How Many People Use Reiki In Their Lives or Have Reiki Treatment?

  • I would just like to know who out there is using reiki in their lives and what results it has brought to you? Also, How many are interested or even heard of reike and what area you live in?

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Funny, I haven't been in this forum for maybe a month or two and now when I decided to get in here, the first post I saw is yours, asking about Reiki.

    I have been practicing and learning Reiki for a few months now and I can only relate to you about my own experience in Reiki. Others might have different experience from me I am sure of it as the energy flows and touches everyone in different ways / levels.

    Not sure if you are asking about the general / basic Reiki or different types of Reiki but I will give you a little explanation about the general one - Usui Reiki.

    This is the first Reiki that I am attuned to; Level 1 - Master. In fact, some of the Reiki system does require one to have master this Usui Reiki system, before learning the others. There are hundreds of Reiki system out there. Although the Usui Reiki covers the healings and the important facts of Reiki practice, other systems are created to target specific situations. Example I can give you; Money Reiki, Attraction Reiki, Akashic Records Reiki, Angel Initiation Reiki, Abundance / Prosperity Reiki, Sacred Flame Reiki etc etc.

    During my 1st attunement (Usui Reiki level1) -

    I felt the heat, tingling, coldness in my whole body during your distant attunement session. All these are normal. The attunement took about 30-40 minutes. When it was over, I felt a surge of energy inside me. It was 3am my time and I was very sleepy before the attunement but when it was over, I was wide awake till about 7am! I was not feeling tired though.

    During the process of 21 days interval before my Level 2 attunement -

    I was told to drink lots of water over the following few days and to take more rest, if the need arise. During the whole process, my teacher suggested that I observed my thoughts, behavior, reactions, feelings, energy, pain levels and issues. Many times I noticed an immediate pain reduction, an increase in energy and alertness, and a feeling of overall well-being taking a higher level..

    The results from the Usui Reiki Level 1 -

    I experienced an intensive "spring cleaning" in my life. You can called it 'spiritual awakening'. During this phase, I practiced self healing daily as instructed. On an emotional level, Reiki helps heal hurt and pain I was feeling at that period of my life and allow me to view personal relationships from an empowering perspective. It makes me aware of relationships and situations which are toxic, that might bring harmful patterns of thinking to my consciousness. Of course, the healing went in stages as many troublesome issues that I was experiencing were not created overnight. I just let the energy works at its own phase and for my highest good. I keep on practicing self healing and keep my faith.

    Usui Reiki Level 2 -

    After the 21 days, I had my Level 2 attunement. ( again, everyone have different intervals between attunements but I was strongly advised by my teacher to give 3 weeks interval for this Usui Reiki and learn how to use the energy properly and not rushing myself). With this, I am able to heal others through remote healing. It means that I can send Reiki to another time or location, person, relationships, situations and events etc. There are no time nor space restrictions. Geographic or time distance between the Reiki practitioner’s healing session and the Reiki recipient has no effect on the quality of the healing.

    I've done many sessions for families and friends. All I asked them was to give me feedback during the whole process. It helps me to improve my skills. Some of those who I've sent healings to are members of this forum. If they do come across this thread, they might give their thoughts about this as well. I am the sender and they are the receiver 🙂

    Usui Reiki Level 3 (Master) -

    This allows me to teach this Reiki system to others and giving attunements. Also, this level exposed me to the deeper level of Reiki. It is hard to describe. All I can say is, I am healing tremendously, in all areas; physically, spiritually and emotionally. Those who knew me many many months back, knew I was a train wreck when I first came into this forum 🙂

    As of now, I am still learning and giving healing sessions. There is always something to learn in Reiki. It all depends on the individual, how far he / she wants to develop as a healer.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to ask anything, anytime. I will try to help, what's within my knowledge. I might not be in this forum often but you can always reach me via other members; Tanya, Bluecat, BrianTristan, Redpetals, Laie4, Captain, AuntBuck, Killasandra etc etc. They know where to find me 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Shuabby, welcome I have seen some of your postings...You have been very insightful to those who were in need...thank you for all that you do.:)

    As far as your topic on Reiki,I am a receiver of long distance Reiki healing right now..I had heard of it before, but I never understood what it was, never mind spelling or saying it.

    I think its been a month now as a receiver.

    I have lived with fibromialgia and chronic pain since feb.2004..It has affected my life in ways I cannot describe. I danced for the first time last weekend, twisting was involved haha.I thought i was going to pay for it..days later but so far,nothing has moved up my pain medication which is a good thing..I'm not saying I'm cured in no way. But at first I felt terribly emotional, and i was feeling pain in different areas of my body that I had never felt before.My understanding of what was taking place was that the healing was taking place..Its funny because the above post from Emergence is who I am getting my long distance healing from..I was surprised to see her post because she had left the form back in early May i beleive..But I also am in contact with her if you need to speak with her..

    I hope I made some sense because I'm just a receiver, and God only knows that I like to write and babble at times.

    Take good care of yourself..



  • Me again,lol

    I live in Vancouver,Canada

    hugs sheila

  • BUMP:)

  • Ive heard of te healing and has ben a receiver and need much more healing.WHen i first received healing my emotions were a total wreck at first and then my hands and feet begin to sweat a lot.Its seems for me it took a few days fot relief.I really enjoyed it, Im from Detroit,MI.

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