• i'M SO SORRY TO CALL ON YOU ONCE AGAIN,my heart is so full, of pain...Maybe I'm growing and missing some of my past..I ache in my heart and miss my dad...August 16th he had passed 4 years ago..I feeling like a little girl who needs her dad right now..and i will be 50 soon..

    My family and grown children are on their own paths right now.Its me and my 10 year old daughter.I have a good relationship with my partner we are growing slowly but. Theres that but.

    I feel so alone..praying for come my way.

    Thanks my dear you open your heart to all of us with your gifts.

    I have been blessed by your guidance before, and if it comes again Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I know i will survive this moment in time because of who I am...Just sometimes I need help and I know thats OK.

    Hugs to you



  • May you receive all the abundance you need at this time...I know this is happening ,like it did for me.....

    Thanks again for who you are, i am trully blessed...

    I will get through this growth...

    Hugs Sheila

  • bmp!

  • I hope you are already feeling better. I've given this a look several times trying to pick up something to explain your feelings but can't see anything around you. I pick up physical changes inside you. Hormone or lack one. Depression mostly--started with just a flat feeling--hohum but now a depression that digs up saddness and needs an outlet--you have a dark perspective that comes with this depression. Since it's physical it will be hard to fix with just a good talking to. Have you been low in the s x drive as well? Try a good family health food store and get some suggestions for supplements for women and regulation of the hormones. I really think yours are out of whack right now. As for grieving for dad--it's ok and tears are very healing in fact if you've every read Judith Orloff. MD books--she's a doctor and psychic healer she insists it is good for the body to have a good cry--releases good chemicals in the body. Just avoid a long drawn out depression. A good cry shouldn't isolate us into a lasting dark funk. It's the new moon so expect a better turn of things already--the no moon time often feels a bit dull and slow. My energy picks up later tonight--if I pick up your father I will get back to you. Otherwise, examine your health and pray for guidence to find the right books or info. Examine diet and listen for advice on supplements that could help balance your hormones.


    Thank you again for all your advice, its funny I also take your advice to others also, theres always a message for someone else..

    Love and blessings,


  • Yes I get the same thing--there are times MY OWN questions get silently answered unaware of the people who say just the right thing and I see myself! The divine does have a sense of humour AND also we sometimes ask one question but get an answer to the question we didn't ask! You really have to trust the universe with an open mind and a good sense of humour. Hope you are feeling better. Blessings

  • Dear Shatz

    So sorry you're feeling down;sending love and hugs to you from across the other side of the world, super- cyber-buddy,x

    Respect and awe to you Bluemoon for your always caring and compassionate advice.

    Peace and love

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