New member! Need Help! Im Aries he's Taurus!

  • hey i am 19year old Aries woman and im trying to figure out this Taurus man (20yrs old)! We've kown each other since November 2009, and used to talk from time to time! in the easter holidays we started txting each other every day...then this stopped and went back to txting each other from time to time...but recently we have been txting and talking every night to early in the morning..this has been going on for about 3weeks...he is really sweet and easy to get along with...but i dont know what he wants from this....friendship or something more?! i know aries and taurus are not usually a good match but i always seem to find myself being attracted to taurus men even if they aren't good looking...but this one is and he seems to be the flirty type..please comment im totally lost and dont know where its going to go...................?!!

  • What are your exact birthdates?

  • I am getting though that this guy likes to take his time before he commits himself and he is just not sure about what type of relationship he wants with you. Sometimes he feels your two personalities are just not compatible but he does feels a physical attraction.

  • Captain,

    Can I butt in if I may? You know my history with Taurus!

    Sally, I am not giving you reading as I am not a reader but I can give you an advice from personal experience.

    Don't rush things, let things develop at its own phase and time. Taurus guy are very practical and very secure with their living situation and they are slow in making changes. They need time to adjust to new situations and relationship. They don't like to rush and don't like to be rush. Be impatient with them and they run so fast and it will take ages for you to catch up. They are loyal soul. If they like you, it will be hard for them not to like you unless you do things that go beyond their limit. They have tremendous amount of patience and don't make them lose it. Once they change their mind, it is hard to revert things back as it used to be.

    All the best and lots of love,

    x x x

    Sorry Captain, just need to do this!

  • Fine with me! 🙂

  • Well sweetheart, you are both so young! It sounds like you have a good thing going and Emergence has given very good advice. It is best for both of you to just take your time, be young, be single, be friends. Love grows where it's meant to, and if you both have your hearts in the right place, you will eventually know where this is going. Just don't worry about it! 🙂 Being single only lasts for so long- enjoy it while you have it! 😄

  • 16/04/1991 and his is 01/05/1990! were both at the same uni! thanks for your advice guys 🙂 i really appreciate it, sorry about the late reply, i dint think anyone wud reply 😞 lol!....there is a leo in the picture too, we get on so well its like were the same person but thats the problem...its kinda died down, oops! but i really like this taurus guy, yeah captain i kinda get that feeling too, we do get on but not on all levels atm but i think thats because we havnt talked about more meaningful stuf....thers defintely a physical attraction 😉 but i want a proper relationship with him, i think i purposly ruined my past relationships 😕 but i think im ready for a serious one now and i want this taurus just going with the flow atm....btw do taurus guys like to play games, like waiting for me to txt and so on or this just in my head...because he'l get in contact with me evry other day, i dont know wat he'l do if i dont get in contact with him bwtn the days?

  • Speaking as a Taurean myself, I don't like games at all, prefering honesty, naturalness, straightforwardness, and simplicity. I would love someone to just come up to me, say they liked me a lot, and was wondering if there was a chance of going further with that by getting to know each other better. I wouldn't want to feel pressured into anything but I would appreciate someone who doesn't play games or beat around the bush. I do like to take the time to get to know someone before I commit, though. I don't like to be rushed or pushed because then I dig my heels in and become unmovable. I also would like to be sure that the other person feels as strongly as I do before I get more deeply involved.

    Your astrological profile suggests there could be a struggle for dominance here between you. Ruling the roost is usually a firm requirement for both of you in your own ways and this can make a marriage or other permanent living situation very difficult. You can possibly avoid a lot of conflict by negotiating a strict separation of duties and spheres of influence but it will still be hard. One example where you may differ is food - what your friend eats is very important to him and he may even love to cook as well. Whereas you on the other hand probably eat whatever is there, using food simply as fuel. You eat to live while your friend lives to eat in other words. Cooking him dinner at home would be one of the best ways to get on his good side. His creature comforts are important to him too, particularly comfy home furnishings, which may not matter as much to you, being the more adventurous and action-oriented. Serious problems could arise if you were to suggest that quality food and furnishings are items that you two could cut back on or even live without.

    Apart from a shared physical stamina and a devotion to ideas, you two may not have enough in common to create a close love relationship or marriage. If you want to be friends with your Taurus guy, cater to his need to express sympathy and affection and don't play it cool or try to keep your emotions under control too much. Being yourself will be very attractive to the Taurean as he loves naturalness and warmth. A shared involvement in a social, community or family institution may be the glue that can bind you together, for neither of you likes to be alone for very long.

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