• The message is once you decide that there is no room for less than what you want & deserve....

    in comes the one you have been waiting for...and he said so very very Queen Kush--Kush was SO RIGHT....I did not expect this gift and OH is it ever GOOD

    Now ladies...may I introduce you to my friend Cupid?

  • Hi Cupid, any message for me?

    By the way Rising Rivers of loooveeee q for u. do ya do dreams?

  • do them as in have them ?

  • chrissiecat SiSTAR--I LOOOOVE you!

    You are being SUCH a lil-wise wise-butt to our Queen--can I start to train you as relief-jester???

    Because..I may be a lil busy sometimes--& what will our Queen Macademia do without the Wise-Jester?

    My Queen--why yes--I have dreams all the time...and I've studied dreams fairly extensively from a number of cultural perspectives & as an artist who's always worked with metaphor..if you want to lay it out..why this Jester will be glad to take a look...

    but you must promise to stop banishing all the annoying ones to Delphi...I still go visit the Pythia who took over for me--she and Apollo are getting kind of bugged....

    And my Queen...Cupid DOES love us all--

    but you might want to get rid of the polyester wrap, put on your favorite color silk one and PURRRRRRRR as sweetly as you can for him....

    he is that kind of lil winged angel....

  • Cupid sweet cupid clever cupid wise cupid, lend me ur ear n advice me.

    Rising the dream has a starting point n ill hand u takes on what i think it may mean BUT i´d still like ur take onit,

    last time i spoke to ma i told monday i send in the paper work to get the union aid n tuesday i hafta call in ill as ive been ill 14 days by then, mom flat out spat u do that n return to work tuesday n report well again, that way u dont need to call the union. it stung bc its typical her. whenever we´re ill she wants us well before we is. we call it work flaw n personality by trade flaw. im not gonna bc if im not well im not well n u cant hurry illness like this. no one can not even docs.

    I also spoke to my bro´s wife n she mentioned 10 days n thats 1½ weeks . that also stuck as i slept.

    anyhews it was this i had in mind as i fell asleep. I dreamt we was at docs n mom spat i needed surgery too, on me left eye as i couldnt see out of it. i looked at her bc up till she said i couldnt, so as i looked at her it was indeed semi close to shut.

    SMACK scene at icecream bar, sis asked how many of us wanted icecream cones with scoops init. i saw chocolate icecream in various colors n other flavors, n ended by the cone stand, where one had gotten an ice, i guess her kid. useally the icecream is good but here it was frozen chopped cubes, liek ice chips the kinds us woman get when in labour? my sis swamped by me n the one holding the cones said its not 3 its 1½ n again i saw it, cones as cones r, 1½ something bluishgreen rest ice chips. more blue now i think of it

    then i awoke.

    the eye thing i think is moms interpretation of all i do see n say, distorted limited somehow.

    the ice chips i feel r what will happen when i aiont continuing with plan b which is the education ............ the blue as in charlies eyes as in trust the blue eyes ........... i dunno

    can u help?

  • My My, you have all been verybusy, this is such a beautiful spot to lay my head...

    Now sweet Angels, I have some pics to share do not fight over them my pretty ones..

    I think that is it for now,

    hugs, blessings,loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee






  • the lioness has pick a special one for herself....




  • i luuuuuuuuuuv the dolphin one omg!

  • ok cwb you have claimed the special Dolphins for your more for the Queen,

    are you feeling better CWB?

  • Some i reckon energy is sparse still. lovely dolphin schatzy lol thanx


  • sweeties! definitely love all of them, but always share first, mine's what's left

  • My Queen I am exhausted from a loooong day of working, filming, and a still shoot--amazing how long it takes to get just a few minutes of good film!

    now I must go wash off the make-up I so rarely wear....otherwise I'll awaken with BOTH eyes swelled like your left one in your dream!

    My apologies..I'm SO brain-dead after my long but very productive day... I must make you wait for my take on your dream til I have a good sleep and can do more than register the words...

    shatzy--THANK YOU for the beautiful Wolf & Tiger....I'm crawling off to my chambers now...what a good thing my Wolf is off on a mission of his own....I am SO tired....I'll come out rested tomorrow and see what I can see about this dream Queen Nut. I hope you are feeling better...

  • hi rising

    ye some , some n no prob sleep sleep sleeeeeeppp i need some too lol

  • CharmedWitchBente my Dear Queen NUT:

    #1--Food poisoning BITES--I’ve had it--as the toxins run through your entire system--they play all kinds of havoc with your Body-Mind-Spirit--for we are all that in One & though we can astral travel in Spirit--we are here in a corporeal Body for a REASON; what plays havoc with the Body-hits & affects the Mind & Spirit too. It’s struck me since you first told us about the food poisoning--your food poisoning was no co-incidence at this moment in time.

    #2--the Dream: You’re only seeing HALF of what you need to be seeing. It’s not seeing from 2 eyes--it’s seeing from one eye. Sis says--it’s not 3 it’s 1 and a half

    As I read this and sat with it I immediately get: you are so focussed on Charlie you are half-blinded--and none of this--besides your obsessing--what’s coming up for you is really about not Charlie at all.

    Know you don’t want to hear that but that’s what I’m getting LOUD & CLEAR.

    My Queen--the Vomitorium awaits for you to RELEASE a LOT of bad stuff.

    This is stuff you may have thought you’d already dealt or are already dealing with--but there’s something SO deep-seated you’ve NOT let go..and here--something tells me it’s from a past life that has continued into this one.

    This may give clarity on why you’re not letting the idea of Charlie go.

    This is flowing not from me--sorry to call Charlie an idea (that apology’s from me personally--I know he’s a person to you) but Spirit is calling him an IDEA--not a person--this is very clear. He is important as something--oh and now I get it--remember I said some time ago--there was something you two had to work through in this life that had to do with a past life? And that once you did--you would part?

    It now appears he’s not gonna work it through this lifetime--you may have to come back again in another lifetime to work it through. Spirit says the time for it in this one is gone & you’ve been released from it.

    I’m also getting that your own stubbornness is partially at at fault for your back pain, illness, & the dream. You REALLY wanted to work it through this life ‘round and you are mad-mad-mad that he blew it. (I know what THAT feels like too SiSTAR!!!!)

    But my message is CLEAR. That moment is past--it IS time for your to be making endings and getting ready for what’s coming in September. You WILL be don’t worry too much about your least not where you are now.

    The ice-chips instead of ice-cream.

    You go in wanting/expecting ONE thing--satisfying, delicious, creamy CHOCOLATE.

    And it turns out to be something different altogether--and only HALF of what you thought you were getting.

    You’re right about connecting the blue ice to blue eyes--but it’s NOT “trust his blue eyes”--it’s “thought it was delicious creamy sweet chocolate--and its chunks of blue ice.” What does THAT say to you???? Not even that nice Hawaiian shaved ice--but chunks--chips of it. You will not get what your lower-self wants here.

    This part is very clear. For some reason--you’re not seeing that a lot of what you’ve been accepting in life for yourself--including your focus on Charlie-- is only HALF of what you want--only HALF what you are SUPPOSED to have in this lifetime--

    Your desire to just get it done & get it done right--& being so mad & disgusted that it won’t get worked out this time around is blinding you. Again--you are only HALF blind.

    Wow--this just flowed in just like tha. So I’m not gonna edit it to make it “better language”--I’m leaving it just as it flowed into me.

    Can’t be more specific than that--you have to be with this in silence--ask yourself & your guides--or more likely DREAM on it...

    have a pad by your bed and when you awaken--immediately write down your impressions, you memories--BUT WRITE THEM DOWN IN THE PRESENT TENSE--not worrying about WHAT you write--it is the writing it fresh from Dreamland in the present tense

    (“I am in doc’s office with Ma. Doc says this. Mom says this. Now she goes to the wall and moves painting...”) is how it needs to be recorded.

    Then go have breakfast. Come back to it. I think you will be surprised.

    Part of the family BS--the message you get from Mom & others is “DON’T take care of yourself”--”oh THAT’s a LONG time to be taking off.”

    Sounds like that’s something you grew up with (like me, like a lot of us--like we don’t deserve to get what we need & must be dutiful.) This feels to me like part of what the food poisoning is shocking your system into releasing.

    I get very strongly--that it’s something so deeply set in you that the serious PURGE you’re experiencing (like I said I’ve HAD food poisoning--so I know how awful & intense the purging it is!) is releasing stuff you repressed consciously & on the mental/emotional/spiritual clarity side--so it stuffed into your Body.

    Your BACK problem is part of this too. Did you know that the back problem is known to be a manifestation of a feeling of LACK of SUPPORT??? I get that once you do the releasing work on whatever this is for you--your back problem will just go away.

    Use this Merc retrograde to clean your psychic house my Queen--this is something only you can do. Something BIG's coming your way--but if you don’t have the room for it or are holding on to old may miss the boat. Be ready.

    It’s NOT about Charlie for you.

  • Wow! That was INTENSE...can I have a massage now please??? Actually no...

    I just got up and literally shook my body out--and I now feel very energized.

    THTA is the message Spirit has for you. CWB. Get unstuck and all will be WELL.

    More WELL than you can IMAGINE.

  • Thanx Rising, i didnt feel charlie in teh dream at all thats just my take onit n helloooo i can be off,. blue eyes is also known for naivity, as in stoip being so damn naive. Well i too often am naive whwn it comes to family. as in this is bad for me but fuck its family. so it can also be the blue as in bente stop being naive open ur blues n SEE!. n this part makes more sense in all rest u said than charlie n that felt ahm out of waCK LOL

    i just love the guy sue me LMAO'

    thanx again hon i owe u

  • know what you mean there just vented on the other thread now I need a furfriend to help me sleep, it'snearly 2.30 am hereand hubby is sleeping like a chubby, snoring baby, has been since half eight boy do I envy his ability to sleep, anytime any place, even on creased sheets, I just cant and the thing I've been venting about is driving me mad

  • It so peaceful from Shatzy's little window in the birthday room.... Thank you CWB for the lovely view...

  • I came down to gaze at the beautiful sky so peacefull and magical...

    I wish you could all join me...So when you need a rest from your busy lives, come have a look...

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