Happy Birthday to Me ?!?!?

  • The past year has been an eventful one for me. Many highs, lows and sometimes flat liners ha,ha.(career, health, love life, family) There have been many transistions that I feel are not complete and I will continue to have a year of up and downs, but sincerely hoping thing's will settle down and I will achieve inner peace.

    This morning I had a Celtic Cross reading and I'm not sure if I am interpreting the information correctly. My wish is for guidance and explainations of the cards. Any information is greatly appreaciated.

    Self: Two of Arrows

    Situation: Knight of Staves

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Eight of Coins

    Foundation: King of Staves

    Recent Past: Five of Arrows

    Higher Power: Justice

    Near Future: Fortune

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Three of Coins

    Allies: Transformation

    Advice: Five of Coins

    Long-term Potential: Power

    Thanks you

  • Working on your reading but what does the last card correspond to in the Rider Waite deck?

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