Cancer Man and His Mother - Bad Relationship

  • I figured I'd make this as a separate topic although it is about the same Cancer man in my life! He mentioned to me the other day about his insecurities (I always let him speak about those things on his own time, and he opens up much better that way). He told me they are mostly because of his mother. I know they have a very tumultuous relationship and I am wondering how this might effect how he perceives women and their role in his life in the future. I know they usually say we woman have to play it subtle but rough in terms of having to out-shine a cancerian man's mother. But what if she's a big part of his life for bad reasons? Is he then expecting his partner to take up that "mommy" role and fill that void? Does anyone have experience with this type of situation?

  • EvaJ56,

    When serious and committed to any cancer, Yes; They love and treat you

    and unconsciously may expect you too be thier second mother

    because these are'nt the kind of guys who will hold back thier feelings

    or will hold back thier thoughts when they've had a rough day

    They will tell you thier deepest feelings if you hold that position

    of being there for them, like a mothers love would do.

    Its not a mommy role, Its a nurturing role, Cancers love to be nurtured

    emotionally, sexually, ect . and they will do the same in reutrn and thats

    the best part about them, cancers wont expect what they cant give

    being emotionally nurturing and available is the key.

  • I also know a cancer male who is in a bad relationship with his mother. He loves her very much I think and he suffers because she can't understand him and she can't agree with his actions. I do care a lot about him, and once when I gave him a hug told me that I hugged him just like a mother. Another day he told me that I will be a great mother for my kids. So, for him, this is very important to understand him and to supply the maternal love that he doesn't have. This will give you a plus. But I think all the nurturing thing must came from your heart, otherwise your cancerian male will recognize your "fake" mother nurturing or if he doesn't, when you will stop doing that he will feel very bad.

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