I really need a reading

  • PlutoMoon,

    Is that possible and when? Yes, when the fighting begins.

    So do you mean I will have a relationship with the guy I care about currently, but I will not marry him? Yes.

    Who is the person I will marry then? Marriage means struggle, so it is he with whom you struggle.

    Do I know him? No.

    Anything else that you can tell me about near future? Harmony with your world.

    when will he stop procrastinating and communicate with me? when he reads your letter.

    give me some advice if you can...: you are frustrated because you have closed your heart and admire this as virtue. Stop being identified with your emotions, trying to dominate others, then your heart can open and your frustration would cease.

    I appreciate any help you can give me...: be careful not to be wounded again.

    My dob Jan 4, 1979...: you can be a very materialistic and workaholic type and when you are, your home life always suffers and you suffer with it. Home, family, and personal relationships are very important to you and so is your work. It all depends upon you as to what your main focus in life is. There are many spiritual influences present that can make you the master of your destiny and lead you to great heights in helping others, but there is also the pull towards material accomplishment that can blind you to your possibilities and limit your growth. You have the opportunity to transcend the material through spiritual awareness. There can be indecision about love and problems in marriage revolving around a fear of poverty. If you misuse the power given to you you can cause many difficulties in your personal life. And yet, you are capable of great, unattached spiritual love and can have everything you want if you look to your higher sides for direction and guidance.

    PM, but as a woman make no demands from a man. It is enough

    for you that he is a man. Your love is your only

    reason to love. Your love is intuitive and has nothing

    to do with your intellect.

  • Hans,

    Thanks again!

    Seems like my message to you has started quite a stir for your help!

    Glad I could get every ones minds going so they would post to you! Thank you for your time and effort in helping us all!

  • Hans,

    Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate... 🙂

    I need some help in understanding some of your answers.... if its ok?

    Things will develop between me and P as you say when the fighting begins... Fight between whom? Although in this situation, there sure will be a fight, but between him and 'her' the person he is with, am I right... or you mean someone else?

    When you say 'Marriage means struggle, so it is he with whom you struggle.

    • what do you mean? I will 'struggle' with P... that is I will 'marry' P, yet you say I do not know the person I will marry...

    Hmm, I love your answers, haha....Its like a puzzle and we need to match the two pieces together, find the ones that fit together and there then come answers... although at the moment after working during the night I am very tired and nothing is making sense...lol

    Ok next question....

    When you say he will stop procrastinating and contacts me when he reads my letter... Really? Do you think I will write to him? I did not plan to do that... We spoke on the phone end of May when I offered my help as a friend to help him, someone that can listen to him..., but he has not been open to it as he has not contacted me since. I have been thinking of contacting him, but am scared. I am not sure if I should. Should I? Would he be open to it? And what will I say?

    I am not really dominating him or anyone... its the opposite I have given him time and patiently am waiting... Or what you mean by 'Stop being identified with your emotions, trying to dominate others, then your heart can open and your frustration would cease'....?

    sorry again, too many questions... pls take your time, I can wait for your reply...

    Thanks a lot Hans for you time and effort! I hope you have a lovely day ahead!



  • PlutoMoon,

    I need some help in understanding some of your answers: the way is blocked.

    Fight between whom? Between people without proper understanding.

    there sure will be a fight, but between him and 'her' the person he is with, am I right... or you mean someone else? I mean someone else.

    • what do you mean? I mean fight. You will fight with whomever you marry.

    Really? No.

    Do you think I will write to him? No.

    Should I? No.

    Would he be open to it? No.

    And what will I say? We would be a good team and together we can achieve anything we want to.

    Or what you mean by 'Stop being identified with your emotions, trying to dominate others, then your heart can open and your frustration would cease'....? You need temperance, coming to an inner equilibrium and getting into a balance.

    I can wait for your reply...: a strong impact from outside will make you alive again liberating you from your self induced imprisonment.

    I hope you have a lovely day ahead! I have, I have.


    Bernie Badorsky is drunk as he walks into court.

    The judge looks sternly at him and says, "My good

    man, you have been brought in here for drinking."

    Bernie wobbles and slurs, "O.K. judge, let's get


  • THank you very much Hans!

    Seems like my question opened up some doors for other people! That is terrific for you to help!

    To add to my dilemma this evening my ex calls saying he talked to our daughter and son and they both told him that I was planning on trying to get back together with him. Now I haven't said anything near that. He also said many people were telling him there was a rumor that we were getting back together. What was with this phone call? I think his wife was listening and it may have been for her and to get her to shut up. But what is going on there? Why did he almost sound hurt when I said I have no intentions.....though in a way I would love it. What the heavens is going on?

  • Dear cns143:

    As a psychic who senses, I purposely do not read responses prior to writing my own. If others agree, then so much the better for you.

    In this particular situation, I feel strongly that you are in danger by remaining in that same town. I feel there is an urgent need for you to cut off all contact with your ex and his mother. If necessary, find a women's shelter, but LEAVE and do not look back.

    The current husband is not a threat. There is only a misunderstanding that can be cleared up, but you still have to leave, even if it means leaving him behind. Later, it will clear up. He is in love with you. The ex is dangerous. He physically abused you in the past and has already threatened worse.

    Listen to your gut instincts and get out now.

  • firefly01 could u give me some insight please...?

  • Hi, sorry to bug you... I need some insight...

    I have an ex (DOB Oct-6-1973) which I loved very very much... I thought we would get married and live happily ever after... but it didn't happen...

    we were sort of friends with benefits for two years until finally I decided to move on... he has attempted to see me in the last month about three times already but I haven't accepted it... does he truly loves me?

    and I started another relationship (2/2/1982)... we have very different cultural backgrounds not sure if there's a future between us... do you see anything with this relationship??

    and I need to find a job when i finish school and relocate and I'm between choosing 1) teaching college, high-school, elementary...


    1. continue doing research and teaching at university level? although not sure I measure up to do the second option

    but where should I look for that job? any idea of what the city looks like?

    Thanks so much, i need help, I hope u could help me out a bit. Cheers, HP

  • Dear Happydoc:

    Ordinarily, questions are posed as separate topics but not everyone know that about the Forum. In this case, I see you working with children with special needs. Specialize in an area that interests you, whether it is in special education or in another area, such as child psychology. I sense you are well-suited for this field, as it draws people to you.

    The new relationship is too fraught with major cultural differences that even you are not aware exist. There is family pressure. I get the sense he is already married and is only looking for an "temp." Many men from other countries seek out women and pretend they have no prior commitments. He is too young and immature. There is a lack of basic educational issues that are at stake here and I believe you may have sensed it. There are also many barriers to comprehension on both sides. He is a fun kind of guy, but has no stamina for the long haul.

    The ex has feelings for you. Allow the relationship to blossom without making demands on his willingness to commit. A man will commit of his own free will once he finds the right woman he cannot live without. Live your life, follow your dreams, be kind, be attentive and affectionate. If he is right for you, he will gladly follow you to ends of the earth.

    Lastly, I see you as being of the earth, very dependable, kind and loving. You have a large family and the associations are very important to you. If this is not a literal "family," then it is a group that fulfills you in some way that is important to you.

    This all I sense, at the moment. I hope this answers your needs.

  • wow Firefly01, thanks so much... it does really helps... I tried to break it off today with the young guy and wasn't too successful but with your confirmation I'll be more adamant about it tomorrow...

    and about my ex... thanks for telling me that, it does help... I'd also like to see him... maybe one day we could save whatever is left...

    right now i need to figure out how to make my degree in environmental science to allow me teach something... in Canada is not possible to teach without a teaching degree, my only option is the US... I have 16 yrs in school and still haven't got it right....

    THANKS SO SO MUCH!!! it does really helps...

  • thank you Hans!

    Yes I need some balance within me, that is what I need. At times I feel good and balanced and at others I am a mess...

    I'll read through your answers and come back if I need more help...

    Thank you so much!


  • Firefly,

    Trust me I would love to leave town but we share two kids that we have equal custody of. I'd like to do that though only to be rid of the drama.

    My ex husband never laid a hand on me, ever. I even slapped him once and all he did was cry. Now his wife the lady that he left me for who was also my neighbor and best friend is a different story. She is crazy and paranoid. Perhaps you are picking up her there instead of my ex? I am thankful the home I am getting ready to move to has bullet proof windows, that lady scares me and nothing from her would surprise me in the least! My ex husband however I sense that he is still in love with me but she is a control freak.

    My husband who I just separated from has always been good to me, however he does have a bad temper. He has never shown me that full temper though I know it is there. He is the one that has made threats to his own life and is depressed over the whole situation. It was more or less some simple things that he could have fixed, but he chooses not to. I am not living in a pigsty with a slob who doesn't take care of himself. After all if he cannot take care of himself he certainly cannot take care of me. I am neither his mother nor his maid and I refuse to be either! He has confessed he's been that way for almost 42 years and doesn't plan on changing.

    Also indeed funny how long I've known my ex we could always get over anything and if I would have listened to him back a few years ago there would be no need for me to have this conversation now.

    Thank you for helping! It is a confusing situation and being I have read for other people before I can totally understand how the jumble of it all can get confusing. You I believe may have hit the nail on the head with how the feel but just suggested that it be the opposite of who it is!

    Thanks a bunch and God bless!


  • Hans,

    BTW...in addition to the other message I directly posted back to you

    I am not sure that my ex will ever get back in touch with his heart because his wife is so busy brainwashing him!

    Thank you again!

    Gods grace to you!

  • endless1987,

    a glass trinket coloured green, to them is a priceless emerald, deluded, they know not a gem.

  • cns143,

    What was with this phone call? Despite its fright, this is a turn for the better.

    But what is going on there? You are ashamed.

    Why did he almost sound hurt when I said I have no intentions.....though in a way I would love it: because you are now the empress, not the maid.

    What the heavens is going on? With more temperance more balance is coming in your life.

    Even an effort that is

    futile can be helpful. Sometimes even untrue theory

    leads to truth, sometimes even wrongs may become

    rights, sometimes even a false step may lead you to a

    right end. It may look false at the moment, or in the

    end it may even prove false, but still, false devices

    can help.

  • PlutoMoon,

    PM, a rich old miser became critically ill and the doctor

    prescribed a medicine with the following warning: "If

    after taking the medicine you perspire, it is a sign

    that you will recover. If you don't perspire, only God

    can help."

    The miser took the medicine, but failed to perspire.

    It seemed that the rich man was about to die.

    "Let us call on him," said the mayor to the elders of

    the town. "Perhaps he will now repent his ways and

    leave something for the church."

    They visited him, and found him in a repentant mood.

    They brought paper and ink and the mayor got ready to

    write. "The church," he said, "is badly in need of


    "A hundred dollars for the church," said the miser, and


    "The widows and orphans fund is depleted," said the


    "A hundred... wait a minute, wait a minute!" the miser

    cried suddenly. "Cross it out! I'm perspiring! I'm


    The mind is always clinging to things.

  • cns143,

    the whole effort is to exhaust you. When the effort

    is exhausted and you are really tired and you fall

    down, and you say, 'Now I don't want to go anywhere,'

    and you relax... you reach. Seeking is not the way to

    reach, but seeking is needed because you are very


  • Hans

    Indeed you are correct! Right now I am worn out from the WHOLE thing and have just spent some good time thinking about it. I still need to relax more on it and not be so concerned. Things will fall as they are supposed to.

    In the meantime THANK YOU!

    On another thought if you do not mind please. My daughter stopped going to her fathers back in January, my son decided this weekend that he to doesn't want to go to his house for the time being. Any idea what may come out of them not going over there as a reprecussion? I mean will it become a long standing thing or will he get his mind right and at least reconcile soon with his children? Any idea how long all of this may last? How can I help my children thru this? I had "father" problems myself all of my life so I do not want them to have a lifetime impact over this situation. I believe mostly this is the influence of his wife however I wish he would stand up for our kids.

    Thank you so much!

    Peace & rich blessings your way!

    Rich.....internal richness! Peace....beyond understand!

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