• Ahm sorry NOOOO modern music allowed.THIS is ROMAN style, ancient Rome that is. Sorry


  • Oh LUTES---LUTES!!!

    and if we get our poetic555 to work--maybe she can get some classic poet's in here occasionally to lull us in to comfort?

    At first Queen Nut--I thought you had a problem with Bon Jovi & friends coming in--they're coming here AFTER our show in the other room--solely to get Decadently PAMPERED!

    I think Venus & Juno will approve...shucks--even Cupid will be pleased!

    Flashy--no worries--we have another room all those other artists can perform for us in--wanna handle the booking?

    and speaking of Cupid...Cupid darlin' could I have a word with you--let's step into my chambers if you would--that's just my Big Cats purring you hear....

  • Oh OOOOOHH what cupid do now?

  • Speaking of music, i dont mind hendrix, jovi, beethoven n such, just not in the Roman Decadence palace.

  • what about some statues around the place ?

  • lovely lilac, what kinds? Hmmm must b rOMAN GODS N GODDESSES. THEN AGAIN they DID take over many of the greek ones lol

  • ROARRR...a new me is emerging!!!....I'm strolling into the fountain of youth....(just down the end of the marbled hall, second door on the left)...the most spectacular sight I have ever seen....

    walls of pure gold, Statues of pure gold in every beautiful image you can imagine!, bright sparkling Pure CRYSTAL pillars of the most ornate style anyone could imagine!...I walk a little further, a breathtakingly handsome muscular man approaches me, he has the most wonderful shade of sun kissed skin, dressed all in white robes stitched with gold thread, a band of ornate leaves and grapes in glittering gold adorns his head of beautiful blonde hair, his eyes shine like big blue whirlpools that bore deep into my soul, he reaches for my hand and leads me to the "fountain of youth"...we step in, hand in hand, sparkling white lights swirling around and around...we gaze into each others eyes, he slips his big strong arms around me and whispers, we now will...???.......................

    and now folks, what does my Roman God whisper to me???....I can't wait for your

    but in the meantime I better get cold shower and meditate to ground myself.....LOL

  • Dear Cwb,

    I was gonna suggest Aphrodite and Adonis but then i realised their greek, i'll have to do some surfing and see if i can find any roman ones .

  • I found apollo the god of the sun,poetry, music and oracles

    Bacchus the god of wine

    jupiter king of the gods and the god of sky and rain

    Neptune god of the sea

    Vesta goddessof the hearth and the roman state

    mercury the messenger of the gods and the god of commerce and finance

    abundita goddess of prosperity and abundance

    they are just a few that i found

  • there were plenty more but i dont know how to copy the website to put the link on here not very good with computers

  • Hail ABUNDITA--who brings us all what we need in Abundance & Prosperity & to furnish our beautiful Palace of Decadence! May all the Gods & Goddesses be PLEASED!

    Hail Juno! Hail Jupiter! & Hail to my Apollo--beloved of the Goddess & the Muses, bringer of Sun & Music, and oh-so many things:-) Hail Bacchus & all of you minions--those satrys who are tickling our HealingWays and bringing her back to life:-)

    Hail Mercury--and may you bring all all thru this coming retro WELL!

    and HAIL CUPID--who's opened up communication that's been stalled & bringing opportunity to TCB on B that's been shelved for the last few MONTHS--making it crucial to focus on the B while spending time in the same space--renewing a connection that's been interrupted by necessary experience & growth (on both our sides I may say....)

    and THANK YOU Cupid Beloved & much appreciated for the LOVE that's being expressed to me in droves--from faraway places & near....

    Hail Neptune & all of your Daughters who we shall swim with in the ocean just ouside this wondrous Palace of Pampering...

    and Hail All Who Enter Here & Create!

    HealingWays my Love--wonderful creating--thank you--wonderful addition--but I'm not so sure you should post THAT particular story in Bee's little Hive--it may get pretty racy....what's he whispering? WHat/ do I hear some purring after the ROOOARRRRR? Goooooood!

    Now I retire to my room with walls of black & green pearl & amber & my Big Cats with...Cupid....

    we have bit to work on, drink deep from the well...& some work to do...tomorrow should be interesting...the first time in quite some time that time will be spent just us two with no one else around or likely to come.......hmmmmmmm Cupid?

  • Ooooooops....I already did it (I'M RED FACED NOW)....oh dear!!!....Oh shame on me....

    I don't know what he's whispering...thats why I ask all you wonderful creators tell

    maybe some just "sweet nothings" to calm it all down...LOL

    now I'm off to lick my wounds...and then

  • Since we're in the decadent Roman room with all those Bacchanilian satyrs--HealingWays--you don't have to do it all yourself........

    JUST keep PURRRRING!!!!

    So how's this for cosmic? I call in Cupid for a private conference----and very shortly afterwards--communication that's been stalled for more than a month--comes in loud & clear and has continued! Though even better--work that was to happen tomorrow--is now pushed off for sometime in the next few days--because HIS REAL WORK is RE-STARTING--no more scrabbling for temporary while waiting for the real work to start up again! So we'll know tomorrow WHEN....& I bet once these weird tough aspects the planets are making--towards Thursday-Friday which are MUCH better.....

    AND WHAT ELSE??? My mysterious FB friend in another country who's been declaring love and sendingme art, music, poetry, rmonatic sweet nothings---sent me a photograph of a pieve in a famous museum of WHO--a classic sculpute of Cupid & Psyche!!!!

    OH THANK YOU CUPID you DARLIN' DEAR!!!! C'mon in my chamber so I can give you a nice rubdown with frangrent oils and fluff up your wings & you can keep it all coming...... 🙂

  • Well Cupid...guess it's just you and me in here...NO ONE'S BEEN IN HERE ALMOST A WHOLE DAY!!!!!

    Just as well--we've got the WHOLE PLACE to ourselves!

    You are just such a sweet Godlet..sending me my mysterious FB friend to whisper all these sweet virtual nothings & send me music & poetery & flowers....

    Ah...yes here's some fruit for us--thank you Waiter.....and can you have them sprinkle some honeysuckle flowers in the mineral baths for us? I think we may take a little dunk--what do you say Cupid? We can just relax..would you like some music? Ahhhh..there are the lute players

    in the gardens...NICE...did YOU do that?

    Now let's talk about this one who got scared but is now carefully re-connecting and this other one who comes virtually from afar saying he intends to fill my life with flowers and love.....does one have anything to do with the other? Where are you going with all of this?

  • Sorry i was monitoring our aquaduct / bridge build to the isle we have. Did you know the isle resembles a carribean isle??? oh yea sand so white its incredible, ocean so turqouise it hurts ya eyes. palms trees , small waterfalls, a lake n uhh ..................... shame to build anything here, BUT non the less its what will be done. On this isle will be a small temple like building, it will be our ROMAN DECADENCE BIRTHDAY TEMPLE.

    Here no wishes r to great n first to use it once its done is SCHATZY.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCHATZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I reckon it will be built in ................uhm 48 hours time unless u wish me to withdraw workers from the aquaduct / bridge , then uhm 24 i reckon or 12 hours.

    what u say?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHATZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear CWB,

    oh no please dont stop the workers i cant wait until its done

  • ahm dont stop them versu i cant wait???? uhm hmmm

  • Well HECK Queen Macademia--there wasn't even anyone IN here but me & Cupid for almost a whole 24 hours! So I say--pull all the workers you need to get that Birthday Temple BUILT ASAP for our Shatzy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHATZ!!! Wait til you SEE this Birthday Temple!!!

    Whoever comes in meantime--we've got plenty of food and drink...and fresh silken towels..and we'll just go short-staffed--even staffless til it's BUILT--they ought to get it up pretty quick, huh?

    I can take care of myself--& Cupid's flown off....not sure how far...local?

    Or to another time-zone, another country...not sure WHAT he has in mind for me...

    HOW long ago was it KushikimiKiba said "something really good you don't expect--in no longer than 6 weeks? And that the runes say "gift" but that's usually a person?"

  • ok rising tell me this cupid deal bc he must have great news to u n all else so, spread it lol

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