I really need a reading

  • Hi

    I am just wondering if someone will honestly help me out here!

    About three years ago my ex husband left me for our neighbor who was also my friend. They dated for a while and separated out and in the process he started hanging around some with me again. I've know this man since I was 15 I am now not far from 40. Well when he started coming back around I got scared and was afraid he could really hurt me again so I started dating my daughters best friends father. Looking back I know I loved my ex somewhat but I also wanted to protect myself. 3 months later I married my current husband and 9 months after that my ex and her suddenly got back together and married three months later. Now it is 10 months into their marriage and mine is falling apart. I've asked my husband to leave and its not because I don't love him I do, I just can't live with him. In the meantime it seems like his wife is afraid because me and my husband are splitting up. I've spoken to his mother recently she had called a lot and asked me tons of questions. Almost sometimes she is so harsh and I don't understand why.

    I keep on feeling like he is still in love with me and is maybe thinking of leaving her and coming back around me and maybe she is trying to protect him by asking all of these questions.

    My questions are these 1. What the heck is my mother in law up to, does she want me back in the picture? 2. Is his wife afraid of me and are things that darn bad there? 3. Does he want to be back in mine and our childrens lives? If he is planning on a comeback, will it happen and when should I expect it to?

    Just so you know my current husband is a great guy we are just not as compatible as what you need for a marriage. I love him, he loves me and we are not having a bad breakup but just one that saddens us both but we understand that friendship forever is great too!

    I appreciate your help! I can't live like this anymore! I have different feelings about the whole situation but I am also confused something awful at the moment and need some head clearing that I can't do for myself!

  • cns143,


    I am just wondering if someone will honestly help me out here: you just think that you are disappointed.

    1. What the heck is my mother in law up to: she want to have a clearer picture.

    does she want me back in the picture? no.

    2. Is his wife afraid of me and are things that darn bad there? No.

    3. Does he want to be back in mine and our childrens lives? Yes.

    If he is planning on a comeback, will it happen? Yes, certainly.

    and when should I expect it to: when he becomes afraid of the father.

    I appreciate your help: the issue must be raised before an impartial authority. Be sincere and earnest, despite the danger. Do not try to force the outcome, but seek support where needed. Set a clear goal. Your iron will must come to the forefront now. It will take great personal determination to resolve the situation in question. Your adversary would love to force you into an angry display. That would legitimize his opposition to you. Such a berserker rage would drag you down to his level.

    I need some head clearing that I can't do for myself: you hear only demands and accusations.

    Everything has to be experienced as totally and as

    intensely as possible.

    A Hollywood movie queen who had been married many

    times was to get married once again and went to her

    doctor to ask for a face lift. The doctor was not keen

    on doing it.

    "I am sorry madam, you have had it done so many times

    that I do not think you should have it done again."

    "Ah, please doctor, I am getting married again and he

    is much younger than me. I must look my best at the


    "Alright, I will do it but it is definitely the last


    After the operation she looked in the mirror, "That's

    funny, doctor. I never had a dimple before."

    "That is not a dimple madam, that is your navel. If I

    was to lift your face again, you would have to shave."

  • Hans,

    Thanks. I do not totally understand everything you have written but I appreciate it. I will certainly be rereading your reply several times.

    Its odd tonight my ex calls my son and one of the things he asks my son is is if my husband has moved out yet? What kinda odd question is that?

    The one thing that I am particularly puzzled and trying to understand from you posting is the when part.....when he becomes afraid of the father. Do not understand that!

    The joke, I did some reading on that one and am still working on that part as well.

    Anyway, thank you for your help!

  • cns143,

    What kinda odd question is that? It is an invitation.

    when he becomes afraid of the father. Do not understand that: this is when he gets more balanced, coming more into his heart.

    But we can deceive ourselves. A son, a daughter, can

    say, "I will rebel against my father so that I may be

    more free." Hippies were doing that. But rebellion is

    not freedom because it is just natural. At a particular

    age, to rebel against parents is not freedom: it is

    just natural! A child who is just coming out of the

    womb of his mother cannot say, "I am leaving the womb."

    It is natural.

  • Hans,

    Ah, got it now!

    Thank you so very much! In my knowing how to ready I sometimes over read, thinking I am not right, but I am......I know you get me there!!

    I hate to be a bother but one more question:

    Is mother and my ex in contact with each other?

    Your awesome and I thank you so very kindly for helping clear my brain! As you said I am clear but I am too close to the situation to not want to follow my heart!

    Thank you again!

  • cns143,

    Is mother and my ex in contact with each other? Yes.

    Curiosity is childish. It certainly

    keeps you excited, but it has never made anyone wise,

    in tune with herself and the universe. Curiosity is a

    kind of itching in the head. You scratch, it feels

    good, but don't scratch too much; scratch in different

    places. But itching is not going to make your

    intelligence more pure, more clear, more far-reaching.

    That's why in meditation it becomes a disturbance. It

    is your old habit, so you go on being curious about

    everything, what it is.

  • All very true!

    Thank you again!

    Just clarifying I reread what I wrote and went I meant was:

    Is my mother and my ex husband in contact with each other?

    I guess to say I am sure he speaks with his mother, but I've just had this feeling that possibly my mother and my ex are speaking.

    Most certainly right however, must not keep focusing on the same thing day after day, wondering this that the other and if just need to take it as it comes and enjoy the present!


  • cns143,

    Is my mother and my ex husband in contact with each other? Yes.

    It happened once Osho was staying in a house in calcutta

    and there was a poets' gathering -- a woman poets'

    gathering -- so from all over the country, thirty women

    poets had gathered there. His host was going, and he

    said, 'Would you like, sir, to come with me? It is

    going to be something beautiful.' I said, 'You simply

    go and tell me one thing: if you can find any beautiful

    poetess there, tell me.'

    He said, 'But why you are interested?' Osho said, 'Just

    go and come back and tell me.'

    He came and he said, 'It is amazing -- not a single

    woman was beautiful... all the thirty, very homely and

    ordinary.' He said, 'But why did you ask?'

    Osho said, 'I was just enquiring as to whether ever any

    beautiful woman would do anything beautiful. They never

    do! They think the body is enough -- finished!'

    So take it as an opportunity.

  • Indeed, beauty definitely within!

    And wouldn't you know his wife calls and texts me on the phone yesterday like a madwomen, making herself look bad. I calmly wrote him an email explaining no drama for me please! Hopefully he will in time see the truths!

    God bless you & thank you.

    BTW I had never read or head of OSHO, indeed it has been a blessing just to come across the information that you have sent. You have made me smile and think! For that you are a new friend!

    MUCH APPRECIATED & THANK YOU for being so kind to help me!

  • Thank you cns143,

    I love to be a new friend, especially because of Osho.

    Women in general are more physical, more grounded, and have more

    of a sense of their body. Women, I don't think, believe

    much in the soul, because they cannot see any soul in

    the mirror. What they cannot see in the mirror is just

    stupid men's idea. And all women know that these men

    all go on playing with words and philosophy and

    religion. The woman is not interested in these things.

    She is more interested in the gossip, in juicy things;

    what is happening in the neighborhood, who has

    purchased a new car and who has purchased new clothes

    and who has made a new house.

  • Happy belated birthday greetings Hans!

  • Thank you stclaire!

    The church was having trouble raising its annual

    budget. A member of the congregation, an electrician,

    came up with a great idea. He said, 'We will wire all

    of the seats and then, when our chairman of

    fund-raising asks for pledges on Sunday morning we will

    follow something like the following procedure: we will

    ask, "Will all those who will pledge five dollars a

    week please stand up?" And then the electrician will

    punch the five dollars button.' They went through this

    procedure up to what they felt would be the maximum

    limits of some to pledge.

    After the congregation had been dismissed, in the

    back row they found that the only Scottish member of

    the congregation had been electrocuted!

  • She is also interested in peace and love that knows no bounds. A love that is strong, endless, pure, forgiving and kind. It is indeed hard to see the soul though it is funny I have used that one on other....look in the mirror if you do not like what you see you are the only one that can change it. It is indeed the inside it is a shame we get confused with all of the distraction on the outside and what is around us. I guess the best thing to say is the eyes are the windows to the soul and the heart must be lead by the soul even whenever we can still not see it!

    Loved the latest story, poor Scottsman! Curse his kilt!! :0)

    BTW......lots of drama yesterday. I believe his wife called social services on my to try to stop me from getting financial help as well as so they could continue to not pay child support. Would I be right on this?

    On another subject a move is in the making any idea of when the right home may come around?

    Thank you once again for thoughts and OSHO! How I must get closer to the basics of life! Indeed that is why I am hoping to find a home in the country, maybe by a lake or something to just be able to sit back pray and enjoy life and forget the drama it sometimes brings!

    Oh and most certainly I wish you a happy late birthday and many more!


  • I would really like to get some insight into the possibilities of a new love relationship with a man I have a first date with on the 21st. We just started talking on an online dating venue and for the first time in years for me, we just have really clicked. I have trust issues that I realize I still suffer from because of past abuse, and I don't want them to get in the way of good judgement and blow it if this is a real potential for me. This whole dating thing is a huge step for me and I'm having too much anxiety - also about sex! My dob is: 1/13/57, he is 49 and a Sagittarius.

  • I meant to say which was 'blanked' out is that I have great worries about having a physical relationship due to a possible physical/health issue (not STD!). Hopefully that will go through better. Thank you again.

  • Thank you cns143,

    Would I be right on this? Yes.

    any idea of when the right home may come around? when you cannot find your origin any more.

    Do not cling to anything,

    to any idea,

    because clinging is the bondage.

    Even if one is clinging to the idea of

    liberation --

    one will be in bondage.

    With clinging meditation is impossible

    because clinging is mind -- the bondage,

    and no-clinging is meditation --

    the freedom.

    In the BOOK OF AMU DARIA there is an old Sufi


    Once upon a time there was a monkey

    who was very fond of cherries.

    One day he saw a delicious looking cherry

    and came down from his tree to get it,

    but the fruit turned out to be in a clear glass


    so he had to put his hand into the bottle to get

    it out.

    As soon as he had done so he closed his hand over

    the cherry

    but then he found

    that he could not withdraw his fist holding the


    because it was larger than the internal dimensions

    of the bottle's neck.

    Now all this was deliberate

    because the cherry in the bottle was a trap laid

    by a monkey hunter

    who knew how monkeys think.

    The hunter, hearing the monkey's whimperings, came


    and the monkey tried to run away,

    but because his hand was, as he thought,

    stuck in the bottle.

    he could not move fast enough to escape.

    But as he thought he still had hold of the cherry

    he consoled himself.

    The hunter picked him up

    and tapped the monkey sharply on the elbow

    making him suddenly relax his hold on the fruit.

    The monkey was now free --

    but he was captured.

    The hunter had used the cherry and the bottle

    and he still had them.

    This monkey-way of thinking is the mind-way also!

    And in the end when death, the hunter, comes

    everyone is found caught in his own bottle.

    Remember, before the hunter comes

    make sure your hand is out of the bottle!

  • atuxivart,

    I would really like to get some insight into the possibilities of a new love relationship with a man I have a first date with on the 21st: You are just indecisive, hanging between yes and no.

    My dob is: 1/13/57: but there is a powerful stabilizing influence present, so you can bet there will be some sort of settling of accounts. Though this usually takes the form of financial debts being paid or repaid, it can manifest in payments of other forms of 'value'. This will also encourage you to make compromises where money is concerned and to take full responsibility for all your debts and actions that involve exchange of value.

    All our worries are about small

    things. You have never worried about anything great.

    Just look back and you will not find a single thing

    about which you can say, "It was great that I worried

    about it" -- just very small things.

  • Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your gift. I understand your answer completely...I think! Thanks again!

  • atuxivart,

    Rena went into the city clerk's office to report the

    birth of her sixth child.

    "But, miss, this is your sixth child by the same

    father," said the clerk. "Why don't you marry him?"

    "Are you jivin'?" replied Rena. "I don't even like the


    But people have to do something; they can't just sit.

  • Hi Hans!

    I had a reading with you back in March. I would like to ask you questions again if its ok?

    Back then I asked if things would develop in my love life soon, and you said no... You were right, I am still waiting... 🙂

    I really would like to move on with my life, find a love partner or develop things with the man I currently care about. Is that possible and when?

    I asked you whether I should move on? And you said no.

    But when I asked whther I would marry this current guy, you said no... I got confused.

    So do you mean I will have a relationship with the guy I care about currently, but I will not marry him? His name starts with P..

    Who is the person I will marry then? Do I know him?

    Anything else that you can tell me about near future?

    Back in March you said, ' You do not want to see the great, all-encompassing strength of your nature'....

    You were right, I want things to move forward, yet I am waiting patiently for things to come to me... I am amazed at the patience levels that I do have, I did not know I could be this patient. But it is killing me at times. I want this punishment to end....Yet I know this is necesarry for both me and him, this phase is imporant for us to learn our lessons. Out of this I feel great things can come... I love this man dearly, and I feel he has feelings for me as well.. when will he stop procrastinating and communicate with me?

    I know for sure this cannot go on like this... i am at the end of my rope right now... Nothing seems to be of interest to me... I used to love reading books, I used to be so creative, but its all uninteresting to me.... I need a change...

    Sorry for this post, it became sooo long...Please Hans just give me some advice if you can...

    I appreciate any help you can give me...

    My dob Jan 4, 1979...

    thank you and kind regards...


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