Aries woman heart broken over aquarius man

  • Hi my bday is 4-1-1978 his bday is 2-2-1972. We had such an awesome connection at first. He became very distant and cold, changed drastically. I have tried to hold in there in hopes things would change for the better but still have not. He can sense my frustration and is making things even worse. Dont know what to do at this point very sad and confused. Need advice, would be greatly appreciated!!

  • JJon, this relationship is better for companionship rather than a deeper commitment. You both have a frank, open and spontaneous outlook and can be magnetically attracted to each other at first sight and form an immediate bond. Yet your relationship often shows a need to confront the dark or shadow side of life and may probe realms that are deeply emotional, even troubled. Your particular combination is very communication-oriented, so its exploration will usually occur in the form of long discussions or debates. The relationship also carries with it a hidden but rather rigid structure of mental rules and obligations that will tend to make both of you uncomfortable.

    If the relationship can be kept light and not seek any deeper involvement, you two can make excellent acquaintances or friends, sharing many of life's pleasures. Problems arise if you pursue a love affair or seek to live together, because then your interactions will be more complex and, often, disturbing. Conflicts will occur should you compete verbally for the attention of others. You would find it difficult or well nigh impossible to function together on a close daily basis - each person would seek to steal the spotlight away from the other. Marriage therefore would be unlikely to work well, since neither of you would want to assume a more mature or responsible role. Your friend doesn't look for problems and he doesn't find a relationship with you easy to deal with, filled as you are with contrasting moods and outspoken atittudes. In a love affair, you want passion and enthusiasm and would become dissatisfied and frustrated by his insistence on an easy sensuality. Being the more dynamic, you would also come to resent what you see as his cloying and retarding influences in your career.

  • The Captain:

    Thank you for giving me your time. Im greatly appreciative!!

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