• A banquet table of a wide selection fresh perfectly ripe beautiful organic fruit from around the world, the most delicious clean waters from the most magical springs from around the world!

    Herbal tea's of the most delicious & healing kinds from around the world.

    In fact--may all foods, beverages, herbs, & fruit & nut butters & oils (for diffusion & rubs) be ORGANIC? Thank you.

    Freshly juiced juice (and yogurt smoothies-choice of cow milk, goat's milk, sheep's milk, made with cream-on-top, low-fat, & non-fat please, the sour cream for dipping fruit too!!!)

    with all the natural organic vitamins & supplements perfectly blended in exactly per the need of the individual ordering them--appearing just like that--without us having to think about it or decide? The Roman Genie just KNOWS!!!

    Beautiful MASSAGE staff with amazing gentle & strong hands that heal, soothe, nurture, and renew our bodies, who do energy work to balance our energies, and make us feel NEW & STRONG & PEACEFUL & ready for anything we need to do when we're ready to leave & come back into the world? Oh--and massage tools made of all the healing crystals that exist?

    An array of the BEST essential oil to diffuse--my personal fave's of the moment are Inspiration & Transformation!

    Hot pools (of different temperatures) & cold pools of NATURAL HOT & COLD SPRING WATERS--large enough to SWIM in with a mugwort pool too! Fragrant flower petals floating?

    Beautiful musicians with exotic string instruments softly playing (or not--as we like--but magically knowing when we want music & when we don't!) And Tibetan & crystal sound bowls?

    Holographic pods that change colors as desired/needed that appear to insulate us at will?

    Steam, dry (hot rock AND infra-red) and OH oxygen saunas made of crystal whose seats & benches adjust to JUST the right temperature & conform to each body's need? about the big Kahuna Genie who--while we're being healed & pampered--can tap into our Desired Ones wherever they may be to heal & balance & clarify them--releasing any obstacles or issues they may be having--so they are READY for us with passion, compassion, & OPEN to LOVE?

    Thank you...I think that's about it for now....oh! and instead of mints or someting like that...always full barrelfuls of whatever resources we need as we re-enter the real world at the exits.....

    and a GARDEN of fresh growing beautiful ALIVE HEALING plants, flowers, with periodic gentle perfect warm rains to make them even more fragrant?

  • How blissful i feel like im in heaven

  • Rising u just made the place sparkle. ..................................... now what does it look like? i mean the walls, the pool floors etc.

    i vote loads of lapiz lazuli´s, gold, aquamarines, turquise earth tones ............................

    Oh myyyy .................................. is that who i THINK IT IS???? not fireman u dork!

    Oh my ive not seen him ................ ohhh myyy ................YUM still hot today as then by GODDESSSES...................... sweet ..........cuse me im stepping on my tongue here

    ladies he n i will be in the ................uhm private vip section uhm we´ll be uhm err ye occupied

    ................................................ NOOOO not THAT ...............sheesshhhh get ya head from the gutters

    talks talks talks talks ................... i reckon heheheheehheeh

  • Oh I'm having SO much fun conjuring our lovely HUGE-yet-cozy baths & surroundings!!!

    THANK YOU my Queen NUT!

    I am quite enriched by this creating! A big AHHHH of satisfaction & joy of creation! Gets my juices flowing.....ready to go on to my work day--yes I know it's the assist the Abundance coming in need to keep working along....GREAT to have this place to come for R&R & the Magic Genie to have creation happen with no actual LABOR on my part!

    The walls--rock crystal--clear--so light can come through but not see-thru walls in saunas & rock crystal clear on the garden wall--so we can see the BEAUTIFUL array of greens of trees, bushes & vines & fruits & berries ripening--& rainbow colors of the FLOWERS from inside!

    LOVE the lapis lazuli gold's aquamarines, turquoises Queen Macademia--mosaic-ed beautifully (c'mon ladies--give us some help here--patterns???) for the pools & around.

    & BATH BOWLS of sapphire & emerald & clear crystal!!! And silken towels & wraps of all colors--of course!!!

    And for the private rooms--one with malachite walls (can't help it--that aristo-White Russian blood-think those old czarist palaces), one with walls of lapis---one amethyst (I know lilacrose will be spending a lot of time there! One of carnelian, one in many shades of JADE--THAT one MUST have a lotus mosaic patterned floor!!!

    ALL the rooms to have ceilings like our other club's observatory ceiling--that can open up to the planets & stars--or blue sky with clouds that talk to us if we're here for day-spa-use!

    And we MUST have a few rooms & areas with hematite worked into the floor mosaics--for grounding!


    C'mon visit Bee's Lil Hive if you need a shot of INSPIRATION then jump right back in here--what's YOUR DREAM chamber like???

    A very special RisingPhoenix room--of COURSE I'll share--but first dibbs when I NEED IT!!!

    -- of black pearl & green pearl & abalone & AMBERS--walls studded with AMBERS of every kind-- with red & gold-to-brown tigereye floors & lounging benches--one of those in JADE please--with fragrant green needles of many different pines strewn on the floors & constantly refreshed! With it's own small deep pool to draw water (& power) from & in which to scry--& a lovely small open fire area with a magic silent invisible ceiling-exhaust to keep the chamber from ever getting smokey even if the observatory ceilings closed!

    With gypsy-carpets of reds & blues to roll or unroll and silken sheets & pillows--of charcoals & emeralds & golds & of COURSE amazing rich shades of RED--yeah--that's it...

    You're all welcome to use it when I'm not in chambers SiSTARS--just make sure you have our gorgeous attendants make sure my tigers & panthers are not in there lounging between helping me along in the outer world!

    If you don't mind--you can feed them tidbits of raw meat from gold & silver platters the Genie provides--or invite them to lounge in the gardens for a bit if you'd prefer the room without big cat presence. But that chamber IS where they come rest too--no worries, when in chambers they're resting & sweet natured & getting much needed R & R themselves--just--they purr SO loud... BTW--ever wonder if BIG CATS like catnip???

    if link doesn't work--remember--highlight, copy, paste into browser.....

    Queen Macademia--is THAT WHO I THINK IT IS?????? Well...well....well...aren't things getting interesting?

    Can't WAIT to get the sharing of this part of your story--oh----that's right--I am now Divinely Patient

    --read that: Patient--not TOO patient--exactly just patient enough!!!) so I know we'll get the scoop in GOOD TIME.

    C'mon Ladies--we need some decorating help in here!!!!

  • Who do ya think it is Rising?

    --- cwb looking veeeeewwwyy innocent at Rising

  • How peaceful and wonderful.

  • JUst peeping out, my guest pop show up is amazed of the place. had some ideas.

    Uhm for pools bathing areas walls and floors mosaics of great scenes past, like heroes and heroines. troy, rome egypt sparta u name it. he is doing the drawings as we speak. He also has idea for that isle we own outside, we just need a bridge. I suggest an aquaduct with reuse water and a bridge in one. one do ya guys think? sturdy roman ´handy work.

  • Oh yes Cwb it sounds wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What about a glorious staircase like they had on the titanic

  • ohhh bridges----to CONNECT--& aqueducts--and RE-USE of water---and he's DRAWING??????

    Oh I LIKE THIS ONE CharmedWitchBente!!!! Sounds like a keeper to me......

    and lilacrose--how wondrful--a staircase to the STARS????

  • oh yes wouldnt that be wonderful a staircase to the stars with a constant flowing champagne fountain (ameythst of course)

  • Ahm that staircase SANK lilac, ........................ n if my past life memory serves me right was it not all that. They made a more beautiful one for the movie. Nuff said.

    Ahmm .................. hmmm

    Rising, i ask again, WHO do U think it is? my guest in MY vip lounge???? lol

  • Your old friend who'd disappeared but was due to make a comeback?

  • U know THE roman of all ROMANS???? i doubt he is due for a comeback lololol

    unless hmmm .................... hmmm elaborate rising lol

  • FRIENDS ROMANS COUNTRYMEN....pamper me, pamper me....

    but can I have the pampering when I come back?....I've got to make the tea!....LOL LOL


    see you soon....any one fancy one!! are you all still high on Amethyst Champaign?....:)

    (thought I would have a more fitting avatar to pop in here)

  • but of course healing, this places open 24 / 7 365 lol

  • LOVE the new avatar Healing!!!!

    Yes yes Amythyst Cristal....been a heck of a fine night.....and BTW the boys from Jersey & their Persian friend are gona be dropping by here--so I expect we'll be having some MORE of that Amethyst Cristal pouring--down that aquaduct maybe? you know these rock n rollers they LOVE that kind of showy Decadence...............and so far they're more fun & exciting than any of the hungry ones on the High Heels Club--what's up with that??? Are they just TRYING TOO HARD???? If only Jon wasn't married......I just don't play that.....

    how 'bout everyone just send a little "OK--freak-out transitioning time's done--now it's time to take the next level & leave the old one behind--no matter how hard all your old-level pals've been working to distract & sabotage you from where you were already stepping up to when they got wind of it" energy to the one I've had a lesson in patience with....part of the journey I guess--still keeping the faith......but he's really gonna have to move fast & work to win back where I was......& maybe that's part of the journey too.....

  • I will see you all soon, i need some cystals, about now, this sounds like a beautiful place for my past life I was a roman goddes, so i was told, I am celebrating my big 50 today with all my children together, i can't wait to get us all together again, its been sinCE Mother's day. My birthday is really the 10th of august...but the celebration of lights begin at noon.....I had such a beautifull weekend with my partner and my daughter, i laughed i cried, can you beleive how nutty i was...I gave up smoking , drinking coffee on my PMS week...Oh poor sag man didn't know what hit him, or my little girl,she snuck a phone call into her big brother to bring her mommy some coffee...I danced last night for the first time in7 years...My little girl sang two songs with a band playing at a house where we we at...the song was hey there Deilah,,,,,Beautifull angel singing,,,,So i'm off now to enjoy the festivities, but i will be back to cyber world soon my dear angels.

    You are all apart of my family now...So thank you God, for everyone..

    Hugs Sheila

  • Hmm...I think there should be fountains made of pure quartz....oooh! And maybe a little bay out back where we can swim with dolphins...(and maybe some mermaids? 😉 )

    And maybe we can have a music room, where the departed masters make guest appearances...(Mozart and Beethoven playing their own piano works...and Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon and many many others, of course...)

    And a chocolate fountain with plenty of delicious fruit to dunk in it!

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