Energy Patterns Changing in the House

  • Good for you - congrats! I am pretty sure I have some stuff like that in an old dresser in my attic. I literally emptied my closet in the bedroom in the spring, I was just tossing stuff over my shoulders like you wouldn't believe. Shoes, work clothes - everything. The other things I got rid of were the wedding sets from my 2 marriages and some jewelry my 1st H gave me. Didn't wear them much when we were together and haven't worn them for years. What little $$ I got for them was much nicer than seeing them in the house still. I am sometimes too sentimental for my own good, and this spring I got the swift kick in the butt I needed to get over that.

    It is SUCH a good feeling, so FREEING to have that stuff gone. I did find some Feng Shui books in the library today and will curl up with them tonight and think about the house itself. 🙂

  • I discovered tonight that I donated so many clothes I am kind of lacking for "nicer" work functions. And more specifically I have summer and winter items but not much in between!

    a) I have to go through the remainder of the pile on the hope chest

    b) I need to donate a bunch more tops

    c) I need to buy maybe 2 more to take their place.

    Life is good. 🙂


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