• We started a long distance relationship a little over a month ago it was so interesting, loving and fun. There was alot of contact for about the first three weeks instegated mostly by him, lots of pictures, texts and conversations about the future and seeing eachother spending time together. All of the sudden he became very distant and cold, I of course was baffled and talked to him about it. He said there was no change and that it was all in my head. VERY WIERD!! Me,being confused, tried to hang in there in hopes things would go back to the way they were. I was very uncomfortable with the new changes, a little hurt I would say. I told him I was done trying, didnt really want to be done with him at all. Now contact is few and far between, and very cold to say the least. I still find myself checking my phone all the time looking for some sort of contact. I feel very sad to have lost this connection with him and still dont know what really went wrong. If someone could offer some insight it would be very appreciated!! I just would like some understanding to the situation, it would make it alot easier to deal with rather than an open ended ending.....

  • This man has quick feet. as soon as it becomes too much trouble to answer your questions, and there feels that some questions and comments you made/asked to him got him to think twice about pursuing this further. since you 2 have not met physically, and a relationship needs to begin with contact in person. there is still too much about him you do not know, and would be good for you to not rush things quickly. you have a tendency to want to take control, and rush it. he is a good man, but he is emotionally detached. although this could be a good sign for you. you have to allow him to have freedom of movement. again, he is quick to end it,a nd move on. this one feels to be more into the sex, and is not looking for anything deep.


  • Ok, so he will not return to me???

    Should I assume this is completely over??

    1 more question: do you think he will contact me in October when he comes to my town again?

  • Hello JJon,

    I can tell you a lot of the Aries man personality. I have been married to one for 15 years and before him had a three year relationship with a Aries man.

    They are wonderful , loyal friends to have with a generous nature about them. If they like you and have a heart attachment, they will be there for you in a snap in most every way. They like mystery, intregue, do not cling or bore them in fact treat them somewhat cool and they will once again be interested as they love the chase. They can get bored easly , please keep this in mind. They like a woman that will stand her ground in most areas also. In the bedroom you have to keep it exciteing like cat and mouse sometimes. It depends on the birthdate as some of these men are born on a cusp. If you have his birthdate and full birthname than you may want to consult an astrologer to have a heads up with trying to have a relationship with the RAM.

  • Hi Shuabby:

    Thanks so much for the info but i am an aries woman and im looking to find out about a relationship i had with an aquarius man. I know all to well about us RAMS. lol

  • there will be periodic contact from him. I do feel yes, you will see him in October, but looks to be short visit. allow him to reconnect with you. let him go for now, he will come back around. I am not seeing long term, and depends on what your goals are. are you looking for serious or fun/casual. that is where you 2 have not decided yet. need to meet him first before you set your hopes up too high.

    otherwise you run the risk of major disappointment when your expectations are too high. be realistic would be good now.

    keep a good head on your shoulders and you won't run into heavy drama or emotional chaos. it's your life, and you want to be certain this person is worth your time.


  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    I have been wanting to ask you for a reading since a month or two ago but didn't get to it. I wonder if you have time for a reading for me? If you do, I will start a new thread for it as I certainly do not wish to ambush JJon thread this way (sorry JJon).

    Thank you in advance!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Ms. Sunny:

    Thank you so much for your advice it is much appreciated! Have a wonderful evening!!

  • Ms. Sunny:

    How funny!! After talking with you today, he contacted me with his same old self just joking like we used to. Im going to just take it as it comes with no expectations and relax. Let it all unfold on its own. I sure do hope our contact continues,especially if it stays positive. I dont know why but I really do feel there is something with him, future wise i mean. But for now just gonna chill and enjoy it,not take it so seriously. Hope he is missin me the same way I was him. Just thought Id let you know. Thanks

  • Emergence>>>>>I have been wanting to ask you for a reading since a month or two ago but didn't get to it. I wonder if you have time for a reading for me? If you do, I will start a new thread for it as I certainly do not wish to ambush JJon thread this way (sorry JJon).

    sunny>>>> why don't we start here.. it's hard to find a thread sometimes, and while I know where this thread is, don't hesitate to give me your question. you can either use initials (name) or date(s) of birth(s)

    JJon, good for to relax and see how this plays out. keep in touch and thanks for the feedback :=) sunny

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    Thank you for the quick reply and the willingness to give me a reading. I guess we can start here, if that is allright with JJon? (JJon - hope you don't mind and thank you in advance for letting me make use of this thread you started).

    Ms Sunny, my questions are pretty similar to JJon 🙂

    His initial: J (dob May 6,1976)We started a long distance relationship around this time, a year ago it was the best thing that happened to both of us in a long time. We were friends before that and at first I was doing everything I could to ignore him but somehow, something sparked between us and in short, relationship took over (which became one big mess later).There was alot of contact during the first few months of our friendship (which then, relationship), from his own effort. He was always there for me every time. If I didn't leave him a message for a day or two, he would find a way to contact me and ask if everything was okay on my side. We blended well in most matters and shared the same views in many aspects in life. We also had a great time together in Nov / Dec when I was over at his place. Beginning of this year, all of the sudden he became very distant and cold and many times, I got mad and talked to him about it. Weeks later, we broke up as he was not ready to be in a relationship but he hope that we will stay and be friends as he will definitely miss me if I chose to cut all ties. I was very hurt about the whole thing, then my brother passed away, I went straight into deep depression. I realize I was not a great person at that moment and although we stayed in contact, it was more disaster than comfort. He became impatient and I was becoming more angry at the world. (To be honest, I blame him for the break up and for not being there for me etc but I do realize now that I was also not making things easy for him either. I was acting like a moron after the break up and the death of my little brother.)

    Mercury retrograde in May hit us and since then, we are barely in contact . There were 2-3 emails since but those were just quick meaningless notes, very cold to be exact. I have the feeling that he is back in dating world but he denied it when I asked him months ago. Ms. Sunny, I am done trying now but each time I want to let go and delete him totally out of my life, I have this pullback as if I don't want to be done with him at all. I communicate with angels during my daily Reiki healing sessions asking for guidance and there are times when signs are thrown at me, asking me to be patient and to hold on. I also send him daily emotional healings. I am stronger now and keep moving forward but he never leaves my mind for even a minute! I took him off many of my chat apps and networks but I still find myself checking them all the time, looking for some sort of contact. It is really sad to have lost this intense connection we once had and still dont know what really went wrong and the real reason for the break up. Was he just using me as a stepping stone? Did he really care about me then and maybe even now? Will I be hearing from him again or is this really over? I really long to see him again, maybe I need a closure from all this. I am loss.... I just need some understanding and answers to the situation, it would make it easier for me to find closure and move on rather than not knowing what to do. I am stuck.

    Sorry, this is not supposed to be this long-winded. My birthday is Dec 11,1976. My initial is N.

    Thanks in advance, Ms. Sunny.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi Emergence:

    JJon here, no prob using the thread. Hope you get the result or closure you are looking for. I just read your story and had goose bumps. Can tell you are hurting and Im sorry for that. Ive been feeling the same ways recently and it sucks. Wish you all the luck!!

  • Dear JJon,

    I had to laugh. I answered the wrong person on the board. Yes, you would know all about the Aries as you are one. Aries thank goodness have strong will's and they move on no matter what in which I'm sure you will do.

  • thanks JJon, I appreciate it. feel free to ask another question if you feel inclined. when a new thread opens up and has my name on it, and if I don't grab it right away, it gets lost, and I have a hard time finding it.

    so I decided to try it this way. I don't know how it will go, but I will give it a try and see..


  • Emergence,

    as for you and your friend, I am feeling there is a communication issue. what you 2 are feeling are not being expressed truthfully, and what you 2 are saying to each other comes from fear, and most of it is exaggerated, and for the purpose of drama (lol).

    you are more emotional than your friend, but your friend is very very sensitive to what you say and how it comes across to him. he sees that you are frustrated, hurt, and he does want to comfort you. he feels isolated, not sure why, but worries that he would not be accepted by your family/friends. my feeling is that he wanted to be there for you when your brother passed, but his circumstances prevented this. I am feeling it was work, and I see him with chains and balls tied to his feet. he feels very stuck.

    he does have strong feelings for you, as you do for him. so what is the problem? outside circumstances have interfered and sometimes creates blockages. how do you deal with those blockages. sometimes retreat is best, and it might be for a short while or long while.

    that requires deep understanding, feeling secure with who you are and where you stand with each other. retreat means space. now is the time for space, and when all has settled and some normalcy has returned, then contact will become more regular.

    I do see you 2 meeting up again, and sitting in at a table with candle light glow and looks to be a small quaint french style restaurant.

    and soon the meeting will take place.

    I am very sorry for your loss of your brother. I see a young boy with a frisbee. did he like playing frisbee, and a dog? black and white dog, long hair, with long tail..

    take good care of yourself, love to you and yours.. Sunny

  • Dear Ms Sunny,

    I am chocking back tears when I read this reply from you. My inner voice for this past 7 months been telling me almost the same thing. It was a big miscommunication issue between us and plus all the events that happened after that, made the matter worst.

    You are right about him not able to be there for because of his work. Business were slow for him for the past 2 years and finally picked up beginning this year so he was putting all his time and energy into it. As our relationship were still new and fragile, he gave me the reason that he cannot commit himself right now, which leads to the break up. And then, the death of my brother, that added more hurt and pain in me and I was acting like a crazy moron! LOL....thinking back those days, I don't even know the person I was at that time. I was hitting rock bottom and I was acting weird. So, although J was being cold for not being there for me when I needed him the most (due to his workload), I feel bad for venting at him at that time. It was not his fault that events happened in my life and he cannot help it that work was taking all his time, I feel a little guilty now. But it is too late to do anything as we are not talking to one another anymore since Mercury retrograde. I am trying to let go but as I have said in my earlier message, something is holding me back.

    I guess the "time out" for now is the best for us. He can focus on his work and I can focus on me mastering Reiki healings. Maybe we will be a better person when we meet again, which I hope we do, one day. If the meeting don't bring us together, at least it will bring both of us some closure. Right now, it is only pain and hurt that's what left from the friendship and relationship. Looking forward to that candle lit dinner and of course, be friends again :)!!

    My brother was 29 when he passed, a father of 2 wonderful boys. He was a kidney patient but he passed away due to high fever. The last time I dreamed of him, he was wearing black and waving me goodbye, with a smile on his face. I was in a car, driving away and waving back at him. 🙂

    Thank you for this beautiful reading Ms Sunny. I read somewhere that you just recovered from surgery. I hope everything is going well. I will be sending you healings.

    Lots of love to you and family,

    x x x

  • Jjon,

    Thank you so much for letting me have my reading here. I hope your situation will get better soon, I can feel your confusion of not knowing. May you be blessed with love, happiness and joy always.

    Will include you too in my healing session.

    Lots of love,

    x xx

  • Hi emergence, thanks for the reply. yea, your brother was much too young.. none of us are immune to death. since you are into healing, and in time, you will be able to converse with him and probably through a dream. that dream you had was awesome but bittersweet.

    Blessed be, Sunny

  • Hi Ms Sunny:

    Hope you are still out there. I guess I have come up with a few more questions for you if you dont mind? Over the last short while he has been textin me about every two days or so. He will start a conversation then when I reply hes just gone nothin back. Just wonderin is he still thinkin about me like I do him? Ive not been textin or callin him at all just to respond. I have just moved on as far as contacting him, but when I hear from him it does get me thinkin about our really good moments again. I do wish things could go back to that, but wouldnt die of they didnt.

    I guess Im just wonderin if you could fill me in on what hes thinkin or feelin at this time. I would like to be more clear on that note and wouldnt want to ask him at this time. It seems our connection is unreachable at this time. What in the heck does he want??



  • The Aquarius man does like to chat, text.. he frequents many different internet sites and he is always looking to chat up with someone. I am not saying he does not like to chat with you, he does. His mind is very fast, and if you are not picking up his texts immediately, he will quickly move on to the next one.

    what I am trying to tell you, it's waaaaayy too soon to call this connection a relationship. it's pretty casual on his part. his energy is like a panther roaming the forest checking things out. He finds someone interesting, he will take his chances and is a risk taker.

    Feelings have not developed on his part. His thinking on you, is that he enjoys the chats, and finds you quick witted, and he likes intellectual challenges. he is looking to hook up with someone to meet up with.. as I said before he is not looking for anything deep.

    I feel you will be the one to lose interest in him. he tends to be fickle.. and you will find someone more loyal and genuine.

    again, depends on how you play his game... and with him, he likes games... and he can be very curious about you, and he does think of making arrangements to meet you. but again, he is fickle and changes direction, like the wind.


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