• Hi

    Im torn between what my psychic sense tells me and what common sense pushes me to do.

    My psychic sense says relocation will come instead of education but my common sense, which i wish to whoop its arse, goes all its the wise thing to do ladi ya ya blarh!

    Education im signed on to styarts aug 31st 2010, but i feel changes moving suddenly at lightning speed and that i wont even get to start but by then am i making my home elsewhere, different country house state u name it. its excites me

    many are happy for me on education and some to the sense that i feel trapped n nausious. in past when people did this i was submitted to inhuman conditions both workwise as well as psychological psychiatric wise.

    Plz psychics, readers plz tellme what you see fell get. Im a pisces march 10 1972 born.


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