Capricorn and sagitaurius

  • I am in love with a sagitarius. I have been wanting to be with him since July of last year. Taking it day by day. Well, he told me this week he only wants to be friends and I am so heart broken. I dont know how to act when I see him again. I want to be friends since that is what he wants for now,but it is hard to think about letting him go becuase he does have a piece of my heart, He is older than me. I have never been involved with a older man to begin with and I know he cares I just dont know if it is bad timing or what to do?? How do I mend a broken heart when I know in my heart him and I are meant to be, He is my one and brings my life full circle. He brings me so much happiness and I know patience is a virtue but what do I do to show him I still want him without being needy.

  • As a Capricorn, you long for a steady, supportive relationship.

    As a Sagittarius, he loves his freedom.

    Beyond your sun signs, there are many astrological factors (both in your individual charts, and in how they relate to each other) that determine just how much potential your relationship will or will not have.

    For years I was very much in love with someone who came in and out of my life a number of times. It wasn't until I compared our charts that I was able to understood where the attraction between us came from -- and why we are, ultimately, very incompatible. Through this, I was finally able to stop thinking something would ultimately come of this relationship and move on.

    A chart comparison will help you know what to do.

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