Will he cheat on me

  • I find it hard to trust my boyfriend, as my other boyfriend i had before cheated on me and i was left devastated, will this boyfriend cheat on me?

  • If you think it. You are manifesting it.

    You choose.



    Lovings silver wings

  • ask and it is given. the law of attraction by jerry and esther hicks.. read it!

    biy a rose quartz heart pendent or angel and keep it near you to help open your heart chakra so you are more open to trusting and giving and receiving love.

    stop worrying and good luck

  • Hi"angelgirl" find confidence about yourself, try to not judge your new bf on the doing of your ex,

    he may cheat or not, who knows the most important thing is for you to give the relationship a proper try without bringing prediction

    as a woman you need to feel you have what it take to be happy never mind if the guy run with someone else tomorrow that doesnt make you less loveable

    be happy

  • I agree, you still have some hurts from the past..You need to deal with them yourself. If this relationship is going to work you need to let go of the fear and enjoy this time together...

    peace and Love


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