Captain please help I need a reading on this work problem please

  • I have this girl I worked with years ago I pretty sure she slept with my ex wail I was with him at my work! I ended up leaving & so did she. They asked me to come back & then she came back and they wanted us to work together I wanted to get over the past so I said yes. Then she tried to get me in trouble didn't really work so she qwit her other job & they wanted me to work with her again and so I left it a long time job will I ever work there again ?? And Her???? What is upwith her?? Please

  • I'm not captian, but this sucks!! Well the kind of girl that has s e x with your ex while you are with him is definitely not the kind of person that will apologize, much less make amends. I would think that she's insecure, a little jealous, and intimidated by you. Not many people actually try to make amends for someone like her, and she was probably working on a preemptive strike against you because she thought that you might try the same. After all, you actually have something you could hold against her.

    I can't predict your future, but even though the bad Karma is on her, you also need to learn a lesson here. It's OK to judge a book, especially after it's been opened and you see what's inside. She is pretty nasty and has her own issues, so you've got to stay away from people like that! You can put the past behind you and still not allow evil to enter your life. They don't have any regards for anyone but themselves, and that's why she tried to do what she did. Sounds like you quit- Couldn't you just explain to your uppers that you couldn't work with her on personal grounds? They have to respect you as much as you have to respect them.

    Have you tried going back on your own? If you REALLY want to work there again, you are going to have to take the steps, darling! Have the courage to confront yourself and your fears, and step up to that re-hire plate! It might be a little embarrassing to admit that you quit and want to come back, but humility is a life lesson- you will probably never put yourself in position to repeat this. If you had a good reputation there, they should have no issues in rehiring you. You are applying to old colleagues and co workers that will probably be understanding. Be professional, (don't tell a long dramatic story of why you quit), be willing to admit a mistake, and show that you are strong enough to take the job on again. If it's not meant to be, then it won't happen, but you will come away stronger because of it; however, I think that your chances are really good, and I wish you the best of luck! Don't be afraid to go back just because you might feel embarrassed. Do what you love, and if this job is what you love, then, well, Just Do It! 🙂

  • Thank you I never though she might think I was after her so she was after me first . I do have another job but I had fun with that one .I might have 2 talk to them thought I might end up in the same spot with her around & that worries me!

  • I guesse at least I have a job thank u

  • Well again it depends on what you want, and what is ultimately best for you. Don't let your worries get in your way of that. If you really want it, go for it, and realize that she cannot have a hold on your future, (no one should) and be sure to make those boundaries clear if you get into the same situation. It's going to take a lot of stamina to deal with it, but you can do it, if you wanted it.

    But if you are thinking of just letting it go, then that is fine, just don't settle in life to avoid conflict. If you have a lot of negative Karma with this woman, don't let it get the best of your life. You could be at a fork in the road, if you go back to the job you loved, or if you stay where you just have a job. I don't know what you do or what is best for you, but you had seemed very upset about the whole thing. Only you can. So, Before you consider your worries about this woman, and the situation, consider the future of where you stand, and where you could be standing. You never know, life could be taking you to a place you never thought you would be, and if you know what you want, it could be for the better, but if you don't know where you want to be, then does that matter?

    Really wish you the best of luck, and may you make the best decisions for your future!

  • Thank u I'm really thank you for your time & all of your wise words u are a blessing!

  • U r very wise& for thing to help me find answers

  • If any one can help on the future othis please help

  • Hey It's been a while, how are things turning out girl? 🙂

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