Abundance Tricks

  • In order to attract abundance, you have to give off positive abundant vibes so that you 'magnetise' money to you. If you aren't monied up at the moment, then maybe we can all come up with some 'tricks' to fool ourselves into feeling prosperous. Can you think of ways to indulge yourself without needing to spend a lot of money?

    For example, I usually have to buy cheap shampoo and conditioner. But I found at my supermarket some hair travel packs for a dollar each of very expensive shampoo and conditioner brands. Washing my hair with them made me feel so lush and pampered. My hair is in far better condition now - I really feel well spoiled. I also get my hair cut by students at a hairdressing college for cheap but they are supervised by top hairdressers so I get a nice job done for very little outlay.

    Buy some scented candles and some bubble bath and lie back in the tub for a luxurious soak. A glass of wine will complete the lush picture.

    Send off for samples of expensive face creams, perfume, and makeup (or go to the cosmetic counters at the big stores).

    Try the secondhand clothing shops or cheaper department stores - invest in a smart suit or dress and jacket so that you can feel trendy and sophisticated when you are out and about.

    OK, can you come up with ways to feel pampered, to treat yourself to the things you love but can't normally afford? When you feel pampered and look good, you will not only feel more confidence and happiness but also attract abundance. instead of moaning about feeling broke and depressed, try some ways to give yourself the 'feeling' of being rich.

    Post your ideas here so we can all feel lucky.

  • Aldi's inexpensive Siana Moisturising Anti-Wrinkle Cream is one of the best face creams ever!

  • Actually all Aldi's skincare range is very good (but the cosmetics are rotten.)

  • Oh yes Captain i certainly agree with you there the lacura rage is very good and inexpensive .I love adli, i shop there for almost everthing i havent tryed the cosmetics because i heard from someone else they were no good as well.

  • Also I find icecream and chocolate make me feel well indulged.

  • Question for you, have you ever heard of anyone fasting to open up for abundance, prosperity or the like? First let me say I have never done it. A former employer often fasted when in need and claimed it worked. I just wondered if anyone here had any similar experiences?

    The fancy shampoo samples sounds like a great treat. I hadn't considered something like that. I'm always the one to put my needs last on the list but I fear (hate that word) I need to change that. Open to all suggestions.

  • Fasting opens the body up to receiving messages more clearly. So it could definitely help bring answers to you. But only if it's done for just a day or two...after that, the body's hunger can cause hallucinatory experiences.

  • You should search the net for what free product samples are out there for you to try.

  • Whatever you feel inside, you attract. Feel impoverished and you will be impoverished. Feel pampered and cared for (even or especially by yourself) and the Universe will respond by making your outer world match your inner world.

  • Depression can go hand-in-hand with neglecting yourself so raise your health and your spirits by looking after yourself a bit more. Everyone needs to feel loved, especially by ourselves.

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