problem, he needs professional help. If you can't handle being with someone who will go off on his own a lot (his job will also keep him away too) then you shouldn't get involved.

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