• I've been reading about the law of attraction. I'm wondering about visualizing love or relationships. Can you visualize yourself with a specific person? What's the difference between visualizing and fantasizing?

    Any tips or explanations would be appreciated

  • can you help? i smell flavors when i visualize things. is it abnormal?

  • Hi Leonessa,

    I'm not an expert on this but have read quite a lot on this subject too, I remember reading about getting to be with your perfect partner! it said although you could visualise a certain person, but doing so will be limiting yourself to being with the perfect partner for you!., sometimes what or who we think is perfect for us may not be! is much better for you to sit down and write out all the qualities you would love to be with in a man, every detail! don't leave nothing out, then set about doing little sessions each day relaxing and focusing on those qualities, feel the love you have between you....then they say that after the little visualisation session, go about your day! don't try to force things, you have to "feel" you have already received the gift from the Universe......a little hard to get to this point sometimes I know, it was the great Esther Hicks that said..."live like you already have received".....hope this helps a little 🙂

    Hi mindconfused, I'm sorry I can't help on what that could be, I've never heard of that, but what you say just made me think your sense of taste and smell are very heightened at times of your visualisations and it sounds like a real blessing to me!...maybe someone with more knowledge than I will jump in and explain it for you 🙂

    many blessing to you both!!...and as Esther says "live your bliss"

  • Thanks HealingWays,

    This makes sense. I've read about a woman who made a list of the qualities she wanted in a partner, then she put the list away and a year later she met a man with those qualities.

    They married a year later. Although she didn't have visualization sessions, I guess the intent was so strong in her consciousness that it came to be!

  • Your welcome my friend, you hit the nail on the head when you said!...INTENT is such a powerful thing!! wonderful all this works eh!...I SO hope you "intend" to create your own beautiful fulfilling life and soul mate!! deserve it!!!

    So much love joy and happiness to you!!



  • I will. Today is my birthday and Im going to sit down and write my life's intentions.

    This is the first birthday in 4 years that I'm not working. I woke up feeling better than I have in months. This past year has been a struggle of my own making. So much has changed in my life

    I am preparing myself for all the good that the Universe had in store for me!

  • OH how WONDERFUL!!...Happy Birthday!! and I feel this will literally be the most enlightening times for you!!!..and Leonessa, we all make things of our "own making"....and I just SO feel you are on the road to SO many blessings of YOUR making!! ...

    so much love to you,


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    Bountiful Blessings to all


    loving silver wings

  • Dear Leonessa,

    I have read a book on visualization called Creative Visualization for beginners by Richard Webster it tells you how to directly acheive what you want in life its a great book.

    Many Blessings Lilac

  • Thanks lilacrose - by the way, glad to hear the door knocking stopped. That story gave me the creeps!

    Thanks loving silverwings

  • Leonessa ,

    I was wondering if you could help me im trying to change my username do you know to do this?

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  • A couple years back I bought the book "Law of Attraction" by Michael Losier. I discovered him online and found that his method is very straight forward and easy to understand. He uses a three step formula:

    (1) Identify your desire - This is the list writing part. List all the things you don't want (in a partner) and use it to create clarity of what you do want. For example you might list "not outgoing " as a quality you don't want so the opposite could be "he likes to meet my friends and enjoys them." List as many qualities you can think of - 50 to 100 - so you know exactly what you want down to the last detail. Make sure the "clarity" side of the list is positive. If you use negative words, it will create a negative vibration. Only concentrate on your list for a few days or you'll get stuck at this step.

    (2) Give your desire attention - This increases the vibration for positive things to happen to you. You give your desire attention through the use of positive affirmations but the affirmations should be stated in the present and feel right to you. You shouldn't hear a little voice of doubt say "yeah right" when you state an affirmation or else it won't work. He suggests using the words "in the process of" before your affirmation. For example, a typical affirmation would be "I have a perfect life mate." His method is to instead say - "I am in the process of attracting a perfect life mate." It sounds more believable to you because that is where you are right now. You'll want to say these everyday and they should affect you as emotionally as possible - in a positive way.

    (3) Allow - Eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) your doubts. Identify limiting thoughts, write them down, and pick them apart logically so it no longer feels true to you. For example, if you believe you won't meet anyone because the only men you attract are jerks, look outside your environment for proof to the contrary and write it down in the third person - this creates less doubt since you aren't focusing on your particular experience. I would probably say something like - "right now, there are thousands of men who are at home with their wives, loving and taking care of their families, who work hard, and are decent caring individuals." Make sure these statements sound true to you. You should say/read these statements as long as it takes until doubt dissipates and not read them again unless the negative thought pops in your brain.

    He has several other tools that will help but it's in the book 😉

    I'm naturally a pessimistic person so it's taking a longer amount of time for me to attract everything. However I do see proof that I am attracting my goals little by little and they would come to me quicker if I faithfully did the affirmations and allowing statements. Hopefully, you'll have better luck attracting your mate fairly quickly.

    Hope that helps.

  • Oops! Forgot to address the visualization part. As someone else said, don't limit yourself to a specific person. Make sure your visualization is set in the present and not the future otherwise you're just pushing your goal away from you. For example, don't see yourself in a different residence, at a different job or city, it should be wherever you are right now in your life. Make sure your partner has all the qualities you want and that you feel emotionally charged by the visualization. The more emotion, the higher the (positive) vibration, the quicker the attraction. Make it feel as real and likely and true as possible. Visualization is a step two tool.

  • Thanks Tenchie! I am discovering that there are different ways to do this.

    I guess it depends in your style.

  • Dear Leonessa ,

    Im sorry for asking you a question that wasnt related to your thread next time i will create new post . Sending Love and Whitelight 2u Lilac

    PS The door knocking wasnt so creepy only when it happend at night .

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