Energy Patterns Changing in the House

  • Hi Everyone,

    I recently was able to clean out two rooms with major junk stored in them. The basement and a bedroom. There had to be at least 18 years of junk in there but it's all gone now. I noticed that the energy in the house seems to be changing. I guess I was so used to the clutter, it now seems like something is missing.

    Wanted to know if energy changes dramatically when you've uncluttered rooms?

    Thanks in Advance,


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  • Be minddful of good energy and you will sell fast and get a good price. When the new owners walk in they want to feel at home but not part of someone elses life so it's wise to clear out too many personal things---give them room to envision their things and life in at. Your extra work will pay off. Before a look through fill your house with the smell of coffee or fresh baked something sweet.. Most realtors say kitchen's and bathrooms sell houses. I really get the feeling a relative passed over is out finding the perfect new owners---these new owners will be hand picked and it won't hurt to be ready with an inviting energy to seel the deal. I so love the FALL too as dmick59 says--it's my favorite time--open the windows--all the movement rustling the trees--the blackbirds in crowds outside making a ruckus. I feel like cleaning out some cabinets and closets!

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  • Hello Blmoon

    I was just reading what you guys was talking about.So weird that Coffeegem brought this up. Because I was just talking about my apt. I moved into a apt that was empty for about a year. And lately I have had the feeling that I need to do something with the apt. Like I need to clean it out. Like cleanse it or something. Because too me it has a very weird feeling. And my son had been saying that he was seeing things when he got up in the night. And I thought that something was moved in my living room a lamp. I was thinking when I get my money I was going to do something for my apt. Maybe find some candles and maybe that will clean what ever this feeling is. My apt is very nice and not clutter so I don't think that is it. I just know that I have to do something with my apt to make it feel like it did before.


  • Omg i couldnt agreee more withthis post !!

    Cleaning to me, is sooo therapuetic, i try to clear my room alot nd the energy changes soo much. I experience a lot of 'connections' with spirit energy and it always tends to occur right after a dramatic change in clutter from my bedroom.

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  • Hello CoffeeGem

    Just about everything in here is new. I think that because the apt was empty for so long that it needed to be cleansed before we moved in. But I did not know that till the other day because my baby told me the reason why he won't go any where in the house in the night is because he sees things. And I have to agree with him about because some times I see things too myself. Like I can be sitting at the computer and it would llook like somebody just walked by, or my boys would come and say did you just call me. I would be on the computer with my headphones on and had not say a word. So that is why I know now that I have to do something in the house. And I was hoping that maybe somebody could help me with that. But I am doing some cleaning today. After I finish my homework. Thanks Illona

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  • Hi CoffeeGem, I am about to smudge my bedroom. I made my own smudge stick, I found out how to do it on a native red indian site. I just got loads of sage that had been growing in my garden and wrapped it tightly in string to form a stick and hung it up to dry. I am just waiting for it to dry completely so that it will burn properly. I have read that 'Smudging, done correctly, can bring physical, spiritual and emotional balance.' I will let you know how it goes when I do it. Love and light 🙂

  • Hi IIIona,

    It sounds like to me that you supect that there is spirit in your apartment. I tell you what you can do for a cleansing. Buy some sage incense and burn it in everyroom or move one stick as it is burning to every room around the dwelling. Sage is clearing, also sea salt your rooms, in the corners and doorways. Let us know if this works for you. Garlic salt will help also as long as you can stand the smell.

  • I'm happy for anyone feeling the good energy after clearing it out! I have never felt really comfortable with my currant home because of the way everything seemed to break so easy, the design of the house has always bothered me as well,the lack of functional space, but my boyfriend thinks I'm just being picky, so I am determined to bring about as much positive energy as possible.

  • Hello Shuabby

    I will try what you told me. And I can get some sea salt because I live

    not too far from the beach and I will do that. So when I get the sea salt

    how do I use that. I will get some sage incense and burn that though the

    house. Thanks again.


  • Thanks for such a great post.

    I remember when I was a kid I always had trouble sleeping the night after I did a big clean up. I guess it's a feng shui connection 🙂

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  • Sounds like you've done a good job. What's to gripe about? Isn't it a nice feeling to not have the tension of old issues holding you down. Breathe. Take a nice deep breath and enjoy the new energy you are creating, it can be remarkable, harmony, it's almost musical .....LOL Hope things continue to improve for you and your siblings it sounds like you have done a very good thing.

  • I agree too much "stuff" can make me restless and a good cleaning completely energizes me!

    I can probably term my exh as a hoarder and boy did he hoard BIG things. I swear he never threw away a cardboard box (have gotten rid of at least 2 pickup bed fulls). Lucky me, he also left me most of his junk when he moved out almost 2 years ago. In July I filled a dumpster AND brought over 2400 lbs of scrap metal to the junk yard. That was after 8 straight mos of using my own trash pail (overflowing every week from Thanksgiving - June) and my neighbors dumpster. I was so overwhelmed in June I broke down in front of my parents who said if he didn't pay for the dumpster, THEY would (he did). I still need 1-2 more.

    While I know I have removed a LOT I am still nowhere near done. I desperately need to repaint a room to feel energized once again. I cannot wait until I am living with what little stuff I want to have, so I can feel peaceful in my own space again.

    I will have to look into the Feng Shui books mentioned, figure while I am moving stuff around and painting, I should do it in the best way possible. 🙂 Thanks for the great thread!


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