Energy Patterns Changing in the House

  • YES YES AND YES! It affects people in different ways--people afraid of their energy may get anxiety attacks--like hoarders it is like a drug that stifles feelings as clutter is an energy zapper. But for normal people it is so freeing! Also in feng shui different areas affect different parts of your life but also in general you should be feeling better--more energetic AND when you make space the universe brings new things into your life--I love a good purge! I donate often and after donating I often find something beautiful at a bargain. I gift things that are nice and hard to part with but need to go. I love that feeling after cleaning my room and getting rid of excess--it accumalates faster than we think. My mother and sister are hoarders--it's a horrible disease! To go in a stuffed chaotic house feels suffocating. I also love letting in light for energy boost--- It feels good to let some light in--I love pretty lamps and use those energy saver bulbs so not to feel guilty. Your space really does reflect your life. Let us know any changes you see the next few weeks. I can't be the only one who feels the connection. Blessings!

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