• Are you able to tell me of my soul and personality cards?

    If so I'd appreciate it.

  • What do you mean by cards?

  • I'm not exactly sure.

    Gwalchmai60 told somebody of their soul and personality cards and I was interested in what they were.

    Since you don't know what they are then nevermind on the request. Don't worry about it.

    Thank you though. 🙂

  • Hi Piscesgirl4life,

    The cards are worked out by using your date of birth and using numerology you add it up to a single digit and that gives you your soul number, my date of birth added up to the number 3,

    My dob, 2/ 12 / 1951 add together to get single digit, 2+1+2+1+9+5+1 = 21= 2+1= 3

    then you find the corresponding tarot major arcana card with that number and that represents your Soul card, mine was The Empress, the wonderful Gwalchmai60 told me to put the card under pillow and see what dreams you get, and to study the cards and find out as much as possible doing research on them... my dreams are so more intense and I remember most as soon as I wake up the morning, and write them down... and I am finding this to be very beneficial to me, I also go to sleep with the intention of remembering the dream and understanding its message...

    I'm sorry I can't help with the personality card as I've forgotten how to work that one out, but mine was The lifted my spirits up no end in what he told me about my cards...:)

    hope this helped :)...

  • Thank you HealingWays. (Nice name btw)

    It did help.

    Blessings out to you. 🙂

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