Calling HansWolfgang for a Reading, please :)

  • If you are available HansWolfgang, could you please give me a reading? I like the way you approach scenarios and are really to the point with your readings... Thank you in advance 🙂

  • LovelyLibra987,

    please give me a reading? you are trying to be the only and greatest couple in the world.

    It is not possible to live your whole life in misery,

    then suddenly one day you knock on the doors of God

    .... Jesus says: Knock and the doors shall be opened

    .... True, but where will you find the doors? Unless

    you are tremendously blissful you will not find the

    doors. They are found only in great joy, they are found

    only in ecstasy. When you are dancing to such intensity

    that the dancer has melted into it, when you are

    singing with such passion that the singer is no more

    there, only the song -- that is the moment when you

    find the door. Then certainly Jesus is right: Knock and

    the door shall be opened. In fact there is no need to

    knock, the doors are always open. God is always

    standing there waiting to welcome you home.

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